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There are lots of things I’m scared to look up on the Internet. N.b. this was true before we fully transformed into Clown World, but it’s so much worse now. For instance, in my perusing of various sites commenting on the insanity of SJWs, I often see Tweets etc. from those SJWs themselves. Which means I see a fair amount of SJW profiles, and in those, I’m seeing more mentions of “INFJ.”

Is that what I think it is?

Back in the mid-1990s the Human Resources ladies, who were as vapid and pointless then as they are now, had a brief fad for “Meyers-Briggs” personality tests. It supposedly rated you along four axes, such that the acronym “INFJ” would mean something like “introverted, something, Feeling, Judgmental.” I can’t remember the “N,” and I doubt the “J” is right — not that SJWs aren’t judgmental, but I don’t think they’d actually call themselves that — but that’s the gist of it.

I thought “Meyers-Briggs” got laughed out of existence soon after, since it’s obviously about as scientific as astrology (which its potted descriptions of the various “personality types” closely resemble), but maybe it’s making a comeback…? Any excuse Generation Selfie can find to pat themselves on the back, after all.

If anyone knows, or feels like venturing into that swamp, please enlighten me in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Quick Hit

  1. Some Guy

    You’re right it is Meyers-Briggs. I think N means empathic but I also have no desire to see if I’m right. It’s all bullshit anyway. I skimmed the wikipedia on it a few months ago for similar reasons and saw that there are special rare types of personalities which of course they all claim to have. It’s a sure sign the person is annoying if nothing else, same as any woman who is a harley quinn fan is a borderline.

  2. H I

    N is for iNtuitive, as opposed to Sensing. You see the big picture, in other words you’re not dumb. There’s value in Myers-Briggs, like Jung’s archetypes and other personality classifications, even if it’s not a complete description of someone. It’s easy to see that Introvert/Extrovert is meaningful, for example.

    1. tullamore92

      I had a boss in the early aughts – a black female, for what it’s worth – who was big into BM as an integral part of her attempt to Build a Better Team(TM). It might be worthless, but apparently it’s consistent as every time I’ve taken it over the years (~5 times since 2000; admittedly 4 of those 5 were the annotated Web versions) I’ve got the same four-letter result. If any readers here are interested in comparing dick size, mine’s an INTJ.

    2. Maus

      H I nailed it. I know way more about persoanality type that I care to because my novice master in the Order was sold on this crap and its value for fostering so-called “group dynamics.” So I am apparently an ENTP on the Myers Briggs: an Extroverted (as opposed to Introverted), iNtuitive (as opposed to Sensing), Thinking (as opposed to Feeling) , Perceiver (as opposed to Judger). And I am a Seven on the Enneagram. Bah, all psuedoscience. the only personality model approaching some kind of clinical validation is the Five Factor model. Jordan Peterson references it (for what that’s worth) and you can consult Wkipedia for a synopsis.

  3. Joseph Moore

    It’s the next step for the sensitive soul who already knows what kind of cat he is, and what house at Hogwarts he’s in.

    As stupid as MB is, it’s freakin’ rock hard physics compared to Critical Theory, so it’s hardly surprising that crowd falls for it.

  4. dog

    Meyers-Briggs was big with computer people in the late 90s early 2000s so this is not so much a comeback as a holdover, and significantly predates “generation selfie”. Lots of old school programmers tested consistently as INTP/INTJ, and it was part of “what kind of freak are you” games (along with for example something like “geek code”, a signature system that allowed you to communicate if e.g. you were a trekkie or a star wars fan in a cryptic way). _You_ rarely see it, because the silly fashion didn’t translate to millennials proper and the old timers are not spending much time in the kind of echo chambers where you get exposed to a lot of SJWs.

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