Someone else also suggested a “FAQ” page.  Never let it be said that we don’t give the people what they want.  So if we were to do a “Frequently Asked Questions,” what kind of stuff would y’all want on it?

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20 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. MBlanc46

    You might say a few things about yourself, academic background, teaching career, without going into enough detail to out yourself. I’m curious about your nom de guerre. I recently saw the obit of a scifi writer of whom I’d never heard. Apparently the main character of his best-known book is named Severian. Aha, I thought, that’s where it comes from. But that could be completely wrong.

    1. Maus

      Imagine the bittersweet serendipity of learning that one of your favorite authors has died recently from the offhand comment on a matter of administrative trivia in a post from of one of your favorite bloggers. I once asked Sev a similar question about the origin of his nom de guerre. (Not de plume because this blog is mindweapon for Our Thing.) Sev’s reply confirmed that Wolfe’s masterpiece was indeed the muse, but that he was not as rabid a fan as I.
      The NYT obit for Gene Wolfe was very good, despite the source being excrable. Terminus Est has done its work, and Atrpos has cut the thread. I know that death is the fate of all men and that I mourne his out of fear of my own as much as at the loss to our cultural patrimony. The blackpill does not always come from the hand of progressive insanity. Today I am saddened…

  2. Severian Post author

    I have no idea what comes next — if I did, I’d be betting the farm on the stock market (or buying ammo and water purifiers, depending) — but if I had to guess, I’d say it has already started.

    I’ve said many times that our “John Brown Moment” will probably come when the Powers That Be unperson the wrong guy. A frustrated nobody who feels he has nothing left to lose is the most dangerous man in the modern world. Such a man decides he’s going to go out in a blaze of glory, and he picks the target he thinks will best help him achieve it. The key is the “blaze of glory” part — one only achieves “glory” if one’s actions are publicized. Though they’ve so far picked the usual targets — schools, synagogues, etc. — eventually one of these lunatics is going to put two and two together: If The Media are the ones doing the reporting, then the one sure way to get one’s face in The Media is to attack The Media itself. And since the person who attacks The Media will immediately become a hero on general principles to a sizable fraction of the population…..

    You’re probably aware that WordPress has deplatformed Chateau Heartiste. I visited that site fairly often, but never read the comments, because frankly they’re full of ax-grinding weirdos who take everything waaaaay too seriously. Just as “Game” is 75% spergy bullshit, so the commentary at the Chateau was probably 99.8% spergy keyboard-warrioring…. but 99.8 is not 100.

  3. MBlanc46

    I tell Mme B that if I’m ever diagnosed with six months to live, there are going to be some late media vermin. I’ve got a list. All hypothetical, of course. Doc says I’m in good shape for the shape I’m in.

    1. Maus

      I am tempted to create a 401(c)(3) to accept tax free donations for the purpose of granting rifles and ammunition to stage 4 cancer patients who are otherwise legally entitled to possess these recreational tools. It would be like the Make A Wish Foundation. These Cancer Commandos could be counseled to use their gifts responsibly. A branch of the charity could provide legal representation to any CC who neglected that advice and found himself charged with a violation of law. I deplore violence, but I am maximally committed to the defense of any citizen’s 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Amendment rights. Sic semper tyrannis!

  4. kirkforlatt

    Well, y’know, MBlanc46’s comment brings up something that I’ve thought about many times. I sorta infer that some of us here are, shall we say, past the spring chicken phase of our lives. And I wonder how many not-young men out there who are aware of and sympathetic to the things we espouse will be diagnosed with terminal illness in the coming months and years. And I wonder if some of those men might theoretically ponder certain issues like “How do I make my life count?” in the face of such news. I’m not suggesting anything. I’m not hinting at anything. In fact, as Severian has modeled many times, I denounce myself strenuously for even writing these words. It’s all hypothetical. But in my senility, I still wonder….

    I have a feeling that our lords and masters are going to inadvertently produce many, many frustrated nobodies with nothing left to lose in the coming months and years. God forbid such men start thinking deeply about death and the culturally-inculcated fear of death in the air today…and start changing their minds about certain things. Who can say what will happen?

    1. MBlanc46

      It will be mainly up to the young guys to make one last attempt to right the ship, but we geriatrics who don’t have much time left have less to lose.

  5. Frip

    Wondering how to find local meetup groups for our side. Sometimes when driving you’ll see a bunch of cars outside a house and think “nice. a family get-together.” Or, “someones having a party, woot woot.” But maybe sometimes these cars are a Dissident Right meeting. Maybe they’re going on all around me and I don’t even know it.

  6. MBlanc46

    Excellent point, Frip. The first step of what come next must be breaking out of cyberspace into 3-space. I’m in the western Cook County suburbs if anyone is in the Chicago area.

