How Dumb Are Liberals?

It’s not an idle question. Back in the Cold War, prudent Kremlinologists had to take the marked decline in the Politburo’s collective intelligence very seriously indeed (the old adage “never attribute to malice what is adequately explained by stupidity” is terrifying when the potentially malicious dumbasses have nuclear missiles).

There were two main reasons for the decline, both structural. The first, of course, is Communism itself. A totally ideologized society is a society totally committed to make-believe. You could fill a good-sized book listing the catastrophes make-believe caused the USSR. Just to take the most obvious: Hitler did everything but send the Goodyear Blimp over Moscow, towing a banner announcing his invasion plans. But since everyone who accurately reported the goings-on in Poland ended up in the Gulag, the Wehrmacht walked right on in.

The second has to do with the nature of totalitarian leadership. Obviously sharing power is out of the question, so every Boss who finally claws his way to the top ruthlessly purges everyone who could conceivably challenge him. The purged are replaced by yes-men and toadies, who immediately enact mini-purges of their own inside their new departments. It doesn’t take more than a few rounds of this for smarter functionaries to learn to dig themselves in very, very deep, disguising themselves in a kind of protective stupidity. A few more rounds, and “protective stupidity” drops the modifier, as anyone with anything on the ball has decamped for the safer — and, not coincidentally, very soon much more profitable — havens of technical management.

It doesn’t take long before your “leadership” is nothing but ideology-addled dimbulbs. Sound familiar?

American politics isn’t that kind of contact sport yet — soon, my Antifa pretties, soon — but one of “capitalism’s” great ironies is that it creates several different breeding grounds for the ideology-addled idiot parasites that eventually destroy it. Politics is the most obvious example, but there are lots of others. The “education” business, for instance, is little more than make-work for idiots. You’ll never get rich as a teacher, of course, but a nice middle-class salary, great bennies, a nuclear-armed union, guaranteed lifetime employment, and fucking summers off is a very sweet gig indeed. The red tape and routines and meetings, endless meetings, are infuriating to anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together, but for a certain type of person — the kind of dull, vapid, lazily malicious person who would volunteer to be a Block Warden in the USSR — it’s heaven.

Indeed, it’s not going too far to say that these types of institutions are designed to chase off anyone brighter, more honest, or more hardworking than the average member. If you haven’t had any experience with teachers or school boards lately (you lucky bastards), think back to your last encounter with Human Resources, or your neighborhood’s Homeowners’ Association. The only person who can stand to work for HR or be part of the HOA is…. well, is the kind of person who works in HR or is part of the HOA — dull, vapid, lazily malicious busybodies. They’re as lazy as they are dumb, as dumb as they are malicious. The key to dealing with them, like the Sovietologist’s key to predicting the Politburo, is figuring out which of their lovely personality traits is likely to come to the fore in a given situation.

And so, the Democrats. They’re fanatical, stupid, and arrogant, in about equal proportions. How are they going to break?

Consider the traditional Presidential “debates.” Any sane person knows that letting Biden anywhere near a hot mic is a disaster. The sane person, knowing that the Democrats can do whatever the fuck they want with the eager cooperation of both the Media and their putative “opponents” in the GOP, assumes they’re just going to cancel the debates — because COVID, or because fuck you, that’s why. It doesn’t matter what their stated rationale is — see “can do whatever the fuck they want, with the eager cooperation of the Media and Republican Party,” above. Yes, Biden is fine. No, you can’t see him. Now shut up and do as we say. Works for COVID and Global Warming, don’t it?

A sane person would do that. But the question is, what would a Democrat do?

It’s quite possible they’re dumb enough to put Grandpa Sneakyfingers, as the wonderful Ace of Spades slur has it, on the stage. No, really: Even being as generous as possible, even ruthlessly excluding, insofar as humanly possible, my own biases, there are way too many examples for me to conclude anything other than: There are lots of profoundly stupid people in high places in the Democratic Party. Over and above what you’d expect in an apparat-type organization, I mean, and — see above — that’s pretty much everybody.

