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It’s Friday, I ain’t got no job, and I ain’t got shit else to do, so here’s this:

Two interrelated questions from a new reader, Curious in Japan:

I live in Japan, and I read the US coverage of SARS-2 from afar. I noticed that The Illness here in Japan is almost a non-starter, in terms of bodies with illness/severe illness/death. And that’s with sick people crammed into subways everyday, as is the popular style. What are your thoughts on how/why the US coverage dismisses/ignores Japan’s lack of New York style death & disease?

Japan? Never heard of it!

Sorry, that seems like a lame joke, but when it comes to solipsism, the American Media puts the average teenage girl to shame. The American Media doesn’t cover anything that happens outside the USA. In fact, if they can help it, they don’t cover anything that happens outside of New York, LA, or Tubman DF, unless it somehow advances The Narrative. I am 100% certain that when the St. Floyd thing happened, more than one veteran “news” reporter had to look up where, exactly, this place called “Minneapolis” is.

One thing a lot of us here noticed straight off about the Great Plague was that, if it were anywhere near as bad as the doom-mongers insisted, certain parts of the world were in real trouble. India, for one. Same deal with places like Mexico — huge, crowded cities, no medical infrastructure to speak of. Even Japan, we badthinkers hypothesized, would be screwed, since even though their medical care is first rate, their population density is ridiculous, and totally dependent on public transportation to boot. Same thing with the homeless population right here in the USA — if the pandemic is real, guys like us said, then the homeless problem is going to take care of itself…

None of that happened. The Media did briefly try to gin up a panic about India… at the start of summer 2021. That is, a full 15 months or so after the initial panic. This was right when the buyer’s remorse was really starting to set in in re: Totally Legit Joe, and while correlation isn’t causation, I think we can go ahead and assume in this case. But as to Mexico, Africa, Asia, the US homeless… not a peep, and unless things like “living in a garbage dump” and “living exclusively on spam and bum wine” give complete immunity to COVID, that’s all the proof you need that the thing was a sham from the get-go.

One last interesting note about Japan: Back when mask hysteria was just getting started — after the Media admitted that Fauci et al were just lying about masks being useless, in other words, but before the Gauleiter made them mandatory — Japan was briefly held up as the paragon of “masks work.” Supposedly everyone in Japan wore their mask all the time — you know how blindly obedient those Orientals are! — and so they had only 800 known cases or whatever, even in Tokyo. Funny, too, how that kinda sorta just… disappeared…

The second Japan-related question:

Re: The Olympics, how is the organization of the events register in the USA, if at all? Locally, everyone involved is pulling in opposite directions, it seems. “Game on!” “ State of Emergency!” “Fans allowed, but no foreigners!” “Scratch that, no fans at all!” I’m getting dizzy trying to keep up.

The Olympics? Never heard of it!

Ok, sorry, I’ll stop now. But seriously: The Olympics are getting zero coverage over here from what I can see, except for the usual suspects doing the usual things. There’s some negress upset that they played the National Anthem while she got her bronze medal or whatever at the qualifiers (or whatever; not sure) — apparently she had some big narcissistic gesture planned, and playing the anthem at that particular time messed it up. On our side, there’s a tempest in a teapot about some tranny weightlifter who, being in continued possession of big hairy balls, is crushing all the women’s records. In short, and as much as I hate to give them credit for having any brains at all, I think even the American Media is smart enough to figure out that the Olympics are going to be a massive own goal for the Totally Legit Joe regime if they cover it… so they’re just not going to cover it. Because COVID, or whatever.

From a reader who shall remain anonymous, since I’m not sure what handle to use:

What are the implications of the military and police Oaths to the Constitution being voided by the fall of the Republic?

My answer might be we’ll see when they try to really use the military.

Here’s a great example of how theory and practice diverge. In theory, a government that abrogates the social contract is no government at all. This was the Founders’ explicit reasoning: If His Majesty’s government violates the rights of its subjects, then its subjects are under no obligation to obey it — indeed, are required to resist it, since they are no longer subjects at all. John Locke would have many choice words for the Totally Legit Joe regime, all of which would probably boil down to “you are under no obligation to an occupying power, except that which the occupiers can impose by force, and only so long as you are physically under duress.”

