Idle Hands

For anyone who grew up during the Cold War, reading the news these days is like your first time getting stoned.  Everything’s fine, nothing’s happening, and then…. what the hell?  Wait wait wait… the cloak-and-dagger goons are the good guys now?

For the benefit of younger readers: Back when the USSR was a going concern, the Left spent a great deal of time excusing Commies’ behavior Scooby Doo-style — they would’ve gotten away with it, were it not for those meddling kids!  The Reds’ hearts were in the right place, of course, but gosh darn it, the CIA insisted on interfering with spontaneous sovereign people’s movements, and that’s why the Marxist guerrillas invariably had to massacre all those peasants.  It was pretty much an entrance exam for NGOs back in the days — if you couldn’t find a way to blame the excesses of, say. Kim Il Sung’s torturers on Ronald Reagan, you couldn’t get a job at Amnesty International.

Naturally, then, all correct-thinking people hated the CIA and their domestic Mini-Me, the FBI.  Those two organizations used to show up at college job fairs, and a good way to meet easy girls was to drop in on the inevitable protests.  Slap on a Che t-shirt (available at the campus bookstore, natch), do a Ricardo Montalban impression while saying “Sandinista,” and let the magic happen.  Don’t forget to stop by the Emma Goldman clinic for some free rubbers on your way back to her dorm room!

Gosh I miss the good old days, but whatever, the point is, watching groovy antiques like Nancy, Bernie, and Hillary telling me to trust the black helicopter guys is like watching Bruce Jenner in drag — you’re embarrassed for him, and scared of his enablers.  Listening to them screech about Russia like the most paranoid Reaganaut is so weird, I can’t even come up with an analogy.  Yo, guys, THIS

was your idea, wasn’t it?  Just like it was you guys calling the FBI the American Gestapo all those years?  Hello?  COINTELPRO?  Remember that?  Hello?  Is this thing even on?

It’s tempting to write off the Left’s newfound love of the mirrored-sunglasses crowd as merely instrumental — they’ve got the dirt on #OrangeManBad, and we all know that if Adolf Hitler’s zombie corpse showed up waving around some Ukraine phone call hearsay, they’d start hailing the Fuhrer himself as a true American hero.  But I don’t think it’s that (or just that).  Rather, it’s all about idle hands.

The FBI et al are actually doing something.  Doing it poorly, it goes without saying, but still.  The Left have painted themselves into a corner here these last few years.  The end result of their elaborate victimology — the “progressive stack,” in their fugly jargon — is to completely paralyze anyone who buys into it.  Since all the conflicting identities in their coalition

  • conflict with each other;
  • change without notice;
  • and are all impossible anyway,

any action any Leftist takes is bound to get xzhym in hot water with someone, so all they can do is shriek… and not even very much of that, since they know better than anyone that whatever they accuse Trump of doing, they themselves have done / are doing on a much larger scale.

So the Left is forced, by and large, to sit on their thumbs.  Blaise Pascal said that “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”  That’s where the Left is now.  They can’t sit quietly, but they can’t do anything, either, so they project all their hopes and dreams onto the worst collection of swollen-headed bunglers ever assembled, because — and only because — the said knuckleheads appear to have some freedom of action.

I hope Comey, Strzok, et al enjoy their brief moment in the sun.  San Fran Nan and the rest don’t realize it yet, because they can’t, but theirs is the last group of white folks who will have any influence in the Democratic Party.  When the Donks get back into power, one of the first things they’ll do is replace the existing security forces with their own people — meaning, much much browner people.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell y’all what happens to the former state’s machinery of repression once the revolution gets power, but I hope for their sake that whatever crop of FBI goons is assigned to this page look it up….



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10 thoughts on “Idle Hands

  1. Pickle Rick

    I was in middle school when the Eastern Bloc and then the USSR imploded, so my personal experience was colored by being a young teenager in the Rust Belt’s lenses. By the time I got to college, politics was a spent force, being in the interregnum between the end of the Cold War and the beginning of the Endless War in 2001.

    At this point, from the perspective of Our Thing, we need to understand that the “intelligence” community has been politicized since the inception of the FBI and the OSS/CIA. Both drew and draw recruits from the elite universities and elite families. They’re serving whatever master promises to keep them in charge, and Trump threatens that (however weakly, half heartedly and naively- Mustache Guy or Uncle Joe knew how to purge correctly). Their loyalty is to their class and privileges, not to country, people or the CivNat’s sacred Constitution, and it never was. They’d have eaten Reagan alive, if the Democrats had offered them a better deal.

    As for Russia, that’s an interesting model for a post-imperial renaissance. The Soviet Empire was weakened by the strains of trying to hold and expand a worldwide presence, as a universal ideology rather than a nation state. A post Soviet Russia, by necessity, had to revert to Russian nationalism with regional, not global, priorities. That in turn meant that the energies of Russians were turned to benefiting Russians.

