Getting High on Your Own Supply [UPDATED x2]

I was fascinated to learn from Z Man’s TakiMag column (he’s got a SubscribeStar, too — how the hell does he do it?) that “narrative journalism” actually predates, or is at the very least contemporary with, the total ideological corruption of the Academy:

The new style of journalist came to the story with a narrative in mind. He was a storyteller who would provide the reader with a sense of what it was like to be in the story, at least the story the writer wanted to tell. As Munnion explained, the journalist showed up with a prepared narrative and then went around looking for people, events, and images to fill in the details. The facts were mere ornaments to decorate the story, not the point of the story.

Which explains the civilized world’s coverage of Africa, no doubt, and maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise this type of “news” coverage started there — Africa was always the most contentious and least interesting part of Her Majesty’s domains. It’s a place nobody knows much about, or wants to know much about. Even the save-the-world Peace Corps types, I’m told, never sign up for another tour of duty, so unless you have serious pecuniary interest there you endure your hitch and catch the first flight back to civilization.

I strongly suspect, then, that companies doing business in Africa have their own “news” departments, whose people are much closer to military intelligence operatives than journalists. Tim Newman’s sadly defunct blog has good stuff on his time in the oil biz in Nigeria; at some point, IIRC, he describes the kind of “fixer” (my term, not his) that greases the wheels for the White men forced to deal with African officialdom. I suspect those guys do the “news” work, too, and a lot of them probably really are ex-military, probably intel or Special Forces types, now that the “Old Africa hands” from the colonial days are long retired. These guys know what’s really going on out in the bush, insofar as that can be known, which cabals are jockeying for power, etc.

Without a monetary motive, though, “analysis” of these types of things becomes academic, by which I mean pure ideologically driven fantasy. I’ve mentioned before that there’s an entire sub-specialty in the History biz called “Labor History,” which in America is solely devoted to the question: Why didn’t the proles embrace Marxism, as is their destiny?

Minus the teleology it’s actually an interesting and important question. The Powers That Be in the Gilded Age were certainly worried about revolutionary working-class movements. Haymarket Square, the Pullman Strike, Coxey’s Army… lots of big-league people were convinced that America was on the brink of outright revolution in the late 1890s. Civil War veterans were getting a bit long in the tooth by 1894, but there were still a lot of them around, and lots of them in Coxey’s ranks. Grover Cleveland had actually called out the troops on the Homestead Strikers just two years earlier; would he have to do so again, and would Coxey’s troops shoot back?

I’m not a “labor historian,” so I don’t know the answer as to why these guys didn’t storm our version of the Winter Palace…. hahaha, just kidding, I know the answer and so do you: False consciousness, comrade!!! It’s not that Americans to this day cherish the idea of social mobility, and thus refuse to think of themselves dogmatically in Marxist class categories. It wasn’t that some of the compromises hammered out were good compromises, because everyone involved had a better nature which could be appealed to, and sometimes broke through. Nor did technological change highlight the indisputable fact that quality of life was getting measurably better, almost year by year, for just about everyone. Nor, finally, was it that there’s no such thing as History, an anthropomorphic force that controls our destiny.

No no, comrades, none of that is true. It can’t be, because that would imply that Marxism is wrong and Marxism is right by definition. Rather, it was the Capitalist class putting one over on the Workers. Antonio Gramsci figured it all out, comrades, it’s hegemony.

See what I mean? You can milk this stuff endlessly, and people do, because that’s how you get tenure. Only “original” “research” gets published, which is why the road to tenure only takes left turns. “The People weren’t Marxist revolutionaries because there’s only people, not The People, and they didn’t want to be Marxist revolutionaries” not only contradicts the Scriptures, it answers the question, meaning you can’t hold conferences and publish critical journals on “labor history” anymore. No matter how dogmatically Marxist he is, no egghead is going to put himself out of a job by actually answering the question he set out to ask. And since it’s the ivory tower, no one cares.

Out in the real world, though, one needs answers. Real, factual answers. It wouldn’t surprise me, then, to find that lots of companies, including the Big Tech ones, have intel services like the oil companies operating in Africa. We proles will soon enough be shut out of unapproved information entirely, but if you’re wired in, “private news” might well be the wave of the future.


UPDATED, just for giggles: Ace of Spades reports that the Biden campaign has “called a lid” until Thursday. Nope, no panic there!!! I mean, Joe’s already so far ahead in the polls, he can afford to take a few days off two weeks before the election.

UPDATE 2x: Some fun stuff at Ace of Spades. First, this:

Supposedly being left in Kansas City neighborhoods.

