Huh: Trump is a 4-Dimensional Chess Master, Too!

Niccolo Machiavelli wrote a book On the Art of War that’s worth reading (everything Machiavelli wrote is worth reading, if only for the prose), but it’s more instructive to remember the followup.  Soon after it was published, one of Italy’s condottieri decided to teach Machiavelli a lesson.  He invited the author to try out his book’s theories with an actual army out on maneuvers, and… well, it’s obvious how that turned out: Machiavelli made a hash of it.  I can’t remember the condottiere‘s quip as he straightened the situation out — as this was the Renaissance, I assume it was brilliant and cutting — but that, too, is obvious: Something along the lines of “leave the real-world stuff to the experts, egghead.”

Speaking of eggheads, I see the exact same fightin’ fightin’ keyboard warriors who were so ready to criticize dumbass ideologue Professor Obama for his profoundly stupid military decisions are spinning elaborate rationalizations for Trump’s profoundly stupid military decisions.  Remember how, back when, all the Lefties insisted that the stupid shit Obama did was actually brilliant, and you’d understand it if you could see 1,000 moves ahead like He can?

You all are doing that now.  Don’t do that.

All of you were quick to assure us that obvious bad guy and confirmed chemical weapons user Saddam Hussein must have WMDs, because hey, he’s an obvious bad guy with a well-known record of using chemical weapons.  But now, somehow, obvious bad guy and confirmed chemical weapons user Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons must be a false flag, because Trump wouldn’t be so stupid as to get us into another Middle East war…. because that’s the kind of thing an inexperienced egomaniac who’s in way over his head would do.  You know, a guy like Obama.

Yes yes, Vladimir Putin is one devious sumbitch, and the Israelis are worse, and the Neocons are Satan’s own jock sniffers.  We’ll take that as read; you don’t need to send me a 5,000 word caps locked missive.  And I take a backseat to no man in condemning the US military leadership and their jihad-induced priapism.  If a dorky nobody like Evan McMullin could get himself a Presidential bid with a quick junket to Baghdad, imagine what a real hot war could do for one’s career!  But none of that lets Trump off the hook, let alone proves he’s some kind of Obama-style n-dimensional chess master.

It’s pretty simple, y’all:  The best explanation for a bad guy using chemical weapons isn’t some elaborate conspiracy theory about Israelis, Russians, and false flags.  The best explanation is: A bad guy with a record of using chemical weapons used chemical weapons, because he’s a bad guy.  The best explanation for an amateur making the kind of mistakes an amateur who’s in way over his head makes is: He’s an amateur who’s in way over his head.

Occam’s Razor doesn’t just apply to Democrats, you know.

3 thoughts on “Huh: Trump is a 4-Dimensional Chess Master, Too!

  1. Actually have been surprised at the severity of the blowback among PDJT supporters. The DOOM is everywhere,even among writers I’ve come to greatly respect. We’ll see. The ME is and always has been a gigantic sucking pustulous hole where good men and ideas go to die. “…and the NeoCons are Satan’s own jock-sniffers.” Thank you,that line alone made my day.

    • The severity of the blowback is another data point. “He betrayed us!!!” Did he? Or is it just that presidentin’ is hard, as we used to say whenever the Left had a similar reaction to Obama “selling them out.” And just as the fightin’ fightin’ nutroots made their peace with Obama keeping Guantanamo open… and continuing all of Bush’s wars… and starting several additional wars… and basically being George W. Bush in every meaningful way, so, too, will the folks who call Trump the “God-Emperor” soon discover that bombing Syria was the right move, because mumble mumble mumble reasons.

      Meanwhile, it’s interesting to see just who’s advancing the “bombing Syria is actually a super-genius move 500 steps ahead of the competition” thesis. It’d be very interesting to see who they actually voted for, and it’d be extremely interesting to troll back through their Twitter feeds and whatnot, looking for the words “never Trump.” I have my suspicions how that’d turn out….

  2. i have also enjoyed the talking points Trump’s true believers have been using to explain what Trump “should do” to North Korea. It amazes me how many armchair generals there are. And, of course, they don’t really know anything, but they will repackage some neocon “pundit’s” dogma verbatim.

    I will give Trump the benefit of the doubt, to a degree. Claiming he is Hari Seldon and makes decisions a millinenium in advance is just as annoying as claiming the gay mulatto is the smartest person in the room or that he was a bad president because he was “too smart”. People have to believe in THEMSELVES. That’s why you get such laughable excuses to explain their hero’s mistakes. They have invested a lot of emotional energy and hot air in supporting these politicians.

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