There’s also, like in the Soviet Union, the apparatchik effect. They’re not outright Communists, our Liberals, but their total dominance of Media and “education” functions very much like the apparat did in the Soviet Union. Check it out:

Members of the apparat (apparatchiks or apparatchiki) were frequently transferred between different areas of responsibility, usually with little or no actual training for their new areas of responsibility. Thus, the term apparatchik, or “agent of the apparatus” was usually the best possible description of the person’s profession and occupation.

“Actual training for their new areas of responsibility” is for rubes and poor people. All Liberals are Universal Geniuses, of course, Experts Without Portfolio who instantly and effortlessly master any discipline they choose — see e.g. all the new-minted constitutional law scholars of February, who took less than 24 hours to become PhD-level epidemiologists in March, and who are now experts on urban policing. But the kind of Liberals who work on political campaigns are super-extra-mega Universal Geniuses — just ask ’em!!  Since the Media insists that ol’ Creepy Joe is fine, just fine — never better!! — and since Twitter is the only thing that’s real, ol’ Creepy Joe really is fine. Everyone they know thinks so, and everyone they know is the smartest person in the world (except for them), so….

Thanks to the apparatchik effect, ignorance slides effortlessly into arrogance, and back again. But then there’s just plain ol’ straight-up hubris to consider. Here again, giving them the benefit of all possible doubt, and putting aside, as far as humanly possible, my own biases, I have no choice but to conclude: Lots of Liberals are just fucking with us right now. Fauci and Birx want us to wear fucking goggles when we leave the house, for fuck’s sake. They take obvious, malicious joy in violating their own stupid rules in full public view.

They ban this, cancel that, mandate the other thing, all on a whim — they’re just daring us to punch back. I wouldn’t put it past them, at all, to stick doddering ol’ Sundown Joe up on stage, to slobber and meander and drift off to sleep at the podium, just because they can. Because fuck you, that’s why. It’s no more of an insult, really, then running the senile old bastard in the first place.

Take it out as far as you want. That they’re going to try to steal the election goes without saying, even without the mail-in ballot idiocy. It’s easy enough to do — see every election in Chicago, say, 1833-present. Your normal, sane, reasonable electoral criminal would only falsify enough ballots to tip a close election their way. But again, see every election in Chicago, 1833-present. They have dead people, pets, and dead people’s dead pets voting, every single year. Every single year, districts go 100% for one candidate, often with more votes than there are registered voters. Whether you want to call it stupidity, arrogance, or whatever combination of the two, I would not be at all surprised to see them going for a 50-state sweep. Frogs and scorpions, baby — they can do no other.

The reason this matters is: Forewarned is forearmed. Like Cold War Kremlinologists, our very survival’s at stake in figuring out what they’re likely to do. Pay attention. (Plus, it’ll be fun).



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24 thoughts on “How Dumb Are Liberals?

  1. Avatarganderson

    I do like my summers off, I won’t deny it, (and now I have fall, winter and spring off, too) and as you say, while you won’t get rich as teacher, it’s a decent living. I would say, Sev, that while I do agree with your general point, there are a lot of good teachers out there (arrogantly I’d include myself). The dopes are mostly concentrated in the English and History departments, although in my History department, even though many of them are semi-commies, most teachers are fair and, at least by the standards of today (I know, I know) open minded. English is by and large hopeless. One thing, and to your point, I see very few of my very smartest pupils become teachers. The smart ones go off to move piles of money around on Wall Street. but the real problem is in the army of counselors and such that schools have today. Oh, and the Union, although the locals aren’t So much the issue, but rather the state and national organizations. Guidance and special ed departments are right now, at least in my district, salivating at the opportunity for anti-racism education in the fall, assuming schools open as normal, which I don’t think they will. WHEW!