In practice, though, it’s the very guys who should be resisting who will be the ones imposing the obligations by force. I mean no slander on soldiers and cops when I say that they’re not generally men of principle — men of principle are one in a million. Or, at least, they were — these days, I doubt it’s even one in ten million. For most everyone, “cop” or “soldier” is just a job, no different than “postal clerk” or “phone monkey” or “Diversity outreach coordinator.” No one expects those guys to resign en masse and take to the bush; why should cops and soldiers be any different? If anything, they’ll be worse — the cops at least — because one of the main reasons people get into those kinds of jobs is that those jobs allow them to boss other people around. Lots more opportunity to do that under Totally Legit Joe, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

urbando has a few interrelated questions:

as a historian, what criteria do you use to judge the authenticity of the written historical record? I suppose that, given unlimited resources, time, and interest, one could devote oneself to researching, digging up artifacts, and analyzing the agendas of contemporary written accounts of some particular historical event, but Western history is thousands of years old. We lack the ability to re-examine the entire historical record to determine whether we’re just being fed a line of BS.

They’re right about red pills – once you’ve seen something contrary to the BS we’re fed you can never un-see it. How many red pills are there in the historical record? What do you think about the likelihood that we’re all operating under various historical false pretenses?

I use the only criterion we really have, which is horse sense, the smell test, call it what you will. As someone mentioned in the comments the other day, history is “the shipwreck of time,” meaning that the sources we have are whatever happened to wash up on the beach. Edwin Johnson, from last week’s mailbag, used this knowledge to construct his thesis that “the Middle Ages didn’t really happen,” and according to Wiki, at least, he was one of the first to advance the “Jesus never really existed” position, the one that your more tiresome evangelical atheists still haul out from time to time. That’s one I like, actually, because it highlights the limitations of the biz:

I like to compare Jesus to Socrates. Most historians would unthinkingly accept that Socrates was a real guy, but consider: We only know of his life from a scattering of ancient sources, some of which were written long after his supposed life on earth ended, and all of which contain discrepancies and contradictions. Not only that, but these sources have all the problems the Gospels do — nothing from the ancient world comes down to us in a completely reliable, full transmission, since they’re all manuscripts copied and recopied hundreds, probably thousands of times, with all the certainty of error that entails. And so forth.

In other words, the life of Socrates is either extremely well-attested — “a handful of sources” is orders of magnitude better than you get for most ancient individuals — or extremely dubious, depending on how you want to look at the nature of historical evidence. And the debate over the nature of the evidence is exacerbated by people who engage in it. Evangelical atheists are human toothaches, but they’re right that Christian apologists have a very bad, very counterproductive habit of claiming things that the evidence doesn’t support. For instance, I’ve been told that every ancient copy of every Gospel is letter-perfect, down to the last detail. If that’s true, then it’s a real miracle, on the order of raising Lazarus from the dead, because historical evidence just doesn’t work like that. Claiming it does seriously undercuts your own case.

Usually the best you can do is judge motives. Have we drawn some mistaken conclusions about historical events, including big important ones? Undoubtedly. Indeed, I’d be out of a job if we haven’t. But are we operating under “false pretenses”? I dunno. That implies that someone is deliberately lying, or, at the most charitable, seeing what they want to see. In the case of the guys who maintain that the Gospels are all letter-perfect, yeah, I’ll go with false pretenses. Same with the “Jesus was just a fable” crowd, since in their case, they deliberately set the bar of “acceptable evidence” so high that it can’t possibly be met — as occasional coauthor Nate Winchester once put it (quoting from memory), they expect the evidence to be so overwhelming that anyone who read it would immediately become a Christian on the spot… but this evidence must be recorded by a non-Christian.

From Baltbuc:

With the onset of the Covid hoax, it is apparent there is a stark divide between those in the cult and those out. A precursor to this emerged with the sharp divide between Chick-fil-A fanatics and those who don’t get it. This divides families, such as mine. Which side of the divide are you on? Is Chick-fil-A the greatest chicken sandwich ever and worthy of a 45 min drive thru wait? Or is this a mad crowd deal? What triggered this?

