Fake Hate Crimes in the Trump Era

Think about this. If it’s the list I’ve seen, this is a list of 27 fake hate crimes since Trump was elected.  That’s an average of about one every month that are thrust into the headlines — at first as being real — and something that all [conservatives] should be ashamed of, and evidence that Trump inspires division and hate.

Jussie Smollett case the latest in a long line of hoax attacks

You hear it again and again in TV interviews and around the water cooler that Trump is hateful and inspires hate and hate crimes against the usual “protected” groups, with the “evidence” being the stories in the news.  “His tone”, or whatever, inspires these things.

Well in a twisted way, it does. But not from the right. Because in general, that’s not who we on the right are. How many of these big “news” stories have actually turned out to be true? Can you find me five of them? Five. Racist, or “homophobic”, or “trans-phobic” attacks on people. From the right. That actually happened.  Since Trump was elected. Can you find them? How deep did you have to dig? But “everybody knows” it’s true. And how do they know this? They hear it in the media, constantly.

If only 0.2% of these hate crimes are fake as one source put it, you should be able to find at least 99 real ones for each fake one reported. Shouldn’t be difficult, the media is all over these when they happen. But you can’t.  Find them.  We’ll give ourselves a break and say 20 per.   Still can’t. That speaks volumes.

You can punch a kid in the face for smiling while wearing a MAGA hat. Because it’s hateful, and stuff. You can hound people out of restaurants, or refuse to serve them because of their political views. If they’re conservative ones. Because Trump=”H8″.

Antifa targets the right, because the right is “hateful” so it’s justified, even mandatory — and the anecdotal evidence is …. all of these #FakeHateCrimes that are perpetrated by the left. The accusations get massive press coverage and fanfare, the retractions almost none. The left kind of looks at it’s shoes, at best, when Antifa comes up, and often outright defends their actions. “You’re against Antifa? That means you’re *for* ‘fascism'”

Not if Antifa is really a bunch of brown shirt fascists who don’t know what the hell “fascism” means. But the left doesn’t want to go there. They’re rooting for them. A fascist by any other name is still a fascist. Even if you put “anti” in front of it.

Frustrated SJW’s who get their sense of self-worth by “raising awareness” and labeling people they disagree with as “___-ists” or “____-ophobes” can’t find Americans that actually act this out, so they act it out themselves or hire Nigerians to do it for them.

Stop the slander. We’re on to it.

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9 thoughts on “Fake Hate Crimes in the Trump Era

  1. AvatarPickle Rick

    I really want to see him slapped with a “hate crime” charge himself, since he so obviously wanted to incite racial hatred against whites. Make them live up to their own rules, good and hard.

    I’d love to see Trump make sure that every federal charge they can think up gets thrown at him, and he finds the hardest mofo he can to prosecute him.

    Lex Talonis

  2. AvatarFrip

    Where’s Severian? I’m still tripping my way through that opening ‘sentence’. Who the frik is philmon?

    1. Avatarphilmon Post author

      He hasn’t gone anywhere. This has been a group blog from the beginning, and I am one of the founding members. This thing is Severian’s brain-child. Several of us had encouraged him to start a blog after noting his comments on our individual blogs were so good.

      We’ve lost a member and added a couple others. I haven’t contributed much in the last couple of years due to … well frankly burnout and life getting busy.

      I can edit that first paragraph to make it more clear. Basically I’m referring to the article linked right below the paragraph. Probably poor form not adding clarification for those who haven’t yet read the article. If you click on the article and read it, the paragraph will make much more sense.

      I will go fix that.

      1. AvatarFrip

        I’m just used to Sev’s well-greased prose. Yours can be a bit herky-jerky. You’re probably just rusty. Anyway, good to have you, and glad Severian’s ok. I thought he’d finally driven his car into a tree.

        1. Avatarphilmon Post author

          Yeah, my writing style has always been “conversational”. Severian’s — well it’s still conversational but it’s tempered with a more of an academic style.

          My old blog — “The Cluebatting Cage” … was the first to suffer from my burnout as a result of my involvement in things political. It’s been about 5 years since that was very active at all.

          This blog offered me a chance to post much less frequently but still keep a toe in the water. At first I posted much more frequently. But I have been a slacker for at least a year. Probably 2. Severian does most of the posting, and that is a good thing. I made it a “resolution” to try to push myself into contributing to the pile of rotten chestnuts.

          Rusty is probably a good description. Need to break out the WD-40.

  3. Avatarrwc1963

    The thing is, hoaxes fits perfectly in the Left’s narrative of ‘Hate whitey because he’s evil’ that the left is pushing in TV and print media. And is why it won’t stop.

    Also there are no consequences for the perpetrator. Jesse is already back on the set laughing all the way to the bank. Trump won’t do anything, because he’s gutless. I remember the 2016 San Jose attacks on his followers. What did he do? He fled the state and said nothing. He threw his people under the bus. All he does is tweet. He’s no scrapper.

    So why is the Left doing this? It’s simple the Left does this and it keeps their base energized and united and they get to gin up their side for a race war. It’s Helter Skelter writ large. And our side is nowhere near ready. In fact most of it is oblivious to what is happening. Whites have forgotten that wars and even brawls start long before the first blow is struck. They’re oblivious as are the political elite that China has declared war on us and dumping vast amounts of synthetic heroin into the U.S. They’re oblivious to the fact that the Corporate America/Democratic party has declared them evil unpersons who need to die and their culture vanish.

    And all the MAGApedes can do is be shocked when they get beaten and harassed. They’re clueless. They’ll be the first to die in vast numbers when things go pear shaped.

    1. Avatarphilmon Post author

      It also keeps decent people on their heels. We don’t want to see people treated unfairly, especially threatened, assaulted, and/or beaten.

      While I don’t think most of these are orchestrated beyond just a few people at most, it IS an Alinsky tactic. Get something in the headlines and hammer it. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, it’s only perception that matters.

      I think most of them are really just seeking attention and the much coveted “victim” status. Still, it has the same effect in the media.

  4. Avatarkirkforlatt

    Hello, Philmon. Enjoyed the post and happy to see you contributing. I have a completely off-topic question for you, if I may. I noticed in the “About Philmon” section that you’re interested in mechanical clocks. I just bought a mechanical clock at an antique store and have some questions…would you be willing to give just a bit of guidance? If not, I understand. If so, you can email me at kirkforlatt@gmail.com. Many thanks….cheers.

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