Two points here. First, and most obvious, anyone trying to carry out that threat in my neighborhood had best come prepared to be fertilizer. Second, and most important: This is good.

No, really, it is. They asked Trump if he’d concede peacefully the last time around too, remember? And they quickly dropped it, because a) it was just a keyboard commando fantasy anyway, and b) they were so sure Hillary was going to win, it was basically a joke to them.

Had they had any doubts in their minds at all last time, we would’ve seen this crap then, too. And the more doubtful they were, the more of it we would’ve seen. Please note that while I’m in no way saying this is rational  behavior, it is predictable behavior.

They’re scared shitless. You can’t look at the Left right now without seeing mass, blind, lemming-like panic. Want some more? Check this out:

I watched the video — ok, fast-forwarded through it with the sound off, because I only have so many brain cells to spare — and it’s exactly what the description says: Lunatics eating a fucking heart while dancing like retards around a burning American flag. Again, not rational — indeed, diagnosably psychotic — but predictable. It’s not oc-cult, it’s cargo cult. These pasty white freaks with the gender studies degrees are trying to propitiate their gods, begging them to banish the Bad Orange Man.

But Joe Biden really is leading by 11 in the national polls, you know! So why a ghost dance instead of a victory dance?

They’re terrified. They know they’re going down in flames, and it has broken whatever tiny fragment of brains they had left. When Trump wins again, they’ll start self-harming, which will be awesome, and when they’re through with that, they’ll fall on and purge each other.


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27 thoughts on “Getting High on Your Own Supply [UPDATED x2]

  1. AvatarPickle Rick

    It’s simply a return to old ways. The Hanseatic League, the Virginia Company, the East India Company, the Hudson Bay Company, all had private news networks and intelligence services. In the case of the Hansa merchants and the EIC, they had their own private armies and navies.

    “Journalists” are really a recent invention, and “objective journalism” never existed, being a foundational myth to stroke the egos of the schools training the future propagandists.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      All true. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the other part happened – the private army part. Why bother SWATing badthinkers when Facebook Security can bust down their doors and haul them off for real?

      (Hey, remember when “the world will be run by giant omnipotent corporations who will crush all freedom” was a Left-wing sci fi dystopia? Lots of that back in the 70s and especially the 80s. Good times. SJWs *always* project).

      1. AvatarPickle Rick

        I’d venture to say the difference between the old school companies like the EIC or the Gilded Age oligarchs like Carnegie, Morgan and their ilk is that today’s Big Corporate elite don’t put profit above politics. The board of directors of the Hansa League or the Venetian Republic (the Singapore of the early Renaissance) played politics to make profit. The Big Tech dorks played profit to make politics.

    2. Avatarurbando

      “Journalists” are really a recent invention, and “objective journalism” never existed, being a foundational myth to stroke the egos of the schools training the future propagandists.

      It sounds reasonable that the existence of “objective journalism” is a figment of the imagination or a crumb fed to our need for self-delusion. However, aside from the samizdat we are posting on here, why does the anti-leftism “objective journalism” never seem to materialize? An “objective journalism” based upon common sense, decency, and responsibility to each other would likely have some attraction, but it seems to have been absent all my lifetime, and I ain’t exactly young.

      1. SeverianSeverian Post author

        Funny, Vox Day had a bit on that just today. We’ve all remarked on it — given that Fox routinely clobbers all the other networks, and that the most outspoken conservatives on Fox routinely clobber all the others, why no more conservatives in the Media? While the Left, meanwhile, keeps chasing that marginal moonbat dollar further and further down the rabbit hole — every new program on CNN etc. is more egregiously slanted Leftward than the last.

        It’s a chicken-and-egg problem, I think. First, actually reporting the facts is HARD. And expensive. Let’s say I wanted to follow the Biden campaign around, to report on what’s really going on. The first thing they’d do is freeze me out — deny me press credentials, make me buy general admission tickets to the events, refuse to give me a seat on the bus, and so on. I’d have to do it all out of my own pocket. The news networks have that kind of money, plus they have economies of scale — the pool reporters have a bus or a plane, and they fly around together. Every news outlet kicks in, meaning they get group rates on hotels etc., so the cost of sending a reporter to cover Biden is effectively zero for them, but it would be thousands for me, and I’d have no real access anyway.

        So you’ve got to be in the club, and you have to have the money and pull to stay in the club, which means you had the money and pull to force yourself into the club in the first place. (Note that even if I crowdfunded my “follow Biden around” news trip, all he’d have to do is send event bouncers to throw me out every time. No story).

