Happy Tax Day 2013!

Ah, April 15th, the day Americans pay our income tax to the federal government. If you haven’t filled out your tax forms already, there’s only a few hours left to do so, or at least fill out an extension.

On the years when I know I have a rebate coming to me, I like to fill out my 1040 form as early as possible to get my money back. After all, I earned it by working hard, so I’d like my money back as soon as possible. On the years when I know I’ll have to write a check out to the IRS (often addressed to the Infernal Revenue Service), I see no reason to give the government my money any sooner than is required. This normally happens when I sell a bunch of stock. Knowing that I’ll have to pay Uncle Sam for the privilege of capital gains, I take 20-25% of the stock sale and place it into a savings account, or something with a better return rate, and then until April 15th, that money earns me interest before going off to the government.

Berkeley Breathed summed up my feelings about income tax in a “Bloom County” comic from over 20 years ago. Click for the full size.

Paying taxes in Bloom County.

This year, I didn’t wait until the last minute to file my taxes: I waited until the day before to get it done. But not everyone pays income taxes in the United States, and there is a technical term for these non-tax payers: Democrats. [1] [2] [3]

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