He’s Running for President of America

Another article in which the blog-pundit class refuses to get it. Ace of Spades:

I keep saying this: the Middle Class/upwardly mobile/Professional Class sense of propriety (something they take a great deal of pride in) may be silly but many things are silly — and yet they’re still very real.

Trump is pushing a lot of the same buttons that Palin did, and creating minority of people who are intensely passionate about him, while rendering him unacceptable to a majority.

A majority of who, exactly?

Please help me remember: Are polls completely meaningless this time of year, or are they the ironclad truth?  The story changes so wildly and so often that I can’t remember what today’s gospel is.

Either way, though, Trump is not running to be President of the Middle Class. Moreover, I’m routinely informed by Mr. O’Spades himself that the Middle Class is shrinking, that their influence is waning, that “the Middle Class” is just another hocus-pocus word of the punditocracy.  He even reduced it to a slogan: And the Middle Class (TM), said at the end of every Obama or Hillary speech.

Let me say this again: The “professional class” is the problem.  “Propriety” gets you shot by some Muzzie fanatic who posts her aloha snackbar shit on Facebook as she’s gunning you down.  Or running you over with her car.  Or opening fire in a Paris theater.  Or randomly knifing you on the street, on a subway, at a community college.

The majority of America is not And the Middle Class (TM).  The majority of America is, in fact, pretty fucking sick of the “Middle Class” and their bullshit.  I would venture to say that anyone who has an opinion on Megyn Kelly’s intelligence — and Ace of Spades is some kind of Rain Man-level savant on that topic for some reason — is the kind of person the majority of Americans would urge to sit down and STFU, right now if you please.

For every member of the upwardly-mobile professional class Trump loses by his caveman shtick, he gains a redneck.  A redneck who probably hasn’t even thought about voting since 2000, 2004 at the latest.  A redneck who, if he did vote, would probably vote Democrat because he’s in a union, or is on welfare, or needs WIC cards, or thinks he can’t get health insurance any other way.

The Palin comparison, then, is absolutely false.  You can tell because Trump has never been accused of seeing Russia from his house.  Do you remember ever seeing Sarah Palin, the woman herself, on tv?  Most folks’ opinion of Sarah Palin consisted entirely of media talking points.  There was that one flubbed interview on 60 Minutes, but even that didn’t play for long.  People knew about Sarah Palin; nobody knew her.

You can’t get Trump to shut up, and you can’t get the networks to stop showing him, because Trump’s big mouth and the networks’ giant ratings are directly proportional.  Nobody needs some bottle-blonde anchorette bimbo to tell him about Donald Trump; the man himself is on tv twenty-four-fuckin’-seven.

Tl;dr: A traditional primary campaign focuses on jazzing up the party faithful.  But Trump isn’t running a primary campaign — he’s been running the general since day one.  He has skipped “the base” entirely and is preaching directly to the American people.  Liberals love to send me clips of Donald saying “I’m basically a Democrat” in some interview.  Every potential Trump voter has seen them.  And yet he leads, because that’s what “populism” means.  And it’s guys like Ace of Spades, who so disparagingly throw around the “populist” label, who seem to be the most clueless as to what it actually is.


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