Someday some fascinating history will be written on the Great Crispy Chicken Sandwich Wars, but alas, it won’t be written by me. I mentioned that my summer job in college was one of those boiler room type phone operations. To keep us working at peak efficiency, the bosses provided lunch. For whatever reason, one summer the bosses must’ve gotten a hell of a deal from the local Chick-fil-A franchise, because that’s all we got. Literally ALL we got, every day, all summer. To this day I can’t pass a Chick-fil-A without getting a slight twinge of nausea. I remember liking them the first fifty or sixty times — nothing special, but tasty enough — but now I think I really would eat the plants-and-bugs diet our overlords have planned for us, rather than have another Chick-fil-A. Sorry, I’ll have to take a pass on this question.

From Jennifer7084:

We talk about the Communist Left’s “Long March” through the institutions.

Here’s what I started thinking about: in order to achieve their goals they knew they would be planting trees for their grandchildren to sit under so to speak, (to use one of the more wholesome allegories we use on our side).

But Communism is an atheist, materialist worldview. So how did they manage to convince so many people to be willing to work (and even give their lives) for something that they would never reap the rewards of? At least the Jihadis think they’re going to heaven to bang virgins for eternity after the best blows them to pieces. The atheist Communist believes he ceases to exist upon death, so why give ones’ life to a cause for which he will never experience the rewards?

I hope that makes sense. Curious for your take.

First off, nice to see another female handle around here… if, you know, that’s how you identify. We don’t judge. But this place is a sausage fest at the best of times — I guess talking about Cat Fancy and assorted phenomena will do that — so a little diversity is nice. Anyway, on to the question:

This is an example of the “emergent behavior” the Z Man is always going on about. “The Long March” is a post hoc description of a series of events — a “narrative,” if you will — not a conscious plan.

Every eschatology has what you might call a “Wandering Jew” problem. No, this doesn’t require a bunch of extra parentheses. It’s Matthew 16:28:

Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.

Taken literally, this means there must be someone still wandering the earth who was present at Jesus’s interrogation by the Pharisees, because He hasn’t come back yet. “The Wandering Jew” was the medieval legend built up around this hypothetical guy.

Marxism has a similar, but much much worse, problem, in that, as Jennifer7084 notes, Marxism is the most thoroughly materialistic philosophy ever devised. On its own premises, Marxism is pointless, since even if we live to see the Worker’s Paradise, we only get to enjoy it for our threescore-and-ten, after which it’s ashes to ashes. Better to pass those threescore-and-ten in the land of milk and honey, I guess, than not, but in the end we’re all just hairless apes whiling away our pointless hours under an utterly indifferent sun.

Rational people realize this, which is why rational people aren’t Marxists. But that, in itself, is your answer: It’s the struggle itself that gives their sad little lives meaning, not the entirely hypothetical — indeed, exquisitely pointless, on its own premises — end. The reason Marxism appeals so spectacularly to eggheads is precisely that: They already live in the closest thing to the land of milk and honey any human is ever likely to experience. Academia is a 24/7 job — that’s “24 hours a week, 7 months a year” — and they get, on average, over $100 large for it. College towns, the faculty ghettos anyway, are the safest places in America. Every single thing in the college town ecosystem is explicitly designed to cater to the professors’ every whim. It’s already the Worker’s Paradise…. and they’re bored stiff. Fighting for The Revolution gives their sad, pathetic existence some meaning.

From Nuke1776:

Why does the charade really continue? The most obvious example is the now hundreds of videos of Sundown Joe since late 2019 bumbling and falling over himself with diagnosable dementia that’s obvious to anyone. Yet the media, the uniparty, heck most people out there refuse to even acknowledge it. It’s like Weekend at Bernie’s, but a tragedy, and so surreal.


That sounds flip, I realize, but not only is it the best answer I can come up with, I think it’s the answer. Normie still has his sportsball and his backyard grill and some stuff to put on it, however temporarily. Compared to the widespread… “difficulties,” to use no stronger term, that would result from even the acknowledgement that Totally Legit Joe is having issues. Real change won’t come until Normie feels a real pinch…

…but because “inertia” is the answer, that means the pinch is coming a lot sooner than anyone expects. That’s the way these things always work, which is terrifying.

