How It All Ends

Since this seems to be generating a lot of discussion, here’s my take on how our world ends: Not with a bang, but a whimper.

There will be no revolution, only confused guerrilla violence between hostile ethnic groups — “Yugoslavia on steroids,” as Pickle Rick puts it.  I doubt any but a massive, nearly instantaneous economic collapse will cause widespread, major, tanks-rolling, air-strikes violence.  I’ve been predicting national socialism — small n, small s, but definitely featuring the secret police and marching armbands — here in America for going on a decade now (seriously – check the archives!).  I foresee a slow(-ish) motion collapse of the economy, to which “nationalize everything!” will be the knee-jerk response.  It’ll even be the knee-jerk reaction of white people; it’s the default response of Enrichment-Americans, who love them some big government in direct proportion to their inability to operate one.

That’s not to say there won’t be lots of widespread minor violence, though, with lots of rural areas rapidly becoming “Indian country” to La Presidenta por Vida Ocasio-Cortez’s mercenaries.  The problem there, though, is lack of leadership.  I need to clarify what I mean by this.  Here’s contrariandutchman:

You dont need leaders to have a (civil) war. Indeed, usuallyt takes having great leaders to -avoid- major (civil) war.

An Otto von Bismarck could for 2 generations avoid major war in Europe, and by extension the world, while also mostly keeping the peace at home despite severe social stresses in a rapidly industrializing and urbanizing society with deep religious divisions. Lesser men then fumbled their way into a massive war and revolutions they didn’t want yet didn’t know how to avoid….

…And lets not forget that before the US civil war Robert Lee was noted as a competent officer but he had never commanded anything larger then a regiment, and that not even in battle. The civil war allowed his talent as a general to show, without it he would have remained a colonel, respected by his fellow officers but forgotten to history. Today there are no doubt men in the US who similarly have talents that can only be revealed when the hour has arrived.

I agree (with qualifications) with the first part, disagree with the second.  The qualifications to the first part: Europeans clearly wanted a major war, just as Americans in the 1850s were openly longing for a civil war.  They didn’t like the war they got, of course, but there’s a reason that the Zeus of the Copybook Headings is: “Be careful what you wish for.”  A towering statesman like Bismarck could hold back the tide for a few years, a few decades even, but it was going to happen soon enough, for the reasons CD cites — rapid industrialization and urbanization.  No American leader was at Bismarck’s level — the best we could do was Stephen A. Douglas, who prevented the war breaking out in 1850, only to be the proximate cause of it breaking out in 1854.

(That’s the usual pattern with these things.  Absent very strong, Bismarckian leadership at the top, hair-splitting weasels like Stephen Douglas take functional control of the government.  Britain bumbled into umpteen wars and crises when Dizzy and Gladstone were out of office (and lots more when they were, alas).  Look at Current Year America — Donald Trump is the President, but it’s pretty clear that our real rulers are Adam Schiff, Peter Strzok, and a few Hawaiian judges).

Speaking of Schiff, Strzok, and the Hon. Tyne E. Bubbles, they’re the reason that the crisis will a) happen sooner than anyone thinks, and b) be dumber than anyone can possibly imagine.  These people are terrifyingly stupid.  It’s obvious, for example, that Schiff planned this whole “impeachment” farce around the assumption that Trump wouldn’t release the transcript.  Actually, it’s worse that that — the idea that Trump could release the transcript never even crossed his tiny little mind.  It just struck him as a good idea in the moment, and just… kinda… went with it.  And he’s a fucking Mensa member compared to the likes of AOC, who is merely the vanguard of the Marching Morons.  Compared to the Democrats’ bench, Dwayne Hector Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho is Bismarck.

My guess as to the actual precipitating event — some minor civil disturbance followed by a gross, and grossly stupid, overreaction by La Presidenta por Vida’s security forces.  As I (and Pickle Rick, and others) have said many times, at least your old-school panzer commander was qualified to command a panzer.  Today all our tanks are crewed by 5’2″, 200 lb lesbians cosplaying as Erika von Mannstein.  Imagine Karen, who insists on speaking to the manager, has heavy artillery and air strikes at her disposal.  That’s America’s brave new gays, girls, and trannies armed forces… if not now, then by next week.  Get between one of these psychotic hose beasts and her double-whip, extra-hot, foamy soy frappucino latte, and hello Tiananmen Square.

Such is my qualified agreement to the first part.  As for the second — “the Civil War brought talented guys to the fore” — that’s my point: There are no talented guys out there.  None under age 40, anyway, and precious few who aren’t eligible for social security.  The younger generation is too pozzed, too iCrap-addled and soy-enfeebled, to produce any kind of leadership.  La Presidenta por Vida’s security forces will get their asses handed to them every time they venture into Indian Country…. provided the Indians are still stocked with Metamucil, and only so long as their mobility scooters can outrun a dyke-commanded panzer.

The only flashpoints of serious violence, I argue, will be in the inner cities.  Pickle Rick wagers “that Jamal and Tre [will] be eating each other inside a week after the Piggly Wiggly runs out of malt liquor and canned food,” and I agree.  Remember that horribly, horribly racist story going around after Hurricane Katrina, that the homies were cooking and eating each other inside the Superdome?  There’s a reason that rumor got around.  Black people know better than anyone what will happen to them if Whitey isn’t around to keep the lights on.  They’re quite open about it.  It truly would not surprise me to hear that, after President Warren’s Green whatever tax brings the world economy to a crashing halt and the food riots start, Col. Karen of the 101st Bitchy Haircut Brigade ordered a nuclear strike on Baltimore. That’ll teach ’em to get uppity.

