Fixing it Matters

Muslim man shoots up gay nightclub, claiming he did it in the name of ISIS and Allah.  But we don’t know the motive.  It must be Christian hatred and the NRA.

White cop shoots black man.  Has to be white racism.  Clearly there is no other explanation than systemic white racism.

#BlackLivesMatter.  #WhitePrivilege.

Over and over we find that the people peddling these hashtags have rushed their narrative to the media before the facts all come out — because they know what gets out there first sticks, and people have a natural instinct to root for the underdog. Saul Alinsky knew this and advised how to best do it to your advantage.  “Rules for Radicals” *is* the Bible for the American Leftist Activist.

We saw old younger pictures of an angelic-looking Michael Brown rather than the big thuggish bully he had grown to be.  The one who had just robbed a convenience store and assaulted the Indian manager, and who tried to wrestle a gun from a cop who had just advised him not to walk down the middle of the street.  Trayvon Martin was just a young innocent teen, shot for being black by a “White Hispanic”, not because he was bashing Zimmerman’s head into the ground in a potentially lethal fashion. And “White Hispanic” was a term they came up with out of whole cloth when it turned out the initial reports that Zimmerman was white turned out to be far more complex and in fact was actually raised with black other children.

I look at situations, not skin color.  They look at skin color regardless of the situation.

Now … is a police officer (white or black) more likely to fear for his life when confronting a black suspect than a white suspect?  Quite possibly, even probably.  Is this bad?  Yes it is.  Is it rational?

Yes it is.

Both of those things are true.  This is tragic.

So what do we, as a society, do about it?

Here’s what we DON’T do:  Blame white people.  Which is exactly what the terms, not accidentally chosen, “white privilege” and “black lives matter” do. The people peddling them claim it doesn’t, but the rest of their rhetoric and actions make it clear that this is exactly what they intend.

“Black Lives Matter” implies that white people don’t think that black lives matter – that the problem lies simply with white people seeing black skin and thinking somehow the person inside matters less.  It is insulting to white people. Even if it were true, insulting people is not the way to bring them to your side.  And the reality of the reaction being referenced is far more complex than that (which we’ll get to in a minute).  The suggestion is inherently racist.  The whole thing is divisive.  Divisiveness will not solve the problem.

The same goes, even more so, for “white privilege”.  White people are not privileged.  Black people are treated unfairly as individuals.  White people are being treated the way all people should be treated.  It’s nothing special. But black people *are* treated with more suspicion in our society.  And there are deep psychological reasons for this that have far more to do with culture than skin color.  And it is culture that is the underlying problem.

Consider this … why aren’t white people leery of Indian, Asian, Brazilian, or Polynesian Americans?  Why are even black people more leery of black strangers than strangers of other races (see Juan Williams et. al)?

It is the association with violent crime.  Violent crime is far more prevelant in the black population.  It wasn’t always this way.  It is something that developed during the latter half of the last century.  But it’s real.

Now the other side will argue that it’s not, it’s just a disproportionate number are picked up because they’re watched more carefully.  And the numbers may skew slightly higher for that reason, I will acknowledge.  But it’s not responsible for all of it, or even most of it.

The fact of the matter is, if race is what it’s about, black lives apparently matter far less to black people than they do to white people — most black people who are killed are killed by other black people, typically gang on gang.  This is a cultural issue.  And in the modern, Western Civilization worldview (before it was bastardized by Marxist shills) culture is not dependent on race.  There may be correlation.  But race is not the cause.  It is this correlation which must be broken to solve the problem.  This cannot be done by denying the correlation.

The Marxist shills, however, are interested in keeping us divided, for they want to build coalitions of aggrieved people to overthrow the order of Liberty.  This is called (by them … most of us hadn’t heard of it until 2008) “Community Organizing”.  They don’t really want it fixed, so they deny the correlation and insist everyone do the same. They use it to push their cause de jour.

They want the black American community to feel aggrieved, and to feel that they are powerless to change their lot outside of demanding concessions from “white” America.   It is also in the shills’ interest to keep white America aggravated to help justify the narrative that whites hate blacks and live to keep them down and protect their “privilege”.

The truth is, the rest of America would love for black America to be just as “privileged” as it is.  That is, it would love for black Americans to be treated the way all people should be treated.

The best way for that to happen is … assimilation.  Like the Italians.  Like the Irish.  Like Asian Americans, and a lot of American Indians, and Indian (dot!) Americans, and Hispanic Americans.  You can keep cultural elements as a part of your identity, but to join our culture, you can’t insist on a separate one.  You have to join it.  Melting pot. Remember?

This problem cannot be solved overnight.  And white people cannot solve it for black people by turning a blind eye or tolerating bad behavior so as not to appear “racist”.  Everybody black, white, whatever — must hold themselves to the same basic standards.  No races elevated or denegrated.

I always find it fascinating that the people who scream the loudest about racism make absolutely *everything* about race.  There’s nothing more racist than that.

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6 thoughts on “Fixing it Matters

  1. Avatarguest

    What do you mean with quite possibly, even probably? It’s DE-facto so.

    “Whites are less than 3 percent of the hundreds of suspects who criminally fired weapons, while blacks, who make up only 23 percent of the population, were over 70 percent of the shooters. Of those killed by police, whiles who only 3 percent of the criminal shooters were an astounding 44 percent of those killed, Blacks who were over 70 percent of the shooters make up an astoundingly low, 22 percent of those killed!

    As the figures show, it is blacks who are far less likely to be fired upon or hit by police gunfire in proportion with their criminal activities, and, astonishingly, according to the official statistics, there are no—zero—recorded incidents of white suspects actually firing guns at the police, while nearly 70 percent of all shots fired at the police in that city came from gun-wielding black people and the rest from Hispanics. So, even though not a single white suspect fired at any police officer, 44 percent of those killed by police were white!”

