Fun with Hyperbole

As liberals constantly inform us, Rachel Maddow is the epitome of the educated, intelligent Lefty.  She was a Rhodes Scholar, has a PhD, the whole schmear.  Which is why it’s so funny that xzhey can’t seem to stop stepping on xzheir own dick:

Back in September, we reported that TV network OAN had filed a lawsuit against Rachel Maddow for the time the host said that OAN “really, literally is paid Russian propaganda.”

Now, Maddow finds herself having to come up with a defense for her statement in court. And she has also apparently hired Lionel Hutz as her legal adviser.

According to Culttture, her lawyers argued in a recent motion that “…the liberal host was clearly offering up her ‘own unique expression’ of her views to capture what she saw as the ‘ridiculous’ nature of the undisputed facts. Her comment, therefore, is a quintessential statement ‘of rhetorical hyperbole, incapable of being proved true or false.”

As opposed to all the other kinds on non-rhetorical hyperbole, one assumes, but whatever, the point isn’t the silliness of the legal “defense.”  The point is this: If the case ever makes it to trial — which I’m pretty sure there’s no way in hell, but if — it’d be a real dilemma for the Prerogative State.

The Prerogative State, you’ll recall, is the two-tiered justice system in a one-party state.  Hitler’s Germany, for example.  You’d get real, impartial justice in the Third Reich, provided the case didn’t impinge on the Party’s “prerogative.”  If it did, you might actually win the issue at law, only to find yourself getting some rubber hose time from the leather trenchcoat boys the minute you left the courthouse.  Or — the more relevant parallel, at least for now — you might lose despite the law, as the judge would interpret the statutes in the light of National Socialism.

Should this libel suit go to trial — and again, no way in hell even MSNBC is dumb enough to let it go that far — the judge will find himself in a real bind.  Because, of course, Leftist political discourse can’t function without scurrilous “hyperbole” — see e.g. the ongoing “impeachment” of Donald Trump, in which, Obamacare-style, we’re gonna have to convict him to find out what he’s guilty of.  If the words “really, literally paid Russian propaganda” mean what they clearly do mean, then it’s adios MSNBC… and CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, et al.  The WaPo is double-fucked, actually, since Nick Sandmann still has his libel  lawsuit going….

See what I mean?  “Tossing around wild allegations as if they were empirical facts” has been the Media’s m.o. since the wee hours of November 9, 2016.  Pretty much everyone in America assumes that everything they see on the news is a lie.  But since Maddow was far enough up her own ass to actually say something so obviously actionable that the libeled party had no choice but to sue, there’s an outside chance some judge is going to have to rule on it, and either way the Left is screwed.  Either they lose their one “reporting” tactic, or one of the Cult’s high priests gets publicly pantsed.

Should be fun.


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2 thoughts on “Fun with Hyperbole

  1. Pickle Rick

    The interesting thing about this to me is showing that the normie Right is beginning to understand and use the Leftist tactics of lawfare, which has been a proven winner, when one side still believes in the rule of law. However, our overlords don’t believe that, so it won’t work for us, but it will show those who still believe in it that the left can not and will not respect the rule of law, thus radicalizing more people to our side. That’s also a win.

  2. MBlanc46

    This would be great fun to watch, but, of course, you’re correct, they’ll never allow themselves to put on a show for us.

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