    As for higher ed, you’ve covered that adequately, but I will say (and I am privy to some inside dope) it’s unlikely any college, at least in blue states, will have kids on campus this fall.

    As for your main point, yes, we are awash in stupidity- the Kung Flu panic might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen- maybe dumber than Vietnam, although stopping the commies was not a bad idea, necessarily. The execution of that plan, however…
    And as it should be apparent to anyone who’s taken math beyond the 8th grade, (thanks, Sister Agnes Pierre) the flu is over, yet the dopes who run our lives are ratcheting up the restrictions. My college town just instituted a mask mandate for the town center, OUTSIDE!!!! Remember that a ratchet only goes one way! It’s madness, enforced upon us by idiots who can’t read and can’t figure.

    And as for the Republicans and the President… Jesus wept. Worthless almost to a man.

    Sorry for the long post, but I needed to vent- other than defy the mask order, (I know, ooooh…aren’t I brave) I’m not able to do much- too old – as the great General Melchett said, “ I’ll just have to sit this one out on the touchline with the half-time oranges and the fat wheezy boys with a note from matron, while you young bloods link arms for the glorious final scrumdown.” Except I’ve become convinced there will be no glorious final scrumdown. We’re doomed.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      I feel at least a little bad every time I dump on teachers, because I know you are one, and I know lots of them personally. Most of them are, like most people in all professions, decent folks. But the bad ones are so very, very bad — and they have such outsize influence, on both the profession and the culture as a whole — that I think the whole site should be nuked from orbit, just to be sure.

      And that’s before you consider, as I noted, that “teacher” — unlike “car mechanic” or “insurance salesman” or whatever — is set up in such a way that it positively discourages the intelligent, talented, and hardworking. Most jobs, you actually have to work pretty hard to be a core-mission-compromising fuckup. In the Ed Biz, that’s the high road to tenure… and if you’re really good at it, they promote you into the administration.

      But as we both have seen, the ‘Rona might be putting an end to all that. I know everyone in higher ed, at least, is innumerate, but the last institution I worked for has all but said they’re going to bankrupt themselves over this. If they close campus and cancel football — as a lot of them are at least making noises about doing — I doubt many of the major State Us will survive past 2021. (Yeah yeah, I know, no state government will allow the ignominy of allowing its State U to actually close on their watch. But the days of bespoke vegan meals in the dorms and on-call aromatherapists for the football team are OVER. Getting your average State U to a financial place where they can survive, unaided, on tuition and fees would require folding the campus into three or four buildings, a library, and a dorm).

      Have I mentioned yet how much I fucking love COVID-19? Now if Trump would just cancel the election and get busy being the horrible fascist dictator they insist he is, my life would be hunky-dory….

      1. AvatarAnonymous White Male

        “I feel at least a little bad every time I dump on teachers, because I know you are one, and I know lots of them personally. Most of them are, like most people in all professions, decent folks. ”

        My wife is a retired teacher, and she was one of the good ones (funny how that works…). But, saying that there are some good ones, or I know a good one, is just balm for your good one’s feelings. It’s like saying the majority of people working for the FBI are good people, or saying that the majority of union employees are hard workers. No one should make a judgement based on some individual anecdotes. It should be made on the destructiveness of the subset as a whole. There have been so many policy decisions that have used the “I know a good one!” to loot the piggybank and cripple the posterity, and deliberately so. And now we have “mostly peaceful protestors”. What next? ” I know a good COVID-19 virus!”

      2. AvatarCodex

        I went to 10 different schools growing up (Go Navy!) across the country. Mrs. S. Smith probably saved my life. Mssrs. Carrier and … Oh Lord, I have forgotten his name. But those two taught me to write. The latter allowed his students to re-write their papers and submit them as many times as wanted, and he took the time to mark them up each time. The grade wouldn’t change until and unless you Did It Right. But his students got unlimited tries. He taught me the only thing any grade is worth. Mr… Tidewater Virginia accent (Curse my wayward memory) taught me that history wasn’t just a dumb joke that goobers scared of math fiddled with. We read the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist papers and argued the case. History is open to anyone willing to dig through primary sources.