        Add to this the obvious agenda: I’m not following Biden around because I want to objectively report the news. That’s what the pool reporters are for. No, really — all you need is one guy to write “The candidate spoke for 45 minutes in Scranton, PA, today. He talked about jobs and health care.” The pool reporter changes weekly, probably daily, just to prevent burnout, because who would ever want to do that full time? If I’m hitting the road to follow Biden around, whether I’m paying for it or not, I’ve got to be really motivated — the kind of motivation glorified stenography just ain’t gonna give me.

        Take that out a step further. What’s really going on in Iraq? I remember discussing this once in Rotten Chestnuts 1.0; several vets came out of the woodwork to discuss their experiences with pool reporters. It’s hot over there, and uncomfortable, not to say dangerous. Who would endure all that just to file reports saying “Went with the 5th Mechanized Infantry to al-Bumfuq. Patrolled for three hours. No contact.” Who would pay to send that person?

        So they rely on pool reporters, and tell them to bring back something exciting. The Army’s PR guys know that, so they go find a destroyed Soviet tank from the Iran-Iraq War somewhere out in the desert, pour gas over it, throw a few captured AKs in front of it, and light the whole thing on fire. They know the reporters can’t tell the fucking difference — they wouldn’t know a T-72 from a Mazda Miata (someone told a story on here that was basically this; I’d credit you if I could recall your name, for which I apologize).

        Here too, if I go there with no resources to my name — just a crowdfunding campaign and a promise to write “the news” — the Army’s PR guys wouldn’t give me the time of day. If I could even get into the country, I’d be sitting in a hotel room writing feature stories about camel spiders and lack of air conditioning.

        So there’s no incentive to report “the facts,” even though it seems there’s a huge audience for it.

        1. AvatarSome Guy

          We took out a reporter for abc or cbs or one of those news agencies. She was like 90 pounds soaking wet and basically stood in the shade while the camera shot footage. We took them out on a joint US-Iraqi patrol during the middle of the fucking day on the fourth of July because no one was actually doing shit during the hottest part of the day. So the Iraqi patrol found some AKs laying on the side of the road, like someone would just leave guns just laying on the road in the middle of a city, and they brought them in front of the cameras and showed how useful all these joint iraq-us patrols are because we are finding all these weapons just laying in the streets. It was stupid. Also the stars and stripes, which was widely avaialble for free in theater, was publishing stories about people being brought up on war crimes charges for shooting prisoners or civilians at least a couple of times a month and somehow all these reporters never managed to catch on to all thexe newsworthy stories being handed out for free all over the base. I wonder how stupid they felt publishing bullshit PR fluff while sitting there reading these stories over lunch?

          1. SeverianSeverian Post author

            I doubt they saw any of it. I has a friend in the local Media long ago, back when I lived in a big city. He had to work tangentially with some of these diva actors – the ones who need their dressing rooms painted periwinkle blue to keep their chakras aligned. He had also worked with “the talent” from the big “news” stations in town – get ready for a shock, they were worse. If it isn’t immediately about themselves, they don’t give a shit about anything. How much worse must “the talent” be for national networks?

        2. AvatarCodex

          You should get John Wright talking about his days as a local small city paper reporter. It didn’t pay well and it was dangerous, but it’s the ideal you’re describing.

          I don’t know if that scales or not. But why shouldn’t it? T.V. probably, and poor schooling.

  2. AvatarJoseph Moore

    Data point: our daughter, all of 21 and fresh from college, decided to volunteer in Africa with the Salesian Sisters, who have long run clinics and schools there and around the world. She ended up in South Sudan, because, why not? It’s not like people are routinely shooting each other there or anything…

    Anyway: even though she worked at the school, she lived with the people who worked at the clinics. She reported that the very idea of medical statistics was laughable: the people who actually made it to medical centers for their medical problems had to be tiny; the number who were born and died out in the villages beyond any notice or reporting, large. Thus, any medical or even population data coming out of Africa is beyond suspect. Are birth rates rising? Falling? Populations growing? Shrinking? Who knows? How could they know?

    Yet, like many other statistics and trends, unavoidably made-up numbers are reported with ponderous certainty by the WHO and other propaganda sources.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      No kidding, right? That’s always been my response to the “only graph that matters” or whatever you call it, showing ginormous increases in the African population: Knee-grow, please. I know Africa from friends of friends of friends, and even I know any and all African statistics are pure fantasy.

      Hell, I know it because of the equivalent graph that Liberals used to love to wave around, the one that says something like 25% of the Sub-Saharan population has AIDS and the infection rates are growing geometrically. Doesn’t the one cancel the other out? What’s the life expectancy of a Kalahari Bushman with the booty flu these days?

