If I Were a Democrat …

Inspired by Bob Parks’ Black History Month and Bill Whittle’s Pin the Tale on the Donkey.


hillaryshoppedAs an aside, on a related note, it looks like the old College pic of Hillary with the Confederate Flag on the shelf is a fake (would NOT surprise me if it were faked by democrats to dupe free-speechers into posting it to discredit them). But no matter. It really isn’t needed to get the point across.

The Obama pin that’s been circulating is probably a fake as well, and I would bet that the Hillary “H->” pin was created to capitalize on the controversy too. But neither is needed to get the point across.


Probably a fake



Likely a fake as well.


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One thought on “If I Were a Democrat …

  1. Robert S Moulds

    So Hillary Clinton’s million pairs of confederate sandals for her 2016 election bid are fake. Meaning she really means it when she said the confederate flag belongs nowhere in America. and not election nonsense. It is to distract from the real issues around the church killings failure to enforce gun control murder should not be able to get a Glock 43 but did so. Despite dropping out school, drug addiction and trouble with the law FBI slip up. That America has a drug problem. that America has a public school problem, That they are broken homes, hate web sites and when it is obvious their is a danger neither the parents nor roommate called the police. That Americans are foolish enough to blame an Americanized St Andrews cross fallowed by other confederate flags even the Bonnie blue ignoring the union having 400,000 to the confederate 2,100,000 slaves. But like nomads of the Bible cast our sins on a goat hoping and failing to wash of our sins whether it lives or is eaten by lions.

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