From Some Guy:

How long before people realize we’re really being conquered by the sub-continentals? Everyone blames the parentheses crowd or the Chinese, but no one looks at who holds the most sway in the tech sector, which is the new power center in America. Heels-up Harris didn’t get the job because of her black half…

Dunno. Those guys have the very serious advantage of not being taken seriously. A legacy of the Raj, perhaps? Also they don’t form public pressure groups; they just do their thing quietly behind the scenes. And if we’re being honest here, I can think of worse overlords. The Chinese are awful, and the Subcontinentals are in some ways worse… but look: They are open, virulent, take-no-prisoners racists. Real racists, of the “dude, the KKK just called, they think you should tone it down a bit” variety. Not that I admire racism, mind you — I think it’s very, very bad — but 99% of the problems in this sick sad world boil down to Whites’ inability to say “No, we won’t be doing that, because it’s fucking primitive and disgusting.” The Chinese and Subcontinentals do not have this problem. Perhaps, with a few generations under their tutelage, we’ll reacquire that skill.

From dave b:

I was a skeptic on covid the day it started because the same people pushing it were the usual suspects on everything – the gummit, the business cocksuckers, the commies, the whole worthless dreck of humanity. I was validated right away with the truth abut the models came our – people who believe in computer models are a special kind of ignorant and stupid. But my friends who became covid zombies all said, gee, how can the whole world fall for a scam, it must be true if the US and China and everyone believes it. My response has always been people of all race creeds and colors are retards so why expect otherwise?

But it got me to thinking. How did they all became retarded in the same way? TPTB in the West will do anything to divide us to keep us from noticing that they are stealing everything and it is all falling apart. Race, gender, whatever works, and covid is just another tool to divide us and keep us distracted. By why the whole world? Why this obsessive desire to stifle dissent on everything, on the use of ivermectin as a preventative and cure?

Because Karl Marx is a jealous god, and he shall have none before him.

Again, I know that sounds flip, but it’s true. Marxists are convinced that they are the sole possessors of TORA, The One Right Answer. Add an “h” to the end of that if you feel you must.

If you’ve got TORA, then by definition there’s all within TORA, nothing outside TORA, nothing against TORA.

Everyone in Our Thing has experienced the unique frustration of being able to construct the Left’s case far better than they can. Coming up with a Constitutional justification for Obamacare, for example — a real one, I mean, not the Admiral Ackbar-style “It’s a tax!” — is a snap; anyone familiar with the original Proggies from the Gilded Age can do it easily. The problem, though, is that our logical, Constitutionally-airtight case, being based in the real world as it is, acknowledges that there are some tradeoffs, and therefore some downsides…

…and this the Left cannot abide. For you see, they have decided that “universal health care” is part of TORA, and therefore there are NO downsides. At all. There can’t be, because TORA is like the Thomistic conception of God: A unity of all good, undifferentiated, without shape or limit or even the possibility of change. Thus Obama insisting, in all apparent sincerity — and his believers believing, in all apparent sincerity — that a huge new government program will actually lower taxes and improve services, because “universal health care” is Good, and “lower taxes” is Good, and of course it goes without saying that government programs are Good, and therefore, being Good, all these things must be true and cannot conflict, no, not ever, world without end amen.

That’s it for this week, gang. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

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31 thoughts on “Friday Mailbag

  1. AvatarMartinian

    Re:Commie motivation— 2 possibilities, not mutually exclusive. 1) They’re not in it for the eschatology; they’re in it for the extremely present rewards of narcissism. There’s a quote of Kim Philby’s (…I think, though I can never seem to find it) about how he was recruited. He says something like, it was the Wave of the Future and you had a chance to get in on the ground floor. That right there is 100% irresistible catnip for anything approximating the reasonably intelligent (upper-)middle-class striver with any fundamental inadequacies to speak of: You’re one of “the smart ones”.

    Note that this pretty much constitutes our entire professional & political class, and the domestic carnage wreaked by the 60s & 70s ensured that we have an endless supply of intelligent, functional people nonetheless with deep-seated emotional scarring.

    That brings me to 2) They’re not actually narcissistic jerks at base, but they’re trying to “fix” their own sorry pasts by projecting it outward. Hence, the intensely personal rage and vindictiveness plus the inability to process practical trade-offs or compromises. Look at how current far-Lefties residents of San Francisco are processing the disintegration of their own city at the hands of their own policies. Or perhaps more accessibly, look at the response of any St. Floyd riot supporter when confronted with the fact that the devastation was visited predominantly upon the people and communities they were allegedly helping. I guarantee you will get blasted with intensely personal rage. Accepting trade-offs and imperfections means at least partially letting go and being at peace with those who disappoint you. And the one thing Gen-X absolutely cannot do is forgive disappointment .