        Most of my college profs ranged from adequate (Be vewy, vewy quiet: we are hunting a dewivative!) to men like Dr. Triolo: Dante, love, beauty, and truth, (and how to properly cook Italian food from scratch.)

        And yet the pre-college schools themselves (barring one small church-school) were prisons crossed with ant hills. Lonely, ugly, unpleasant places, filled with petty tyrants and ignoramuses (We found one teacher’s Cliffs notes, hid them; and watched, with adolescent un-charity as she squirmed) and listless time-servers.

        It’s the System. Why? Read Abolition of Man.

  2. Avatarganderson

    And one more thing- a sane and sensible society would throw Fauci in the deepest dungeon and throw away the key.(or worse) I’m still waiting to contract the AIDS he said I was going to get by 1990. At least I’m not dead of AZT poisoning. And masks for me but not for thee, Tony? And you get to go to the ballgame. I don’t.

  3. Avatartexinole

    My wife, on the political awareness and engagement front, went from 0-60 after 2016 and 60-100 since covaids broke. She’s done in months what took me years in terms of the civnat-to-protoprepper ideological outlook. It’s given me insights into my own views and I’ve found the most demoralizing aspect of political awakening is not the typical cynicism one acquires from paying attention, but rather the realization that nobody knows what they’re doing, yet still have power over you. No, it goes something like this:

    1) Wait, THAT was all a lie? This WHOLE time?!?

    2) Wait, THIS thing too? You mean they lie like that ALL THE TIME?

    3) Hold on, they’re actually willing to do THAT just to have power?

    4) Holy shit, they can do whatever they want!

    [red pill ingested fully]

    5) How in the ever-loving f*ck do people keep falling for this?!?

    6) I’ve seen the enemy, and she is us.

    7) The people running everything – and their legions of supporters – are so stroke-inducingly stupid it is literally unbelievable. As in, I have daily reminders of their always worsening vapid stupidity yet are still, regardless of how much cynicism I can muster, surprised by just how vapid their stupidity can be. And they are in charge. Where can we move?

    [black pill swallowed, no water needed]

    8) Oh right, anything I do will change f*ck-all. Let’s buy some more ammo and meds and throw a steak on the grill. Might as well enjoy the tune as the ship sinks.

  4. AvatarMBlanc46

    Okay, nothing that the Dems would do at this point would shock me. They truly believe that they’re on the right side of history and that their ultimate victory is assured. And soon. As far as national electoral politics go, they are very likely correct. So, yeah, even if they are aware that Old Uncle Joe is well down the road to LaLaLand—and I’d be surprised if it weren’t the case that many of them do*—they might just stick him on stage with Trump and let the chips fall where they may, just to stick it to us. And, who knows, it might work to their advantage. Trump would almost certainly be unable to resist beating up on the befuddled old dotard, thus making himself look like the schoolyard bully beating up on the “slow” kid. That said, I’d still make a modest wager that there will be no debates. The Dems have more to lose than to win from debates, so they won’t have them. The Plague will be the excuse.

    * Agreed, bureaucracies reward mediocrity, so they are full of mediocrities. But politics is a route to power and wealth, so politics attract a lot of very clever folks. They’re often not the frontmen, but they’re behind the scenes, pulling the strings.

  5. AvatarMaus

    Sev, another masterpiece of historical analogy. You’ve expanded Hanlon’s Razor into a full shaving kit, including the bracing sting of Aqua Velva to wake us up with realpolitik. Whether it’s paranoid delusion turned up to eleven or unending streams of fantasy-based emotional poopytalk; no matter how it breaks will end in an unpleasant manner for the new kulaks, i.e. the genuinely smart set. I am reminded of the series of family dogs that disappeared during my childhood, usually shortly after events like shredded sofas or chewed carpets. My dad would announce that man’s best friend had been taken to a farm where she (they were always bitches) would be happier. It wasn’t until I was well into adulthood and my father resting in his grave that my mother told me that the happy farm was a euphemism for being put down at the pound. As you reveal, some people simply never grow up and hence cannot handle the unvarnished truth.

