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I’ve often said there’s a kernel of truth in every crazy idea the academic Left has crapped out.  Here’s one the feminists got right:  Modern technology imposes impossible beauty standards.

Now, I most certainly do NOT mean “swimsuit models make girls anorexic;” “porn turns men off normal women;” etc.  I mean that apps like Facebook, Tinder, OK Cupid, etc. have skewed everyone’s mating expectations, with bad results for everybody.

Skim Chateau Heartiste for the gory details, but the upshot is: Since women are mainly driven by ego-inflation, and since any halfway presentable girl can get scads of attention from doofy hornballs just by posting a cleavage shot, Plain Janes quickly convince themselves they’re hot stuff, and so only the Fifty Shades of Gray guy will do in real life.


Meanwhile, men have been indoctrinated since birth by their let-your-freak-flag-fly feminist teachers (BIRM at least 3x) to believe that the whole “M’lady” fedora-tipping act really works in the brave new social media world:

He white-knighted for you on the Internet, so please for to make with the sex.

She thumb’s-upped your thumb’s up of her cleavage shot, so you’re thiiiiiis close to true love!

Which brings me to this.  I can pretty much guarantee you that the “lesbian trapped in a man’s body” a) isn’t a lesbian; b) knows full well he’s really a dude; and c) would’ve found himself a girlfriend back in my old high school.  No, not because I attended some fantasyland campus, but because I matriculated back in the Jurassic, when the only people who had heard of the Internet were using it to argue about Star Trek and/or exchanging missile schematics with other Defense Department contractors.

While most of us were vaguely aware there’s a big wide world out there, it was entirely theoretical.  Ever seen one of those movies from back when, where the kids all swear that the minute they turn 18, they’re on the first bus out of this lousy one-horse town?  That was really a thing back then… and so was the way the movie ended (for all but the sensitive artistic protagonist): Everyone still stuck in the one-horse town, working shit jobs and making do.  We’re social creatures by nature; inertia is the strongest social force; “making do with the society you have” has been mankind’s default since we first figured out agriculture.

Admittedly my high school was larger than most one-horse towns, but no matter how much of a dork you were, you had at least one peer.  And since they knew the social value of bullying back then, the bonds between peer groups were quite strong.  Short of actual, Elephant Man-level disfigurement or florid psychosis, then, you could find a friend or two (even Jeffrey Dahmer had high school buddies, for pete’s sake).  Math being what it is, chances were good that at least one of those friends was of the opposite sex, and — teenage hormones being what they are — chances were high that one thing would eventually lead to another….

Nowadays, though? Fughettaboudit.  Your “lesbian trapped in a man’s body” has neither the incentive nor the opportunity to go out and make a friend in the real world.  Not to get all Baudrillard here (speaking of another Lefty with a kernel of truth in his metric tons of bullshit), but for folks like this, the Internet’s “virtual reality” is far more “real” than actual Reality.  When you can instantly get in touch with a worldwide community of folks who’ve arranged their entire lives around their socio-sexual hangups, why not embrace it?

Sure, you’ll be miserable in ways nobody stuck making do in their one-horse town will ever understand, but at least you’ll be permanently disfigured by surgery and hormone “therapy”….


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6 thoughts on “Freaks and Geeks

  1. Al from da Nort

    Re Leaving this Lousy One Horse Town;

    Your serious point is right in that on the net one is not forced to calibrate their expectations. This is new.

    By comparison, the one nearly universal thing everybody said at my high school 50 year reunion a couple of years ago: “I had no idea what a nice place _______ (our hometown) was at the time (i.e. early ’60s).”

    Every teenager should be forced to spend a month or so in some 3rd world pest hole before they can do anything serious, like vote. Maybe that’s why Mormons still value traditional American culture. They all have to spend two years as missionaries right out of high school.

    Even being posted to some Southern Barracks Town was eye-opening enough for me. Compared to that place, ______ (my hometown) was paradise. And, after being sent overseas, that barracks town looked like paradise by comparison. Reasonable expectations are a key to happiness but hard to acquire vicariously.

    1. P_Ang

      Frankly, I don’t think we’d have too many un-American libs remaining if we had a mandatory service period.

      1. Severian

        Bingo. I’ve often said — it’s in the archives here somewhere! — that going back to universal conscription would solve about 90% of our problems.

        (And I do mean universal. No exceptions for college, bad backs, “asthma,” “fibromyalgia,” etc. When I went to my enlistment physical, the doctors checking us potential recruits out may well have worked for the Continental Army. They’d never even heard of things like “myopia.” I think one of them said I was too bilious and wanted to bleed me. That’s what we need. A few months in boot camp with the proles will set your ass straight about the world and everything in it).

    2. Nate Winchester

      Yep. I went over to Russia in ’92 (still pretty close to when communism fell). I tell you after that you’d be hard pressed to find anybody who loves America more than I do.

  2. P_Ang

    Wait…I thought I read somewhere in your case Sev it was black bile and the “yellow humours.”
    In all seriousness though could you imagine the screams of anguish from the left if draft was implemented and voluntary service was rewarded with land and voting rights a’la Heinlein?

    1. Severian

      I’m pretty sure there are some prominent Lefties on record calling for a draft. Round about 2004, it was — “make The Rich ™ fight in Bush’s Wars ™” and all that. That’s the great thing about the Left — for them, History begins anew each dawn, but we know the Internet is forever.

      So let’s give ’em what they want. Better late than never, yeah? I’m sure they’ll be shocked, shocked! to learn that the kind of blue-haired nose-ringers who can front the tuition at wannabe-Ivies for Gender Studies degrees are, by any measure of conscription-related “fairness” one cares to use, The Rich.

      (Special bonus: We can retire our entire national debt simply by charging admission to boot camp, or broadcasting it pay-per-view. What wouldn’t you pay to see your average Salon writer at attention in front of a USMC drill instructor? I’d go broke in about a week).

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