    (BTW, back to Gen-X movies. A buddy of mine of that era said Heathers.)

    1. AvatarRecusant

      Also, don’t deny the pleasure they get from enjoying their vindictive revenge – which they will never see, but assume will happen – now.

      Deferred gratification being one of their things only when the gratification is causing pain to their enemies.

      1. SeverianSeverian Post author

        There’s always that. As I wish I could remember who said, Liberalism is, at bottom, just the lifelong attempt to make high school turn out right. Or, as I always say, you can’t spell “Leftist” without P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-O-N.

    2. AvatarJennifer7084

      I agree with you. I don’t recall where I read this, I want to say Stacy McCain maybe, but it’s that Leftism is mostly people seeking public solutions to personal problems.

      Which applies to transgenderism (among other Leftist issues) perfectly.

      1. AvatarSeverian

        The reason the NPC meme was so effective against the Left is that they really, truly fear that they don’t exist. Without us — society — holding a mirror up to them at all times, they would vanish.

        If it wasn’t such a toothache of a book, I’d add Without You, There is No Us, by Suki Kim, to the RC required reading list. The title comes from a song North Korean children are required to sing to Dear Leader, but the book is perhaps the purest distillation of the BCG worldview I’ve ever encountered. At one point, Mx. Kim — who lied her way into a teaching position at an exclusive school for North Korean party members’ kids — acknowledges that her book might well get these kids, and their entire families, sent to the camps… but what’s really important, she’ll have you know, is how very very very sexy they all found Mx. Suki Kim. It’s fucking surreal…

        …and those people are our rulers.

    3. AvatarPickle Rick

      I think there’s a third reason-
      The left has gone from victory to victory over Conservative Inc since around 1920. There hasn’t been any defeats for Globohomo except the Soviets becoming Russian again and the rise of the scariest Vlad since the Impaler (to leftists).

      They’re motivated because they know there isn’t a position that the Republicans won’t eventually surrender on.

      1. AvatarWOPR

        I’ve been thinking about that. One big reason is the leadership for conservatives come out of the same caste creation system. As such, while Liberals pace our host, are trying to make HS turn out right, Conservatives are the outcasts trying to be popular. That’s why conservatism is really about following the Left’s morals, but theoretically doing it better. It is also why you see conservatives always desperate for approval. Hollywood star Biff Rocket likes us!!! See this person of color agrees with us!!!

        1. AvatarPickle Rick

          I’d say they aren’t trying to be popular, but cool. The Left put a hammerlock on cool around the October Revolution.

          Of course, being rebellious, a la 1860 or 1933 is super cool. There was a Maryland woman who observed the Army of Northern Virginia during the Antietam campaign of September 1862. She wrote-

          “They were a most ragged, lean, and hungry set of wolves, but there was a dash about them our northern men lacked…”

      2. AvatarEvil Sandmich

        Arguably conservatives have been on the run since the American Revolution. Even Russia will probably go the path of post-Franco Spain once Vlad passes at some point in time in the distant future.

    4. AvatarProdigal Son

      I would add – for the millennials at least – the helicopter parent effect of moving the kids from one scheduled thing to the next with no ‘go outside and don’t come home ’till dinner’ activity, resulted in a ‘caged’ feeling. So, many are used to not self-starting but rather signing on to something approved; and not having anything personal, but instead part of an institution. Hence a lot of odd, extremely niche clubs, businesses, identities etc. all formalized in some fashion and ‘part of something bigger.’ Lots of outward rather than inward direction as they are still rattling that adolescent cage.

  2. AvatarProdigal Son

    Re: emergent behavior of Marxists. Something I rarely hear recognized is that each new SocJus member gets acquainted with the degenerate philosophy after the previous cohort has sunk it to a new low. eg. I am sure a lot of gays in the 90s earnestly did not want to target marriage. But the young ’00s gays, having secured common-law rights, found marriage to be the next obstacle in line – and they had to contribute to their cause, so marriage it was.

    By the time they are old enough to wise up – there is the next batch of youth, providing all the energy to demand it should be taught in schools. Being young, they don’t realize they are breaking the promises made by the previous decade.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      Yep. “Progressives” require “progress,” so you can never hang up your jock and hit the showers.

