Friday Quick Take: Welcome to 1517

It’s fairly common these days to assert that we’ve hit “peak SJW” or something to that effect.  I’m starting to wonder if it might really be true this time.

The reason the “peak SJW” hype never affected me in the past is simple: I spent a lot of time in higher ed.  You’ll have to take my word for this, but on campus, the stuff y’all consider bottom-of-the-barrel, can’t-possibly-get-any-crazier is known as “the midterm exam.”  The “ideology-trumps-biology” school of gender studies, for instance, has been a staple on campus since before the millennium.  Here’s Jonah Goldberg, for instance, writing about it in National Review:

For example, consider Colette Dowling’s The Frailty Myth which came out in 2000. Ms. Dowling, also the author of acclaimed feminist tome The Cinderella Complex, argues in the Frailty Myth that there are, in fact, no physical differences between men and women in the athletic sense. Differences in athletic performance are purely a result of the patriarchy’s “hidden agenda of keeping women in their place by keeping them believing in their weakness.” She insists that “studies show gender to be barely relevant as a predictor, or limiter, of athletic performance,” she writes. “What really counts are acquired skills, trained muscles, and movement efficiency that comes from refined technique.”

Seriously, she explicitly believes that if women were unleashed from the shackles of the patriarchy, the NFL, the NBA, the world of boxing, etc. would be completely coed.

Note the dates.  Goldberg’s column is from 2002, critiquing a book that came out in 2000.  The book was published by Random House — i.e., by one of the biggest of mainstream publishers — so you know the ideas behind it had been percolating for years, if not decades, before the yoni warriors in Manhattan penthouses decided to market it to Barnes and Noble.  By the time Normal America got the chance to freak out about it, in other words, the idea that “studies show gender to be barely relevant as a predictor, or limiter, of athletic performance” was taken for granted on campus.  We eggheads had already moved on to things like the fundamental human right of trans-women to have taxpayer funded aboritons.  

But here’s the thing: Back in 2002, nobody suggested that gender constraints should be removed from college athletics.  Back then, Title IX was still a big deal, and the same ditzy gyno-activists who bought books like The Frailty Myth would go bananas if you suggested chick sports should be eliminated — since “trained muscles and refined technique” are what really counts, just open the football team tryouts to the girls, and in no time some 5’2″, 110-lb sorority girl will be tearing it up on the defensive line.  

These days, of course, our SJWs are suggesting exactly that.  More importantly, they’re actually writing it into law.  So yes, we now have the brain-busting spectacle of girls suing colleges under Title IX to get spots on girls’ teams because they can’t compete with biological males who are somehow also girls.  Biological men are also crushing — the feminists’ own word — biological females in women’s sports all across the spectrum.  From bodybuilding to bike racing to soccer to track, chicks-with-dicks are actually competing with, and blowing away, actual women in women’s sports.

And won’t the 2020 Olympics be a hoot?  Right there in an election year and everything.

That, my friends, is why I’m starting to think “peak SJW” is real.  Before it was just talk; now it’s actually happening, with real consequences.  We all know that SJW will only end when it affects something that White suburban women care about.  Well, what do Soccer Moms care about more than soccer?  Little Stacy just lost her college scholarship to a 6’2″ entity with a 10″ wang that calls xhyrzelf “Desiree.”  This is actually happening.

Throw in the rise of Ocasio-Cortez — such that all of America can now see, in all her glory, the Basic College Girl — and this stuff at last has real consequences to the voters that matter.

It may well be 1517 for the Church of Leftism.  Stay tuned… and grab the popcorn.


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5 thoughts on “Friday Quick Take: Welcome to 1517

  1. Reluctant Reactionary

    I dunno. The left is so resilient that I remain amazed. They will probably create a new category for trans people. Men’s sports, women’s, tran’s, other…. Everyone gets to play, and everyone gets an A or a gold medal. The black lives matter fiasco was going great guns, and they successfully put the genie back in the bottle. The left can always bring back the rioters when it suits them. Did Lance Armstrong have balls? Perhaps he should be given all of his medals back since he was basically competing as a trans dude in male bicycling? (I assume all trans guys/girls are on some kind of hormone cocktail, but who knows) The fundamental premise of the left is that anyone can have stuff, and if you have less stuff than someone else you should be given more stuff. Since only a tiny fraction of people don’t want more stuff, this approach will always be popular.

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  3. WOPR

    I don’t see anyone willing on the left to stop this juggernaut. The problem is if they admit reality, women and men are different, Pandora’s box is opened. In what other ways might people be different. No comrade, we must continue on the path of believing any differences are due to some manner of oppression.

    1. MBlanc46

      Good point. They’re immune to empirical disconfirmation. When things don’t turn out as predicted, it’s still down to “white supremacy!” and “Patriarchy!” They’re not going to stop themselves. Therefore, some has to stop the barbarians at the gates. But, who? All of the official elements os society—corporations, academia, the political parties, the government—have thrown in with the Left. That leaves…us. But we haven’t a clue what to do. We sometimes discuss organization and tactics. But we come up with little. White caps as a recognition signal. It’s not that I think that’s a bad idea. I think it’s a good idea. But it’s fifteen years out from being a functioning organization. And the gates are beginning to give right now.

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