I was asked to rush a fraternity in college.  Twice, actually.

I didn’t do it.  Part of the reason was financial — I was a scholarship kid without two nickels to rub together, and my parents, similarly nickel-less, would’ve laughed in my face if I’d asked them to pay for it.  The other part, though — at least the first time — was that I simply didn’t want to eat 50 pickled eggs while running laps at 2 in the morning, or whatever the hazing was.

They asked me again next year.  This time, though, the word had come down from on high: No hazing.  Too many liability issues.  And that’s the funny thing: I still couldn’t have afforded it, but I no longer even considered it.  What’s the point of joining a “brotherhood” that lets anybody in?

That no-hazing thing embodies one of the Left’s key insights into human nature.  Men are lost, unmoored, adrft, without any way to sort and rank themselves.  I’ve said many times that “Game” is 75% spergy bullshit, but there’s some real truth to the socio-sexual hierarchy.  Most men are Deltas — the good soldiers, the go-along-to-get-along types who are ok with just following orders, whose self-image rests on knowing their place and excelling within it.  Some men are Alphas, the natural leaders.  Others are Betas, or Gammas, or whatever you want to call them (remember: 75% spergy bullshit).  The point is this: Without some way of evaluating yourself, it’s difficult to know where you fit….

… and since “knowing where you fit” is a key part of the male psyche, the easiest way to neuter a whole group of men is to take away their self-sorting mechanisms.  Oh, we’ll find proxies — we’re problem-solvers — but none of them are as good as plain ol’ head-to-head competition in front of your peers.  Worse, proxy fights can be manipulated.  Read the comments on any “Game” blog — it’s pretty clear that most of those guys have never even seen a vagina anywhere other than on their computer screens, but because there’s no way to empirically verify one’s “notch count,” they carry on like they’re Don Juan…

…which is all part of the neutering plan, comrade.  You don’t have to be a “Game” guru to know that the worst guy to have in any organization is the loudmouth who thinks — scratch that, who knows — he’s the Alpha, but can’t get anyone else to recognize it.  When you get to haze your pledges, it’s easy to see who’s bullshitting.  Take away hazing, and it’s open season for manipulative little weasels to do their thing.  That kind of guy will gleefully burn an organization to the ground, because in his mind, that’s “winning” — if they’d only have put him in charge, none of this would’ve happened!

I was half-kidding with that whole “Sons of Valley Forge” bit… but only half.  If ever Our Thing is going to get off the Internet and out into the real world, it absolutely must develop some kind of real organization — and that organization must have “hazing.”  We don’t have to make newbies do the elephant walk or anything, but the first step to effective political action is getting our balls back… and that involves some self-sorting competition.

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5 thoughts on “Hazing

  1. Pickle Rick

    The problem is the leftist/feminists have killed off all the former male organizations that made the sorting process easier without beating each other with clubs.

    I was a United States Marine. I didn’t have to talk about how badass I was, because when the Corps was a organization that held to our old standards (male only combat arms), any other man knew what it took to earn that title. Now, they let 90 pound girls claim the respect of what we earned by artificial means, thus cheapening any former respect among men that title used to represent. They took away from men a vehicle to sort by objective accomplishments amongst other men.

    1. Nate Winchester

      What’s ironic is that as Jordan Peterson points out, the male hierarchy is an outsourced method for women to select the best mates. So – by example – if they ruin the standards with Marines, then women don’t know any more whether a Marine male is really one of the best males or not. Breaking objective accomplishments screws over women too.

      1. Pickle Rick

        Check out Martin van Creveld’s “The Culture of War”. He makes a great study of how warriors culture serves more purpose than simply the conduct of combat itself, but as a way to order society.

  2. nightfly

    One could argue that a lot of the competing concepts of honor* boils down to having ways to measure oneself among peers. This makes plain why the beta/gamma cohort both hate the ideas of honor and masculine worth, while simultaneously trying to game the system to push their status higher. Folks too into “game” think it’s all just about gettin’ a little somethin’ somethin’, but it’s obviously about more than just that, because codes of honor often involve standards that curb lust by channeling it into monogamy, and by touting self-control of one’s faculties as an achievement worthy of respect.

    * Great primer on these concepts here. On the one hand, boy, we need a website to tell us what our fathers and grandfathers used to just pass down in behavior and upbringing. But on the other hand, the need and the desire for such wisdom has never gone away, and thank God for it. So AoM is in some ways both a dreadful commentary on us while being a great sign of hope – we still have boys and young men who WANT to be men despite all the brainwashing, propaganda, punishment, manipulation (even drugging), and outright war waged against them.

    Men do need a wife – but they also need the respect and esteem of their fellows, or they will be miserable, and often will wind up also behaving quite despicably.

  3. Rod1963

    Hazing is part and parcel of some high risk jobs as well. I used to be a high voltage electrician and at my first job, i got hazed like crazy, mostly the nastiest and dirtiest jobs they could assign a noob to see if I could take it. I didn’t blame them, they had to know if I could handle the risk and crap that went with the job.

    I got hazed at another place of work as well – at a AFB working on a black project. The techs gave me a constant ration of shit to see if I could fit in. Later when management assigned women to the dept it killed the camaraderie and easy going nature. Women just poison it.

    But yeah if the alt-right wants to run with the big dogs it needs some sort of hazing to weed out the shit weasels and posers. Like you say, some sort of competition or challenge with enough stress you can filter out the people you don’t want.

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