So… yeah.  The future?  Imagine an Ugg Boot stamping on a White face, forever.

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5 thoughts on “How It All Ends

  1. Pickle Rick

    I live in Indian country, 95% white. There might be enough young hellraisers out here to learn from an old war dog like me, once the iPhones get shut off and the Walmart closes…

    Getting hungry tends to focus the mind. To our esteemed host- Everything isn’t lost. I’ve definitely dealt my share of realism here, I think that the American Empire is destined for slow motion collapse, but the core nation won’t. And that might be the best result for us in the long run, to be shorn of our hubris and our international entanglements. And remember this little map. realism

  2. contrariandutchman

    Well, we can certainly agree that the likely cause of the balloon going up will be some triviality that the idiots in charge contrive to turn into a war. Once presidente eterno Ocasio-Camacho has reorganized the fbi along proper intersectional lines all thats needed is a wrong pronoun.

    Lot of “indian country” on that map.

  3. Martinian

    I don’t see anything even approaching a “hot” war until the Left seriously attempts and succeeds in confiscating firearms. These people are fundamentally cowards and bullies, and as such they will not engage in a real fight unless they’re sure they can’t get hurt.

    At the same time, if there does end up being anything “hot”, even on a sporadic, Guerrilla-type scale, it won’t be the Left that encourages it. One might point to Antifa as a counterexample, but per my previous point, they operate only where they’re sure they won’t pay any serious consequences, legal or physical. Yet even if you guaranteed total legal immunity for Antifa everywhere, I doubt it would take off in the face of a resistance that was willing to shoot in defense.

    But that’s all that will be needed, i.e., the “precipitating event” won’t be prelude to a military roll-out, but to a *lawfare* roll-out. This is the lesson of the Obama years up to the present; look at the way they’ve managed all their big political stunts — Trayvon, Ferguson, BLM, Charlottesville, MAGA-cap kid vs. Indian, any mass shooting, etc. They will engineer media flashpoints not to fan into a roaring fire of extermination (since that would create martyrs and a focal point for resistance, not to mention imminent danger to their own soft, comfortable lives), but in order to justify a more-in-sadness-than-in-anger procedural suffocation of any/all individuals with the slightest ties to any implicated individual or philosophy. No one will be actively killed — they are sincere at least in their need to maintain moral superiority — but WrongThink people will be persecuted legally and mercilessly frozen out of any means of providing for themselves, so the powers that be can wash their hands and say they did it to themselves (cf. China social credit).

    This is why I’d argue that Zman lately is 100% correct is stressing how those of us who are not indifferent to the current mainstream secular-liberal Disney-fied cult of Grrl Pwr Globo-Hom, need to focus on building our own institutions and fostering our own tight-knit communities. Because when the rubber meets the road, your friendly next-door neighbor who actually doesn’t know you from Adam is going to choose his WiFi connection and access to streaming services over thinking twice about why they’re cutting off your electricity and revoking your driver’s license. Online Cancel Culture and Platform Banning are the template for real life, and they don’t need a war to make it happen.

  4. Publius

    You don’t need a generation of leaders.

    You need a few leaders in a generation.

    I know it looks like All iBabylon, All the Time, but I also work in the Indoctrination Industry, and the zoomers have more sense than they’re credited with. Show them that 2 and 2 don’t make 5, and they’ll retain it.

    As for Indian Country, the deeply pozzed military won’t be able to function without the country that provides its impedimenta. If we couldn’t shut down the Taliban in 18 years, with no way for them to actually degrade our infrastructure, no way does the TransPink RageBots hold onto to I-80 forever. It’s like you said: the Puritans couldn’t maintain their fury much past Salem.

    And with the Financial collapse, no free money for immigrants means TriBecky won’t be able to recruit Jose to fight Indians forever. When the U.S. becomes a failed state, we won’t need a Wall anymore. Except to keep out the Mexican Army, which won’t work.

  5. MBlanc46

    Slow-motion(ish) collapse of the economy. I sure don’t know that that won’t be the way that it plays out. I read somewhere that the total global debt is in the neighborhood of $270 trillion. That’s a lot of debt. It will never be paid off. The interest won’t even be paid if rates ever return to historic levels. Therefore, rates can’t return to historic levels. Therefore, low rates and even more borrowing. Perhaps this situation can persist for decades. Or, perhaps, one day soon, quite unexpectedly, the debt collector shows up. Black Thursday. And the bankers have lost the means to re-inflate the economy because they’ve already exhausted those means just keeping it turning over. Could happen. In which case, it will be a free-for-all.

    Metamucil and mobility scooters? Sounds as if you’re thinking that the rodeo may begin before I’ve checked out. On the one hand, I really share Mme B’s desire to play out the string in relative, peace, quiet, and comfort. On the other, I’m of the “revenge is the sweetest thing in life” school, and there are a lot of folks for whom vengeance is richly deserved. I’m keeping a list. Don’t worry, nothing on paper.

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