  6. Avatarganderson

    Sev, I don’t disagree. And you’re right about how bad the bad teachers are. Actually the sort of teacher commonly believed to be bad, say, the football coach/ history teacher doesn’t do as much damage as the terrible ideologically blinkered English teacher who thinks she’s doing a great job.

    The Directional State U’s will last longer than the many liberal arts colleges that are going to go tits up. It’s kinda like the old folks in the LTC facilities, who were compromised and picked off by Corona Chan; many of these places were in trouble already- Corona will finish them off. I’m a sentimentalist about college- the ivy covered walls, a football game on a crisp fall day, or Amherst- Williams or Ohio Wesleyan- Denison lacrosse in the spring. We’ll be better off when they’re gone, but I’ll miss them. Kinda like breaking up with the hot girlfriend who you know is no good for you, but you’ll miss… well, you know!

    Full disclosure- much of my rather lavish lifestyle comes from the payment of college tuitions- my wife is a senior officer at a reasonably prestigious liberal arts institution, one that will most likely make it through the madness.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      I’m with you. I lament the passing of all of it, though I never really got to experience it personally.

      The American educational system in 1960, at all levels, was the best in the world. I’ve said many times that the institution which gave me my PhD — respectable, but nowhere near Ivy League — would never even have admitted me as an undergrad in 1960. The university system back then had a clear division of labor, and a clear purpose for existing.

      The Ivies were holding pens for the old elite, and finishing schools for the new.

      Ditto, on a more local scale, the Small Liberal Arts College, which back then still mainly turned out ministers and other professionals but were more important for their polish than their book-learning (though that’s no slander on the quality of their education, which — see above — was almost inconceivably high by modern standards).

      Big State U and its smaller cousin, Directional State Tech A&M, were for training technicians. Their even smaller cousin, the State Normal School, was specifically for training teachers.

      At even the most bare-bones of them, though — the technician training schools — the faculty understood that they weren’t turning out mere technicians. For instance, they called it “the Art of Medicine” back then, because they meant it — a doctor had to have a fair-to-middling understanding of the human soul as well as the body, and that’s what those required Humanities courses were for. So too with lawyers, etc. While “the professions” now are certainly just mere technicians, back then they had important social functions in their communities. Did they need to read Milton to treat your whooping cough? Of course not. Did they need it to be doctors, as opposed to medical technicians? Absolutely.

      I consider it my great good fortune to have experienced some of the last of that generation of teachers, in college and — amazingly — a few still in high school (I’m not that old). The difference isn’t so much in the level of learning, but the attitude. A “normal school” grad of 1970 probably had about the same level of book learning as a normal school grad of 1960. But the 1970 grad was most likely infected with “self-esteem.” The 1960 grad would’ve had it pounded into her head that the children come first; her students’ successes are her own. The 1970 grad approached teaching like it was a calling. She might be a great teacher, she might be terrible, or anything in between, but the job — if you must be so gauche as to call it a “job” — is ultimately all about her, her satisfaction, her self-esteem.

      There’s a reason that Goodbye, Mr. Chips, a gooey sentimental story of a life well lived in quiet obscurity when it was written in 1933, was turned into a splashy musical in 1969.

  7. AvatarPickle Rick

    “our very survival’s at stake in figuring out what they’re likely to do. Pay attention.”