    Let that sink in, found here.

    He is talking about NYC gunfire statistics for 2011, but it’s similar elsewhere, or worse. If the police was not racist, even more blacks would be arrested!

    America is not racist to a fault, and that Trump is the only racist people can even name is a proof of this. Whitey is afraid to tell his black neighbor to turn the music down, let alone anything else, blacks are treated like holy cows in India, when one wanders into the street, you don’t dare to honk, honky doesn’t honk, let that sink it. The evil White racist is more of an urban myth, similar to big foot, at this point, we believe he is out there, but we have yet to capture him on film. And don’t get me started on the KKK, when it rode the last time into town to save the day, the world was still in black and white!

    Another fun fact, from The Color of Crime 2016 revised edition

    “If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent.

    In an all-white Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.”

    And to finish it up: “While illegal immigrants account for about 3.5 percent of the U.S population, they represented 36.7 percent of federal sentences in FY 2014 following criminal convictions, according to U.S. Sentencing Commission data obtained by Breitbart News.

    Broken down by some of the primary offenses, illegal immigrants represented 16.8 percent of drug trafficking cases, 20.0 percent of hostage taking, 74.1 percent of drug possession, 12.3 percent of money laundering, and 12.0 percent of murder convictions.”

    In the US diversity is literal death, not strength, cops just act accordingly.

  2. AvatarNotsothoreau

    I wish someone could tell me, in this age of so called white privilege, why we have white people pretending to be black or Indian (feather, not dot)? Back in the day, you had light skinned blacks passing as white. Now they are at the forefront, demanding you notice their blackness. It would seem to anyone paying attention, that the real benefits are in finding a minority status you can use to get ahead.

  3. AvatarJay Carter

    Yesterday, Hillary stated that she wants WHITES to change their ways.

    So I started thinking. . . . . . what should I change?

    My work ethics? I have been working since I’m 11. (Non-stop) And some jobs were not that much fun. (Shining shoes was just one of them)

    Compliance? All my vehicles are registered and inspected. And I certainly don’t drive around without insurance.

    The law? Never arrested. (I did what the cop asked me to do while he was issuing me an “illegal U-turn” summons. “Sit still”)

    Babies? I didn’t go through the neighborhood impregnating a girl on every block.

    Finances? The government got a ton of my earnings. I never “stiffed” anyone. (Everyone got paid) I never asked for a free cell phone, and I always paid “full bust-out” retail for my groceries.

    Drugs? Nope

    My person? I don’t spend a week’s salary every three months on my hair.
    I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on tattoos. I didn’t have a dentist install a “gold grill” on my front teeth. ($$$?) And my sneakers only cost me $39.95.

    Charity? I give what I can afford, . . . and then some.

    Folks . . . I can’t touch on every facet of one’s life, however almost all the WHITE people that I know could make very similar claims to all of the above.

    These . . . . are our “ways”.

    I just wish Hillary would stop by my place some day and tell me exactly which one of my “WHITE ways” it is that I have to “change”.

    Perhaps Mrs. Clinton, (you pandering bastard) it’s the “BLACK ways” that need to change.

  4. AvatarMartin

    Aside from the anarchic benefits of what BLM is doing for the Progressive NWO plan, they’d really rather we focus on the unrest, and the non-solutions forwarded by those who themselves created the problem.

    Every bit of this is Hillary campaign extended. Without her and Bill regaining the WH, hundreds of UniParty figures are at risk for exposure and prosecution. Not only trillion$ are at stake; the freedom of Foundation cronies is as well.

  5. AvatarTrialdog

    Your observations about the “Marxist shills” and community organizing is spot on.
    May I offer a couple thoughts.

    “Progressives” (how Marxists identify themselves) are hyper political and seek political control by any means necessary.
    Barack Obama is a “progressive.” Barack Obama is ruthlessly political.

    Barack Obama won election because of black voter turnout. Yes, there was enthusiasm among some white voters who wanted to be part of electing a black man as president. But black voter turnout was the key – especially against Romney. There was also an element of Hispanic turnout that helped Obama. It’s also true conservative and republican turnout was not enthusiastic.

    Barack and his progressive allies know this. They’re not stupid; they’re ruthless.

    Barack and his allies know that to continue his “legacy”, and secure election for the next “progressive”, black and Hispanic turnout is key. Thus, open borders. And thus, Black Lives Matter.

    Now, being in the White House, it is difficult to directly agitate on behalf of BLM, or to create the BLM narrative. The narrative is designed to inflame black voters to the polls, but Barack can’t fund it or talk about it except cryptically. He does his part by saying the police make mistakes, or all too often black men are targeted, or some such drivel. He never condemns the criminal – Mike Brown, or Trayvon Martin. He only condemns the police, and quickly, so the narrative can form.

    Then the torch is passed to the professional community organizers, who are funded by Obama’s allies outside the White House. Soros and other big left wing philanthropists fund BLM, pay to coordinate the narrative, and promote the narrative through media relations campaigns. The left wing press is eager to help too.

    So we’ve a narrative that is a lie. A narrative designed to inflame black voters and drive them to the polls.

    That’s what this is and has been about. Votes. Ruthlessly engineered by “progressives” in the White House. And people are dying because of it.

    In the end, there are three strategies that form the base of democratic party strategy for this election. First, agitate to get black voters to the polls. Second, promise more open borders and endless immigration to encourage the Hispanic vote. Third, depress the conservative and republican vote – which has been made easy by the #NeverTrump crowd – whose website comment sections have been thoroughly infiltrated by democratic party operatives.

    If Hillary wins, it will be because the ruthless “progressives” know how to play the game. Republicans have Paul Ryan.

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