Failure Theater, Democrat Edition

Lots of people, myself most certainly included, call the Republicans “the Stupid Party.”  That’s a bit unfair.  Not that the GOP isn’t brain dead — they most certainly are — but the Democrats are equally stupid.  The difference being, of course, that the Media trumpets Republican retardation and stays resolutely mum on Democrat dumbassery.

So this “government shutdown” thing is going to be an interesting test case of the Media’s narrative-shaping power.  As much as the Media tries to paint the “shutdown” as Trump’s fault, even their best efforts can’t hide the fact that it’s the Democrats’ doing.  Trump has offered them ludicrous, base-enraging concessions — the cries that Trump is “just about to cuck!” are as routine on the Right as “the shutdown is causing orphans to starve in the streets!”-style stories are on the Left — but Pelosi et al steadfastly refuse to compromise.  Totally open borders is the hill they’ve chosen to die on, and all the spin in the world can’t hide that it’s their choice….

Or so it seems to anyone who is halfway paying attention.  The question is, how many of us are paying attention, even halfway?  So much of what “everybody knows” is just Media gaslighting.  It has always been this way, of course, but in the pre-Internet days you had to almost be some kind of conspiracy theorist to ferret out the real news.  These days, the Media all but hires skywriters to advertise that they’re the volunteer PR firm for the Democratic Party.  If it ever got to a court of law, “not knowing the Media is just Dem propaganda” would be actionable as “willful negligence.”

It should be interesting, to say the least.  If it becomes obvious to everyone that the Media is losing control of this particular narrative, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see them gin up an “atrocity” to shift everyone’s attention to the shiny new story.  As we’ve seen with all the other recent “active shooter” investigations, nobody’s much interested in learning just how and why these guys do what they do.  Any word on the Las Vegas shooter, for instance?  The biggest mass homicide in American history, and the Media coverage lasted, what, a week?

If Trump holds firm, maybe we should invest in kevlar futures.

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5 thoughts on “Failure Theater, Democrat Edition

  1. Pickle Rick

    I’ve noticed my local news is banging the drum every single morning about the government “shut down” but can’t find anything that’s really bad about the government being “shut down” – but every morning there dutifully telling us about Bad Orange Man closing the National Zoo, or something equally inessential. I’d like them to tell me the weather, the traffic, and whatever LOCAL news is happening. But at least they’ve begun to shut the fuck up about the synagogue at last. Being near Pittsburgh means that story still hasn’t died among the local propaganda outlets…

  2. rwc1963

    I see the same thing as Pickle Rick, The MSM is starved of stories showing how bad the government shut down is. Here in Southern CA, all they can find is stories about dirty toilets in our national parks. That’s it!!!

    Imagine watching a news segment on the horrors of dirty toilets in public areas. Oh the humanity!!! The Mexican news channels don’t even cover it all, instead they have videos of irate customers beating the shit out of McDonald’s employees and car crashes.

    It’s really not working out for them and now they are charging full steam ahead on impeachment, because that’s all they have left. And when impeachment and Pelosi’s bills go nowhere, it should get very interesting for the queen of botox.

    Once again The Orange Man is living rent free in the heads of the Left.

  3. Severian Post author

    That’s what I mean when I say the Democrats are every bit as stupid as the Republicans — they just don’t get called on it. One of three things must be true — either:

    a) they’re dumb enough to think that the government really shuts down during a “shutdown” — that mail stops, the FBI disbands, the Army lays down its rifles, etc.; or
    b) they’re dumb enough to think The People think this; or
    c) all of the above.

    Since the Media always covers for them, they didn’t bother to think it through. And the Media is doing yeoman work trying to make it seem like the “shutdown” is the greatest humanitarian crisis of modern times, but I have yet to hear anyone, anywhere, in the real world say a word about the “shutdown.” The longer this goes on, the more The People realize just how remote, out of touch, and unnecessary most “government” is….

    … which is why Trump holds all the cards, and why he’s seemingly so eager to make a deal. He can then say “look, I offered them the earth and stars in exchange for the wall, but they didn’t take it. And now look — the shutdown is in Day XXX, and do any of you, my fellow Americans, even notice?”

    If I were a betting man, I’d wager on some Rachel Maddow type idiot going full retard and just making up a story about some poor victim somewhere freezing to death in a gutter because of the “shutdown.” It will quickly be exposed as the obvious lie it is, and the very last shred of the Media’s credibility will be destroyed.

    A man can hope, can’t he?

  4. rwc1963

    Democrats true to form went off the rails on day one. The Obstructed Cortex went on about taxing the living daylights out of people for “green energy” and the resident Muslima went on a foul mouthed tirade against Trump that would embarrass a sailor. Pelosi has little control over these crazed ethnics and it will only get worse for her. She can’t discipline them without them screaming blooding murder and accusing the old hag of racism.

    But hey she brought it on herself by courting these tribal based ethnic lunatics for her party instead of relegating them to some 3rd party where they belong.

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