  7. Severian Post author

    Give them this: The Feds in the Internet age have figured out that they don’t have to waste time and resources on things like COINTELPRO. Folks in Our Thing like to make up self-dramatizing stories about how The Man is onto us, and would send in infiltrators if more than two of us ever got together in real life…

    Which is silly. The Feds don’t care. Why would they bother? Every single one of the fourteen readers, plus all the Rotten Chestnuts bloggers, could organize a big meeting on the rifle range right now. The Feds wouldn’t bother us, because they wouldn’t have to. Instead, all it would take is one “concerned citizen” posting pictures on social media and we’d all be deplatformed, disemployed, have our bank accounts frozen, etc. (For large rallies, the technique is similar. Let the Left’s twitter mobs assemble and start a riot, then arrest everyone who fights back).

    In actual fact, we’re all probably old and harmless enough that we could say all this stuff right out in the open, under our own names. “How many divisions does the Pope have?” Stalin once asked. The Feds would no doubt ask the same question of us, should we ever come to his attention. Readers plus bloggers, there’s, what, seventeen of us? Most of us retired, or at least well into the “regularly checking the 401k balance” years?

    Next time I’m on layover at O’Hare I’ll look you up, MBlanc.

    1. MBlanc46

      Just let me know when you’re at the airport, and the drinks are on me at one of the bars. Be sure to be wearing that white Patriots cap.

    2. Frip

      Yep, either the Feds (like you say, not a concern really) or tattle tail citizen/spy. I’d say who’s ever hosting the get-together should just have a policy that everyone has to leave their cell phone on the front porch. But still all a citizen-spy would have to do is note the address then find out online the owner’s name. Plus camera’s are so small now a camera could be a button on someone’s shirt.

      Point take, Sev, about a lot of us not having much to lose at this point in our live’s. But really, there’s always something to lose. A sense of security, at the very least. As they say on our side, the word “bank” sums it up.

      I never go on Gab, but I have an account. I’ll go on there and ask/look around and see if meeting-up is even a thing. Maybe I’ll go to the next AmRen conference. So absurd and aggravating that we can’t even meet openly. I bet some child-love freaks like NAMBLA get to meet up. But a bunch of guys like us, who pretty much…at the very least…just want things like they were in say 1982. Nope, not allowed, forbidden. As an innocent cover we could just call it Club ’82.

      BTW, MBlanc, I think we all agreed to go with a white Hugo Boss cap. But yeah, no reason why we can’t do white Patriots cap at the same time, as long as we’re all aware of the 2. I haven’t seen anyone wearing them. I wonder what we should do if we see another guy in the cap? I guess we’d need to walk up and quietly ask, “so…you down with Sev?”

  8. Frip

    Wondering what you thought Severian, of the much discussed Peterson – Zizek debate on communism etc.

    I don’t expect you to watch the whole thing, but maybe just Peterson’s opening talk. About 30 minutes. Do you think his opening speech was as lame as people say? Like many others, I thought it was too common and predictable. He blew his chance to say something meaningful for our present age. No surprise there really. A middle of the road guy gave a middle of the road speech.

    Related question, and perhaps you could respond via a real post: If you were given only 30 minutes and a massive audience like Jordan was given, what would your approach have been? What would be the key theme you’d want to get across to people? The official title of the debate was “Happiness: Capitalism vs. Marxism”

    Since you write so much here about Marx you’re kind of obligated to toss us a cookie on the their debate. I realize everyone and their cousin have opinined on it. But we specifically come here to get Severian opinion.


    1. Severian Post author

      Can’t do it. I hate YouTube, Zizek is the kind of pop-intellectual that makes my brain hurt, and even mentioning Jordan Peterson anywhere on the Internet brings out the weirdos.

      If I had a huge audience and 30 minutes, I’d call it “The Hardest Truth Half Hour” and say something like: Look, guys, your success or failure is largely dependent upon YOU. You don’t want to hear that, of course, since if we’re rewarded according to our drive and talent, very few of us — the guys on this stage definitely included — will amount to jack shit. But that’s life, who nobody — not Jesus, not Buddha, not Allah, not Confucius, not the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man — ever said is supposed to be fair. In fact, the only one who has ever said that was Karl Marx, and he was wrong — to the tune of 100 million bodies. Marx was wrong in general, he was wrong in detail, but since people like you keep thinking life is supposed to be fair, his dharma heirs will keep being wrong — they’d go another 100, 200, 500 million bodies if you’d let them. Don’t let them. If ever you find the word “fair” passing your lips, just shut up — stop being a little bitch, and go out there and work.

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