If It Were True, Part II

If any of this is even half true, expect a wave of “suicides,” “accidents,” and “sudden vacations” to engulf the DC area today and tomorrow. We’re talking passenger-train-crash levels of “unexpected” mortality.

This is one of the main ways you know a conspiracy theory is, in fact, a conspiracy theory — it requires adamantine discipline from people who, by definition, are the kind of disloyal opportunistic scumbags who would sign on to be footsoldiers in such a sordid conspiracy. You’d expect people like Huma to go down — heh! — with the ship, but lots of low-level folks should be brushing up on their Espanol para Fugitivos right about now….

If it were true.

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4 thoughts on “If It Were True, Part II

  1. The Bagman

    In just the last twenty four hours, Mike Cernovich (who seems an order of magnitude more resistant to conspiracy thinking than I am) has been talking about sex cults. And now this.

    It’s the current year. Is ANYthing too crazy?

    1. severian Post author

      Not really. The Z Man talked about this the other day. You see this kind of stuff in pre-revolutionary situations — nobody believes the Official Word, but nobody’s thinking the unthinkable yet, so lots of people believe anything… and even those of us who try not to believe anything believe anything’s possible.

      I gotta tell you, it’s fascinating from an academic history perspective. Like being there to see the last legions pulling out of Britain, or the rise of Hitler. End of an era.

  2. JTwig

    My thought is that it seem to good to be true (at least for Trump supporter, not the children it is rumored to have happened to), which we all know means it is. Its nearly 3:30 PM on Friday, and the two most reptuable websites to have anything on it is Infowars and Biebart.

    I’m torn on wanting this to be true or not. On one hand I’d love to see Hillary and her people go down like this, but on the other for this to be true some children had to experience some truly horrible things.

    1. severian Post author

      Yeah, there’s just no way it’s true. But as the Bagman pointed out, above, this year ANYthing seems possible. That in and of itself should be driving any decent American to drink: “Half of my countrymen are saying ‘let’s wait and see’ on evidence that a Presidential candidate is a Satan-worshiping child molester.”

      Pass the vodka.

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