    The problem with this eminently sane advice is that our enemies don’t have a book or a doctrine to adhere to, and provide a rough idea for intelligence gathering and assessment. They’re unpredictable in that there’s no real plan or direction other than “destroying everything normal”- in that we have no idea where, when, or what the next target will be, because our enemies often don’t know. One would think that destroying the economy would not sit well with the Leftist Woke Oligarchs, but that’s precisely what the state governments did…

    Our other main disadvantage is of course that our putative “leaders” in the Republican Party are just as stupid, arrogant and part of the nomenklatura as their Democratic masters. They’re not interested in defeating an enemy but fighting for scraps from their table.

    Until we get an elite dissident patron, who can lead, fighting them is doomed, it’s simply a question of living under occupation. Resisting means simply being free in our own minds, for now. Keeping a small space in our hearts to someday reclaim our land. Think Poland, from 1771-1918, and again from 1939-1989. In all those years, Poland remained a dream in the hearts of Poles, and that cruel torment forges something hard in a people. We’ve had it far too good for far too long, and the hard times will come and hopefully forge a strength to create anew, when our enemies eventually destroy themselves.

    1. AvatarWuhan Luke

      I have to disagree a bit Mr.Rick, the leftoids are predictable to a T. They attack anything that is coherent. What is less predictable is what coherent institution piques their interest, much like predicting which organ a metastatic cancer will show up in next. Only when the press telegraphs the direction can one make a reasonable guess.

  8. Avatarcontrariandutchman

    Since much of the democrat “leadership’ is blisteringly stupid, a major question seems not what they will do but how they will botch it. Since botch it they will.

  9. AvatarFrip

    Holy crap. You think Sev finally quit. So you stop checking in after a while. Then when you do. You see he’s posted 4 freaking times. lol

  10. AvatarMBlanc46

    Well said, PR! I won’t live to see our land liberated, if it ever is, but I can go to my grave with the dream still alive that future generations will accomplish the task.

    1. AvatarPickle Rick

      It’s up to you what you can teach the next generations before the day comes when you go. What you learned, you leave behind you when you go. In that, you leave a legacy.

  11. AvatarSouthern Belle

    Great article! How dumb are liberals? I hope they’re dumb enough to saw off the limb they’ve crawled out on. If not, we’re in for a bumpy ride, so buckle up.

    On another note: When at University, I attended a lecture by a psychologist whose topic was “Strive for Mediocrity” because, she posited, that being perfect was impossible to achieve so why have that stress. What happened to being good at what you do?

  12. AvatarWOPR

    They are laying the groundwork to either deny any voter fraud or to claim an illegitimate election depending on if they are able to herd Sundowner Joe to across the finish line. They Dems and NeverTrump wargamed four scenarios. Everyone resulted in street violence. Podesta, playing Biden’s handlers, had the west coast seceding if Trump wins. This isn’t going to end well.

  13. AvatarMBlanc46

    I’m doing what I can, PR. I’m fortunate enough to remember the US when it was a serious country that did serious things. I try to pass along as much of that vision as I can to those who never saw it.

  14. Avatarjames wilson

    How dumb? The question might be instead how smart to liberals have to be to believe in something so stupid. As Saul Bellow put it, a great deal of intelligence may be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.

    1. AvatarPickle Rick

      I don’t think our enemies are stupid. They simply made a choice when they were young to play for a team, so to speak. They’re groomed to mouth the Party Line, whether they believe in it or not. Truth is unimportant when you’re a careerist or a nomenklatura

  15. AvatarMBlanc46

    PR: It’s also relevant that, from the time that they were in romper suits, all the Great and the Good—their parents, their teachers, their pastors, if they have them, the politicians, advertising, their friends—have been pushing the nurturist, equalist line. It takes a pretty cantankerous person to resist that.

  16. AvatarMBlanc46

    PR: Have you ever considered that your rebelliousness is an in-born personality trait, rather than, say, the result of rational assessment? Possibly at least partially hereditary. I’ve certainly considered that that might be the case with me. I wonder what others here—most of whom, at least, are rebellious—think about that.

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