Get Woke, Go Broke – College Edition

As a former toiler in the groves of academe, I suppose I should have a comment on the whole Oberlin thing.  So here goes:


Or, as the kids these days say on the Internetz,

lol get fucked.

Still, since it’s good for a chuckle, join me for a trip down memory lane.  This was quite a few years ago, but one of the departments in one of the places I worked (part of the composite I call “Flyover State”) was briefly threatened with legal trouble.  A recent interviewee for an open faculty position asserted that he’d been blackballed because of his politics.  As I had no dog in the fight, my only thought when I first heard about it was that it’s a stupid threat — how could you possibly prove such a thing?

My second thought, which got jammed into my head via email about five minutes after the first, was: You fucking idiots.  For, you see, all the very very intelligent people in the department decided that this would be a great time to virtue-signal — and really, when isn’t a great time? — so they got on the campus listservs to insist that we “have a conversation” about “perceptions of bias,” in which, in the course of patting themselves on the back about how completely open-minded and unbiased and tolerant they all are, they unanimously agreed that of course they’d blackballed the guy because of his politics, and damn right, too — nobody to the right of Mao Zedong is welcome here.

They really ARE that dumb, y’all.  Of all the dozens and dozens of hours of “training” they make you take at a modern U — sexual harassment training, “unconscious bias” training, etc. — not once did they bring in someone from HR to explain the cardinal rule of corporate communication: Never put anything on the company email that you’re not willing to see published on the front page of the New York Times.  The rejected candidate didn’t end up pursuing her lawsuit, but I’m confident that this is only because no lawyer would take the case — being slightly smarter than professors, lawyers assume that nobody would ever be so stupid as to take written notes on a criminal conspiracy using the company email.

One wonders how many other schools, how many other times, dodged similar bullets?

Again, please note that this was many years ago.  Several “generations” of professors and administrators have come and gone since then, so naturally the dumb have gotten oh so much dumber… to the point where you’ve got the fucking Dean of Students handing out, on campus, this flyer:

Sorry for all the italics, y’all, but I can’t think of a better way to emphasize the truly flabbergasting idiocy on display here.  There’s just no way to spin this as a private individual acting as a consumer, or an academic pursuing scholarly inquiry.  This looks like the official corporate position of Oberlin College because — given the circumstances — that’s effectively what it is.

And now Oberlin is $33 million poorer.

The fallout will be interesting, to say the least.  As we’ve all noted many times, “Get Woke, Go Broke” is such a common phenomenon, we’ve got a catchy rhyming slogan for it.  As we’ve all noted equally many times, the #Woke ostentatiously don’t give a shit.  Universities are the #Wokest places in America… and they’ve all got serious cash-flow issues.  What, you think the $100K salaries of the Diversity ladies and the five cafeterias for the football team come out of the company checking account?  They use so much smoke-and-mirrors accounting, the Enron guys are getting a prison stiffie just thinking about it.  Oberlin is now claiming that a $33 million hit will effectively close the college doors… and they’re probably right.

Will the university system as a whole wise up?  I wouldn’t bet on it — like the man said, SJWs always double down.  Fascinating times ahead.  Fascinating, stupid times.

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7 thoughts on “Get Woke, Go Broke – College Edition

  1. WOPR

    Living in the state of the event and having driven through the town in question, I can tell you Oberlin was just asking to get pounded. What small town jury isn’t going to look at this case as their chance for some payback? It didn’t even require being dishonest about the case to come to that verdict. Oberlin’s attorneys had to be saying to themselves, “We get paid to defend idiots too.” If Ohio didn’t cap punitive damages, the bakery would now be owners of a very nice, former college property.

    A handful of universities might get their act together. Overall though, they aren’t going to change because they can’t change. They are like Sears. At one point they were at the top of the heap. Now they are headed to the dustbin of history.

  2. MBlanc46

    I have considerably less acquaintance with homo academicus than you, but such that I do have, over a range of institution types, indicates strongly that these people have very little grasp of how the world works off campus. They may be, or aspire to be, the world’s greatest expert on the full stop in Milton or das Problem der Ding-an-Sich bei Kant, and they may understand every last nuance of department politics, but they are clueless about major aspects of human interaction. Their entire lives unfold in a cocoon. From bourgeois homelife to leafy undergrad campus to grad school to tenure track (they hope) job at Backwater State A&M they rarely encounter real people (unless their campus happens to be next to the ghetto). Of course, these days, even the canniest of Chicago alderman (I’m looking at you, Ed Burke) discuss their bribery attempts in emails, so we shouldn’t be too rough on the degreed lackwits at Oberlin.

  3. Maus

    The Oberlin verdict is one of those rare instances that makes me proud to be a lawyer because it demonstrates that justice can be achieved by skillful and determined advocacy. Unfortunately, a money judgment is a poor proxy for true satisfaction. Here, the jury has awarded $44 million, including punative damages (likely to be reduced to $33 million by operation of Ohio law). This judgment is both too small and too large. Too small because it represents less than 5% of Oberlin’s endowment (if Wikipedia is to be believed ); so it is unlikely to inflict a well-deserved death spiral like that gripping Evergreen State or to cause as much havoc as Mizzou experienced from their foray into SJW wokeness. Too large because it will almost certainly induce Oberlin to appeal the verdict. From an economic standpoint, it would represent throwing very little additional money into the pit on the off chance of success. But, more importantly, Oberlin will feel the pressure to eliminate this legal precedent that is likely to fuel many such future cases by decidely more mercenary plaintiff’s attorneys. Indeed, the one incalcuable good arising from the verdict is the “chilling effect” it may have on other university and college adminstrators before they blithely endorse the progressive shenanigans of their students. Nevertheless, for today I will savor the dopamine hit from this rebuke to Oberlin delivered by the vox populi in the guise of that noble institution of the Common Law, the jury. In the hands of a great lawyer, it is a most excellent tool.

  4. WOPR

    After reading the Legal Insurrection tweet stream of the plaintiff’s questions and replies of the witnesses, it is obvious the attorney had to be wondering why he was blessed with this case. It was one disaster after another for the defense. It was the equivalent of a TV sales ad, only with the attorney constantly saying, “But wait, there’s more!”

    Consequence free living is not healthy for anyone.

    Not mentioned in court, but brought to light was that Oberlin students are notorious shoplifters. The school paper wrote an article on it. The author, at the end, admitted he had stolen from the same people he had interviewed.

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