      The numbers are whatever the people reporting the numbers want them to be. That’s it.

      1. AvatarThe Right Doctor

        I have personal experience with African statistics. I was in the Sinai with peace-keeping troops. We had a local, one of our cooks, with horrible diarrhea. Not the best guy to have in the kitchen, especially when we realized he had cholera. And we had the petri-dish cultures to prove it. I reported it to the authorities in Cairo, as WHO requires. It is a worldwide-reportable illness. The polite, well-spoken, fluent-in-English gentleman on the other end said, “There is no cholera in Egypt.” I told him that the pathogen in question readily grew on TCBS plates and had several other key characteristics.

        His reply was, “There is no cholera in Egypt.” When I reflected that tourism has been their major source of income probably since Herodotus’ day, I saw the light and agreed with him: There is no cholera in Egypt. QED!

  3. AvatarWOPR

    Only the flagellants can end the plague of Trump. I’ve seen Pentecostal services that are less dramatic.

    Meanwhile, Toobin gets caught whipping it out on a Zoom call.

    It would be interesting to see what someone smart and unbiased in the future will makes of all of this.

  4. Avatarcontrariandutchman

    Well, we need to figure out a way to preserve all the video evidence for the archeologists who will be pondering what happened to cause the “late plastic age collapse” as they may call it.

    As for addendum 2, good indeed, the left will shoot first and normie boomercon will in at least some cases be cured of the idea that they can be reasoned with.

  5. Avatartexinole

    RE the neighborhood warning sign:

    That is – in an extremely crowded and competitive field – the most brutally straightforward case of projection since Uncle Chuck’s manifesto. And yes, it’s a good sign. So good I give it 60/40 fake news.

    Also, given lefties project and all, they won’t merely purge themselves.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      “Fake news” was my first thought, too. But really, why would anyone bother false-flagging the Left? No matter how over the top insane you think you’re being, some actual moonbat is out there doing worse. It’s like writing for the Babylon Bee – hands down the hardest job in Current Year America. The Left is beyond parody.

  6. AvatarPublius

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know what “call a lid” means?

    Is that like, an emergency meeting?

    A campaign pause?

    Seriously, wtf is that?

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      In Biden-speak it means “no more campaign events.” So “Joe called a lid at 930 this morning” means there was stuff on his schedule, but he won’t be doing it for dementia related reasons. Or, in this case, because the Hunter shit is well and truly hitting the fan.

    2. AvatarCodex

      Perhaps from the idiom “put a lid on it” which means to stop doing or saying something, or to get something under control.

      Checking “lid” on the urban dictionary (always uneasy a making this side of brain bleach) yields…

      Slang for marijuana from Biden’s 20s for an amount of marijuana; An Aussie acronyms, and a hat or cap.

  7. SeverianSeverian Post author

    Special bonus conspiracy theory: if the Hunter stuff gets too out of hand, the DNC will call in Hillary’s cleaning service, then push hard for the sympathy vote: “that big meanie Trump hounded him into his grave!”

    1. AvatarWOPR

      I honestly thought the multiple staff members infected story was going to lead to him catching it. Meaning catching a pillow over the face. You know they have to be considering it at this point. I have to believe the only one standing in the way is his fiend of a wife, Jill. She really wants to be his puppet master.

      1. SeverianSeverian Post author

        Hunter himself better watch out for his corn hole; wouldn’t surprise me at all if the DNC offed *him*, then played the sympathy card by blaming it in Trump.

      2. Avatartexinole

        Ooooh, a Jill Biden conspiracy, that sounds fun. You’d never see her coming, but then again who was busy being good Mob Wife, thanklessly smoothing over family business while that shaved ape got all the Esquire and Vogue spreads?

    2. AvatarSouthern Belle

      Bravo! That’s exactly what will happen! I hear Russians make the best housekeepers. Of course they’ll have to get past Jill the Doberman, but nothing a good old tranquilizer dart wouldn’t fix. Any guess as to the RNC’s response to such a scenario??

  8. AvatarBadThinker

    I’d been reading some Mencken and came across this just the other day:

    “They chortled and read on when Aldrich, Boss Cox, Gas Addicks, John D. Rockefeller and the other bugaboos of the time were belabored every month, but they promptly sickened and went elsewhere when Judge Ben B. Lindsey, Francis J. Heney, Governor Folk and the rest of the bogus saints began to be hymned.”

    I sometimes wonder if ‘narrative journalism’ is simply the return of yellow journalism in a new form.

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