Explaining Academia: Radicalism

One of the things I’m trying to do with the “Explaining Academia” series is answer a question lots of conservatives have:  Why do “intellectuals” say such baffling, stupid shit?

Sorry for the crude language, but I want to keep this fairly close to earth.  See, one of the main problems with academia is that its working assumptions are cloaked in this bizarre, nearly impenetrable idiom.  Part of that is simple ego-stroking — you have to be very, very Smart indeed to know what “heteronormativity” means! — but a lot of it isn’t.  It’s mostly a bait and switch.  If you knew just how crazy these people and their “ideas” are — that this is what the American people have taken on trillions of dollars of debt for — you’d demand that all liberal arts programs be destroyed, and the earth salted around them.

For a specific example of how it all works — be forewarned, it’s disturbing — I can’t recommend Stacy McCain’s “Sex Trouble” series enough.  He’s actually read the writings of the “gender studies” loons, and taken them at their word.  Y’all have no idea how bad it is.  I’m going to make general remarks here, because it’s not just the feminists, and they’re not the worst (they aren’t actively celebrating terrorism, for instance… unlike more than a few in the Race, Latin American, and Middle Eastern Studies departments).

don-draperIvory tower types have what marketing guys call a “product differentiation problem.”  All laundry detergents are basically the same, right?  Ditto instant coffee brands, cable providers, dental floss… basically, the more commonplace a thing is, the tougher it is to gain market share, and the greater the need for advertising.  Think of pro sports stadiums.  The New England Patriots, for instance, play in Gillette Stadium (razors).  The Steelers play on Heinz Field (ketchup).  The 49ers new field is Levi’s Stadium.  The St. Louis Cardinals play in Busch Stadium, while the Milwaukee Brewers play in Miller Park (lite beer).  The list of basically interchangeable financial-services companies that have stadiums is endless.  Or, just to stick with a theme….

danica.patrickI know, I know — the bikini pic was much better.  But you get the idea.  If any of those companies delivered a hands-down better (or even unique) product, they wouldn’t have to plaster their logo all over a cute chick.

This is academia’s problem in a nutshell.  And it’s multidimensional.  Colleges like Harvard and Yale can coast on their names.  But what distinguishes Directional Tech from Bovine University?

For the students, of course, it’s football.  No, really.  But what about inside the ivory tower?  How do academics sort and rank each other?

Not a faculty meeting, alas

Not a faculty meeting, alas

It’s a tougher problem than you might think.  For one thing, the idea that one professor can “know” more than another, and thus be “better” at professing, runs afoul of pretty much every leftwing piety there is:

  • Postmodernists deny that anyone can actually know anything
  • Feminists would call such a claim oppressive, because patriarchy
  • Blacks would would call such a claim oppressive, because racism
  • Third Worlders would call such a claim oppressive, because imperialism
  • All three groups would claim that nonwhite nonmale ways of knowing are incompatible with white male ways
  • The whole idea of hierarchy is one of the underpinnings of capitalism

Et cetera ad nauseam.  But you can’t simply duck the issue by saying all instructors are created equal, because — insults to egghead amour propre aside — education is a product like any other, and professors expect to get paid.  Yes, even the Marxist ones.*

Hence the severity of the product-differentiation problem.  As we all know, the vast majority of profs are liberals.  Well, then — how do you tell one liberal from another?  Pick any two professors with similar research interests.  Their working assumptions will be identical because their politics are identical.  Their politics are identical because, as we’ve noted, the only way to get tenure is to publish “original” research — which in practice means making everything explicitly political.  It’s not enough to simply say “here’s how some female writer uses metaphors” or “here’s some dude from the 14th century with unusual opinions.”  That’s “antiquarianism.”  To get published, one must make the explicit claim that these people matter, that, say, Aphra Behn is far more important than John Dryden, or E.D.E.N. Southworth than Nathaniel Hawthorne, because vagina.**

The only way to stand out, then, is to be More Radical Than Thou.

That’s why intellectuals say such baffling, stupid shit.  Did, say, Joyce Trebilcot really believe that a lesbian feminist society — whatever that might be — is the only “morally justifiable” one?  It doesn’t matter.  It’s obvious that such a society, were anyone foolish enough to attempt its creation, could hardly sustain itself, much less reproduce itself.  If you take more than a few steps down the road of her initial premises, you arrive at pure, shit-flinging nihilism.  And this is both true and obvious for any clever postmodern theory you can name.  Hell, it’s true for Marxism, a fact which professors themselves can’t help but know — the old tsarist “intelligentsia” were the first ones against the wall when the Bolsheviks seized power.

Truth doesn’t matter, and evidence left the building with Elvis.  The only way to get paid is to publish, and the only way to publish is to stand out.  The only way to stand out is to make ever-more-ridiculous claims about ever-more-obscure topics.  It’s all so very, very capitalist.  Don Draper would wholeheartedly approve.



*Make that, especially the Marxist ones.  As the lone conservative in any faculty lounge will tell you, the nicest car in the staff parking lot always belongs to the out-n-proud Communist.

**We’re leaving aside the obvious contradiction here, that claiming some chick writer is objectively better than a male contemporary contradicts every single liberal dogma there is.  It doesn’t have to make sense, y’all — it just has to make money.

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4 thoughts on “Explaining Academia: Radicalism

  1. nightfly

    Not only are the politics identical, their *opinion* of politics is identical. It fits into the same spot on their heirarchy, right below “differences are always qualititive.” To notice a difference is to “judge,” ergo to “show prejudice,” and the due penalty for prejudice under their politics is to be unpersoned, to have a figurative (at minimum) head on a pike.

    That’s why any accidental glimmers of distinction are so illustrative. A small shaft of light has pierced the stultifying gloom, but instead of saying, well, this isn’t political and we can all still have our unanimity – instead of stumbling into a small corner of mental health and fresh air – they recoil. They explain it away, because they know well (having inflicted it themselves so often) the punishment for such a crime.

    Wider applications outside of academia will no doubt occur to the astute reader.

    1. Severian

      Not only are the politics identical, their *opinion* of politics is identical.

      That’s one of the things I was trying to get at. They’re not lying, exactly, when they say they’re in favor of diverse opinions… it’s just that the only opinions that count are leftist ones, and the “diversity” runs the gamut from liberal, to hard liberal, to leftist, to frothing moonbat leftist, to outright jihadi-fellating communist. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and yes, even Pharaoh Choomenkamen Himself referred to as “conservatives” by ivory tower types.

      Not that they actually believe there’s no difference between Obama and Romney, but because when Che fucking Guevara is your baseline for “leftist,” Obama actually does look kinda conservative….

      A “difference” of political opinion, then, is just a signaling mechanism. The only way you can distinguish yourself is by being more “radical” than the next guy. Joseph Heller nailed it with “The Great Loyalty Oath Crusade” section of Catch-22. The only way to prove you’re not a traitor is to sign more loyalty oaths than the next guy….

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