    When we lose our global empire, after our humiliation, the rebuilding process will begin.

  2. MBlanc46

    Perhaps it’s more a matter of the federal government now being pretty much taken over by the Left. Back when, as the Left saw it, the federal government was controlled by the evil capitalists and imperialists, the Left hated it and all its agencies. Now that they feel it’s theirs, they love it and all its agencies, and are happy to see its bully-boys go after the Bad Orange Man and his legions.

    1. Pickle Rick

      The Left, with the acquiescence of the Establishment right, created all those agencies. From Roosevelt’s FBI and OSS to Kennedy’s DOJ to Johnson’s CIA, the Left forged everything we despise today. There’s no institution, including the beloved “military heroes”, they haven’t control of or have broken to their will. They didn’t take it over, they made it. None of the permanent administrative parallel state was ever ours. Until we can actually muster the balls to demand it be abolished and dismantled instead of reformed, it will continue to rule us.

      1. Severian Post author

        If you really want to see Conquest’s Law* in action, look no further than the CIA / FBI. I really doubt many of the painfully earnest young Yalies and Harvardians flooding into Johnson’s CIA, Hoover’s FBI, etc. were “Leftists” or even Liberals, in any sense contemporaries would’ve recognized. But they were do-gooders and save-the-worlders, who thought there’s nothing some American firepower, properly directed — meaning, directed by them — couldn’t solve.

        Their apotheoses were John F. Kennedy and Robert McNamara. JFK — a right wing cowboy warmonger maniac by modern standards — actually had the balls to say that “just because a man is a general doesn’t mean he knows anything about military strategy.” Forget the myths that the Media and Academy keep pushing — Kennedy ran as a rabid hawk (missile gap, anyone?) to outflank Richard Nixon’s longstanding anti-Red credentials.

        McNamara was a supply pogue in the Chair Force in WWII. A pretty good supply pogue, apparently, but a slide-rule-and-spreadsheet dork for all that. He and his band of “happy little hotdogs,” as the Pentagon brass called them, thought they were “communicating” with Ho Chi Minh via their bullshit pinprick airstrikes. They really did, and all the earnest do-gooder goobers in the CIA who were actually in country backed them up on it.

        Pretty soon the whole point of our Southeast Asian adventures — and there really WAS a point, once — became “using Vietnam as a sandbox to try out all our cute new theories about war, politics, life, and everything.” And it would’ve worked, too, if those dumb fucking grunts and their frustratingly elusive enemies hadn’t kept screwing it all up by fighting and dying out there in the swamp.

        Again, none of this is even “Liberal,” let alone Leftist. These guys all saw themselves as crusading anti-Communists. It’s just that Apocalypse Now wasn’t a movie — you really could do whatever the hell you wanted out there, provided you were CIA. That kind of power has ruined far better men than Slade Jackington van Pelt VI, Harvard ’65. Once you’ve given a guy like that a few Green Beret teams to play around with….

        …and then they brought that attitude home, and here we are.

        *Any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right wing will, over time, become actively left wing.**
        **There’s a Severian Corollary to this one, too: So will the explicitly and constitutionally right wing ones — often faster and worse than “neutrals.”

        1. WOPR

          In Patriot Games, there is a scene where Harrison Ford comes in to watch, via satellite, a special forces team take out a terrorist camp. The guys you are talking about are exemplified by the guy standing there taking a sip of coffee, watching a baddie get knifed, and blandly saying, “That’s a kill.” The movie has Ford shooting him a slightly horrified look.

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  4. MBlanc46

    PR: During my Lefty student days, back in the 1960s and early 1970s, my comrades and I certainly didn’t think that the Feds were on our side. Not that we had much contact with the FBI or CIA (although it did turn out that one of the local Chicago radicals was an undercover agent). We did have encounters with the CPD “Red Squad”, however, and we knew they weren’t our friends. The real commies, the CPUSA and their ilk, weren’t exactly coffee-klatching with the FBI, either. It is the case that, at least during the Cold War, there was a foreign policy consensus between Dems and Repubs that the Commies had to be contained. To that extent, the (allowed) Left was on board with the spooks. Today, with corporate American fully committed to the SJW agenda, the Left and the elites are almost one. We shall see how long that will last, as it appears that the billionaire class, at least, are showing signs of unease with the anti-billionaire attitudes of the leading Dem presidential candidates.

  5. MBlanc46

    I have not read that book. In general, I have avoided reading about that period. It was a very fraught time (like the present, only more so) and I’ve preferred to not pull the scabs off old wounds. However, I shall add that to my reading list. Perhaps an objective view to which to compare my (fading) subjective memories.

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