      (What’s hilarious is that the Left is always insisting that The Handmaid’s Tale* is always just around the corner. But when full sexual liberation is finally achieved — when anyone can insert anything, anywhere, in the middle of Times Square at high noon — the only way “forward” will be back. Once the last thing is in the last orifice, the “progressives” will immediately start imposing the kind of sexual morality that would make Queen Victoria herself beg them to loosen up a bit, because they must always be “transgressive” and that’s the only way to do it).

      *From the tv show, of course. They’ve never actually read the book, since the only thing they read is Harry fucking Potter. Funny how the “smart,” “well-educated” ones are always dumb as posts, and pig ignorant too.

  3. AvatarRecusant

    Forget Socrates. Your average atheist will not doubt the existence of Hannibal and his mountaineering elephants, the Battle of Cannae, Scipio Africanus and ‘Carthago delenda est…..and yet there is not contemporary evidence for any of that. The closest written records were hundreds of years later. Livy might or might not be a good historian, but is that all we have?

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      With the caveat that I am NOT an archaeologist, this kind of thing always amuses me. Those who are most confident about the Life and Times of Jesus have no idea how historical evidence from that period works (or any other for that matter). There are big, important things — people, events — that have one single inscription of evidence supporting them. One. Somebody stumbles across a monument in the middle of a desert somewhere that says “so and so did thus and such,” and entire shelves’ worth of history books have to be re-written. (One of my favorite examples comes from an Egyptologist, who frankly acknowledges that he made his entire rep on his assertion that so-and-so was someone’s wife… when in fact she was actually his sister, as DNA evidence has now conclusively proven. That’s every historian’s nightmare, and it happens all the time).

    2. AvatarPickle Rick

      Some dude did find archeological evidence. He found a huge layer of horse shit that carbon dates to Hannibal’s epic march.

  4. AvatarSome Guy

    I find it hilarious that the end result of feminism is men declaring themselves women and taking the whole thing over.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      As I forget who said, men go where the power is, while women flock to where the power was. See e.g. medicine — “doctor” and “pharmacist” used to be high-prestige, high-power, well-paid jobs, so doctors and pharmacists were all men. Now the graduating classes of med and pharm school, like college in general, are majority female, and the majority is growing.

      However, there are still no female stockbrokers or hedge fund managers or tech developers. Women run tech companies, of course — usually straight into the ground, howya doin, Carly Fiorina and Ellen Pao? — but putting a powerskirt in charge is the universal sign that the company has shot its wad and is now on the skids.

      And now that real cultural power and influence belongs to the Krazy Kommissars, you see men flocking to that… even if they have to put on dresses to do it.

      1. AvatarSome Guy

        “See eg. Medicine”. It hurts but you’re right. There’s a lot of short-sightedness about where medicine is going in the age of government-controlled healthcare. Funny enough I was playing Tropico 6* the other day and when enacting the free healthcare policy the radio announced it as “we’re going to make them all work longers hours for less pay”. What’s going to wipe out physicians is the rise of the mid-level. The first step was making physicians employees of the hospital, then administrators decide it’s better to hire three physician’s assitants and one doc as opposed to two docs. Compensation gets turned into a lower salary plus productivity bonuses. Not to mention medicine is getting turned into a series of algorithms. In the end it’s going to be idiocracy, just make sure you don’t confuse which probe goes in the mouth and which one goes up the butt.

        * For those who like city-building games tropico 6 is pretty fun. You play as a carribean dictator running an island. There are a bunch of fun right-wing jokes, like the mission where you ally your island with the soviet union and they give you tasks that make you gradually destroy everything nice on the island all the while praising how the people are now even more equal than before.

        1. AvatarSeverian

          I was thinking of you as I wrote that. Sorry, and I know it hurts, but… it’s the truth. I have lots of friends, family, and lovers in the medical biz (no overlap on the last two, you sickos), so I’m at least marginally informed about the industry. It’s bad and getting much, much worse.

          1. AvatarSome Guy

            Seeing the future of medicine makes me happy I have modest life goals and cheap hobbies. The main reason I got into medicine in the first place is because I don’t trust the system and wanted to be able to help my family navigate the ins-and-outs of it. Just like I think every family needs a cop, a lawyer, and a mechanic for the same reason. Those systems are all full of pitfalls and scams designed to catch those without insider knowledge.

