Explaining Academia: What He Said

I like the cut of Kurt Schlichter’s jib.

Understand that the purpose of modern American “education” is not to educate students. It is primarily to provide cushy, subsidized sinecures for liberal administrators and faculty while, secondarily, providing a forum to indoctrinate soft young minds in the liberal fetishes du jour. Actually educating students is hard, and a meaningful education is anathema to liberalism. In the liberals’ ideal world, the universities would simply fester with leftist nonsense and not even bother with trying to teach their charges anything at all. And today, it’s pretty close to being the liberals’ ideal world.

N.b. to our three regular readers.:  The writer is conservative pundit Kurt Schlichter, not the Weimar Republic’s penultimate Chancellor, Kurt von Schliecher.  Since, you know, it’s me posting this.
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