“Exploiting” the Third World

This is actually very close to a conversation that flipped a friend of mine.

Saw this posted on the innerwebs:

skilled workersNo.  Jobs are being sent overseas because skilled workers in other countries demand less for their labor, and they can because WE subsidize American unemployment too generously.

Let’s follow the “logic” of the poster.  It would, apparently, be better for the poor “exploited” non-unionized, third-world worker who now has an income he can feed his family on and maybe fix his roof … if we didn’t export that job and instead paid the flat panel TV, iPhone totin’, lavish retirement plan givin’, unemployment guaranteein’  wage to the guy here in America instead. It would also make his iPhone more expensive.

No, that third world guy would be MUCH better off doing seasonal work in a rice paddy somewhere exposed to malaria-ridden mosquitoes and foot fungus trying to scratch out a basic living for his family and maybe afford a used 1970’s transistor radio.  Because YOU deserve a higher wage.

Provide more value to the world than you are paid, and the work will come to you.  That is how wealth is generated, making the pie bigger for everyone.


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2 thoughts on ““Exploiting” the Third World

  1. Robert Mitchell Jr.

    Heck, it’s worse then that. We have seen the pattern time and time again, the “desperate people living in third world poverty” do “the work Americans won’t do”, (Because, as you say, they charge less), become middle class, become a functioning, rich country, and stay that way when the “jobs” move on to the next “DPLITWP”. Japan, SouthKorea, maybe China, Taiwan, etc, etc. Once we provide the spark, the fire keeps going. Why would anyone with an ounce of Humanity deny and try to stop our very successful actions, actions that have ended third world poverty for so many?

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