        2. AvatarMaus

          This medico-industry insight hit a little too close to home for me. I see a “health care professional” every three months for a long-diagnosed chronic condition that requires medication and monitoring blood work. For twenty years that was provided by an internal medicine physician, but he retired in 2017. Since then, I’ve had a series of six “family nurse practioners”, the longest for two years most recently. I just learned that one has decamped to another state, probably for higher pay. I was offered a choice between two new FNPs, but demurred. The whole point of the type of medical care I ought to receive is based on continuity of care and monitoring the historical change of my disease. At this point I probably know more about the issue than any NFP. There only use to me is the power conferred by the license to authorize labs and prescriptions. In over five years’ time, I’ve never even met the physician who nominally supervises their practice. Modern medicine is rapidly becoming as farcical as the legal profession, which is experimenting with a second generation of paraprofessionals and the eventual elimination of bar exams because, even though there’s roughly one licensed attorney for ever two hundred Californians, there’s still too many white males and to few precious pocs. /rant

          1. AvatarWOPR

            The family physician model is almost dead. We’re into corporatized healthcare. Between the government, corporations, insurance companies, and women dominating the field, this is what you get. The first three want that absolute structure of you do X in case of Y with the result of paying or earning Z dollars. Women prefer it because they just follow the rules and can get flexible schedules. They don’t have to commit to the job.

            Women dominating any non-traditional field ends up driving men out. The prestige disappears for men and women, regardless of what they say, think less of them.

      2. AvatarPaul from Canada

        Besides medicine, it is also true of most currently female dominated jobs. Jobs like bank teller, secretary, and so on, were all male jobs in Victorian times…..

  5. Avatarjvangeld

    Because it’s The Only Right Answer, Hater.

    Seriously, though, I’ve been listening through Hardcore History’s series on the War in the Pacific, so the movie poster hits the spot for me.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      I like that, and am steali….errr, liberating it, in the name of The People.

      Add it to your official Rotten Chestnuts lexicon: The Left is never wrong, because they have the TORAH: The One Right Answer, Hater.

  6. AvatarJennifer7084

    Thank you for the insight!

    I admit, I didn’t realize the “Long March” was more of a label for what they did, than a game plan.

    What year of readers would you say are the most honest about marxism? I was mad because I found a reader on Marxism from the late 70s on eBay but the seller crapped out on me.

    And yes I am a normal lady. I actually make a point of using the word normal, because screw these people and their made up words. I use the “Jesus approach” with Lefties and weirdos (but I repeat myself). I ask them questions that lead them to coming to the correct answer themselves. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the look on the face of a Lefty whose brain just exploded with the truth.

    Often times it results in getting called all the usual names, but whatever. I just keep asking “why am I a racist?” “What did I say that’s racist?” “Please define racism?” It rarely gets that far for obvious reasons, but the best thing you can do if you’ve captured their attention is ask, ask, ask.

  7. AvatarFeinGul

    Normie feeling the pinch = pinched.
    Nothing follows.
    Normies will get pinched to death ,
    Nothing follows.

    The Irish Normies of all people got pinched to death and nothing followed.

    That is Normal.

  8. AvatarSeverian

    @WOPR, re: formerly prestigious jobs, that’s what happened with academia. When I started, all my normal friends made the typical jokes about how I’d need to be careful, what with all those comely coeds around who’d do *anything* for a good grade. I doubt that happened very much even back in the days, but if it did, it was because the profs were part of the elite, or at least elite-adjacent.

    Back in the days, when not every job was a “profession,” a college degree really was a pass to the middle class. Thus profs were gatekeepers – if not elite themselves, they at least controlled an access point to the elite. Hence, “professor” was a prestige job. Now that the academy has been taken over by hormonal cat ladies, a prof is a mere fuctionary. The student attitude isn’t “I’ll do *anything* for an A,” it’s “hurry up and mark my A down in the gradebook, asshole, and just be happy I decided to show up to berate you in person.”

  9. AvatarClayton Barnett

    “It’s already the Worker’s Paradise…. and they’re bored stiff.”

    This was my biggest takeaway from the Immortals’ predicament in “Zardoz” and why a vanguard engineered their own extermination.

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