Gender Differences are Real

Lots of commentary on this out in the “Game” sphere.

While it’s commonplace for snooty, liberal academics to blame men for every misery to betide humanity, boffins at Yale have taken this sexist blame-game to absurd new heights.

They are claiming that modern men are too stupid – or “feel threatened by their success” – to date 30-something “selfish career women,” who are increasingly having to freeze their eggs until they meet men they deem worthy of siring their children.

That is the conclusion of a Yale study that interviewed 150 women at eight IVF clinics in America and Israel – and experts admit the trend is identical in the UK.

Vox Day’s response is typical:

There is no two ways around it. Overeducating women is bad for society. There is a reason women weren’t historically schooled past an eighth-grade education. Hypergamy means most of the intelligent and highly-educated women will never marry or have children, guaranteeing that the next generation will be less intelligent than the previous one. It is a disastrously dysgenic social policy.

And he’s right.  Higher ed should be restricted for women.  The gals need to take one for the team.

Now, before y’all get too upset with me about “freedom” and “individual rights” and “that’s not who we are as Americans,” consider an analogy: Conscription.

I’d be a lousy infantryman.  Not just because I’m old and fat and have terrible knees — even when I was young and lean and had great knees, I still would’ve been a lousy grunt.  Not bad enough to get my platoon-mates killed, I’d like to think, but pretty bad.  GIs need a mentality and a skillset that I don’t have.  Nor, I hasten to add, is this because I’d be a much better officer — I’d actually be a much worse officer than a GI, what with the map reading and the spatial reasoning and all.  Based on my ASVAB scores, my likely MOS is either “sneaky little Propaganda Corps weasel” or “cook.”

And yet, if drafted into the infantry, into the infantry I’d go.  It’s part of the social contract for young men in a republic: You go when you’re called, and you go where you’re called, because the Army’s needs — which are your country’s needs — outweigh everything.  And all the opportunities I “missed” while I was out there serving my country?  Oh well.  Welcome to the Big Green Machine, buddy — everyone has his hopes and dreams deferred until we win, and lots of folks will never, ever get a chance to make anything of themselves.  War is hell, but losing is much worse, for everyone.

See what I mean?  And here’s the kicker:  Every man who read this got it.  ZERO women did.  Gender differences are real, they’re important, and they need to be a part of social policy.

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One thought on “Gender Differences are Real

  1. Nate Winchester

    There are probably few things funnier than watching atheist/agnostic leftist try and realize they’re failing at the ONE commandment of Darwinism, which they profess to believe.


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