Friday Reader Discussion Thread

Since we all could use a little humor in our lives….

Is it wrong for me to admit I kinda missed having a Democrat in the White House? I mean, yeah, it’s the final sunset for Western Civ — and that’s bad — but if you’re amused by human folly, watching moron socialists try to govern is like crack… delicious, delicious crack.

So… what’s your favorite part of Democrat administrations? I know there’s a lot to choose from. “All the racial healing” is always a good one. I also enjoy the thrill of getting a new dictionary — remember, #Resistance is now BAD. But when it’s all said and done, I have to go with “The Media continuously auto-beclowning themselves with euphemisms.”

Like this one. It’s not that Zhou Bai-Den lied when he said he wouldn’t ban fracking. No no, he simply created confusion by misstating his position. Which is as heartbreakingly pure a description of the intent and outcome of “a lie” as you’ll find in even the very best dictionary, but let it pass, my brothers… let it pass. Savor the moment. That’s the absolute goddamn best they could do, and it’s only Day Three.

At this rate, I’m going to laugh myself into a hernia by early next week.

Open thread.

PS all bets are off when, as is inevitable, the Left finally admits to Biden’s obvious dementia. The trial balloons are already going up. At that point, I predict they will wait all of about 0.32 seconds before they start crowing about how Orange Man was such a bad president, he lost an election to a guy who was obviously suffering from Alzheimer’s on the campaign trail. And that, my friends, will be the highlight of the Zhou Bai-Den administration. I don’t think that could ever be topped.

And yes, you know good and goddamned well they ARE that shameless….

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9 thoughts on “Friday Reader Discussion Thread

  1. texinole

    Honestly I don’t find their bullshit very funny anymore, but since they’re in complete control and I like to stay informed…pass the crack pipe Hunter.

    But I’ll play. My favorite thing will be the live, real-time spin the media will have to do any time Sundown Joe is in an interview. See Anderson Cooper with that “rape is sexy” old bag or Jacob “I hate Brussel sprouts” Sr for 2 classic examples.

  2. Joseph Moore

    The treatment of war has always amused and sickened me, how a Reagan or Bush was just the evilest guy because they were going to get us all killed in wars, requiring massive protests and a drumbeat of antiwar fervor – and then, the foreign policy 8 year long amateur hours under we’ve had the smartest, most enlightened, most moral people EVAH that got actual people killed? – silence. One foolish moment when O got the job was when I deluded myself with the thought: well, at least he’ll and a few of these stupid wars. Well, we all have our bad days.

    Trump: peace in the Middle East? silence
    O bombing the living sh*t out of people? silence
    So, when the Coat Rack in Chief inevitably starts rekindling some pointless wars? He’ll be heroically facing evil – for about 48 hours, then silence. Eat your Soylent green and shut up.

    I’m trying to see the humor here….

    1. Severian Post author

      I was in academia when the 2nd Gulf War started. A colleague posted a running casualty count above his office door. Updated it every day until Jan 20, 2009… at which point it came down during the night, and was never mentioned again by anyone.

      I have a sick sense of humor, I admit, but that’s just fucking hilarious. Absolutely no shame at all, these “people.”

    2. Pickle Rick

      When the Diversity is our Strength armed forces composed of women, queers, trannies, La’Queeshia and Shitavious, led by lesbians, Karens and bitch made soyboy officers, get curb stomped hard by an enemy who gives zero fucks about Globohomo, I’m gonna laugh my ass off.

      1. Pickle Rick

        Actually, let’s go one further-since heterosexual white men are the vast majority of combat dead across all our wars, I demand, in the name of social justice, that no straight white men be put in uniforms or in combat until women, homosexuals, transgenders and persons of color die and get wounded in equal numbers to the white casualties, which is in the ballpark of 2,892,901 or so.
        After all, equality is paramount.

        1. 3g4me

          Oooh, yes. I absolutely concur that, since White Christian men are the cause of all evil throughout human history, they must not be allowed to serve in the great ‘Murrican armed forces on any capacity (and we must shame any who think to do so for patriotard reasons). And, along with Pickle Rick and kirkforlatt, I, too, will celebrate all xir deaths at the hands of whoever we try to ‘liberate’ next (same way I respond when reading a car full of 12 Mestizos has a deadly crash, or Dontavious and Shaniqua died while driving drunk) – I find my pleasures where I can these days, and yes, that’s sick and sad, but it’s also quite true.

      2. kirkforlatt

        I agree with Pickle Rick. I long to see the U.S.Armed Freakses go up against a country the USA has foolishly provoked. I won’t shed one tear (except in mirth) over a high body count. Maybe they can get that shitbag Sec Health and Michelle Obama (no one will ever convince me he/she/it’s not a tranny) to escort the coffins when they return.

        Ever since my beloved Marine Corps went on its “let’s embrace the fags but denounce and punish any display of Southern heritage and pride” jaunt, I’ve been itching to read that chapter In Which Obama Officer Appointees Get Their Motherfucking Comeuppance.

  3. MBlanc46

    Yeah, there will be funny stuff. In a gallows humor sort of way. The contortions that the pols and the press go through trying to make the chasm between the rhetoric and the reality disappear* are always amusing. But the high taxes and petroleum (and all other) prices make laughing painful.

    Of course, one way that they’re going to do that is to make notices disappear. That would be us.

  4. Southern Belle

    We might get our chance to see the armed forces in action as rumblings of Syria emerge already. What would be funny is that they told us to get the hell out of their business. A chuckle du jour is that unions are not happy with their candidate Biden blocking the pipeline because Indian lands, costing thousands of jobs and dollars from members. Not to mention from Biden the National Guard got garage accommodations while Trump gave them his luxury hotel. I love these little highlights!

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