If there is Hope, It Lies in the PUAs

The colonies were paradise until White women showed up.

That’s what all the Old Hands said in the 19th century, and if you think about it for a second, it’s obvious.  Going East of Suez was more or less a life sentence.  Retiring to a nice country house back in dear old Blighty was the standard-issue dream, but it almost never came true — and everyone knew it.  You went to India knowing you’d die there — You went, so your brothers wouldn’t have to.  Life in those circumstances, surrounded by likeminded men, is a blast.  Ask anyone who has spent time in a war zone.

But, of course, the Raj wasn’t a war zone for long.  The Mutiny took care of that, so much so that guys actually started coming home at the end of their tours.  Word leaked out about how the Ruling Caste lived over there, and all of a sudden Calcutta harbor was home to “the fishing fleet,” the boatloads of single girls that arrived each spring determined to snag themselves a husband.  Think about that for a second — take the kind of girl who doesn’t have the looks or connections to get married back home, then plop her down in a situation where she’s the only White woman in a thousand miles.  Give her an army of servants, a basically unlimited budget, and the whole power of the State enforcing her whims.  Is it any wonder social relations got so awful so quickly?  The burra memsahib was a staple of Imperial fiction for a reason.

Social Media has created an entire generation of burra memsahibs right here at home.  As the Z Man puts it, “The propaganda machine has weaponized unattached females, turning them into enforcers of the orthodoxy.”  Is there any wonder our social relations are so comprehensively fucked?

Short of banning Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest — which ain’t gonna happen — the only way to de-weaponize unattached females is to attach them.  But not just attach them — the fishing trawler who made all the subalterns in the regiment squirm when she was single, after all, made them crawl when she finally deigned to marry the crusty old colonel.  We need to reimpose Patriarchy, stat.

That’s essentially what “Game” is.  The essence of it, I’m told, is “amused mastery.”  Act like Rhett Butler, the theory is, and you’ll score like Rhett Butler.  Worry about the morality of it later.  Our society is flatlining — stop the bleeding first.

If there is hope, it lies in the PUAs.

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10 thoughts on “If there is Hope, It Lies in the PUAs

  1. MBlanc46

    There’s little doubt that the defection of white women is the key event in the rapid decline in Western civilization. And, while the Game guys have a good part of the psychology correct—the interest of women in a man is directly related to the man’s position in the social dominance hierarchy—I think that they ignore another important psychological fact—that women simply aren’t as interested in men as men are in women. Modern, technological, bureaucratic society provides women with copious opportunities to live without men (or with men only on their own terms and according to their rules), and many women avail themselves of those opportunities. Only the realization that they need men to protect them will bring white women back into the fold. By the time circumstances have brought women to that realization, we’ll probably be past the point of no return.

    That said, the idea of a President Heartiste does bring a smile to my lips.

    1. Severian Post author

      Modern, technological, bureaucratic society provides women with copious opportunities to live without men (or with men only on their own terms and according to their rules)

      That’s it, right there. I am still astounded by the number of goofy dudes who comment on obvious attention-whoring, but there it is. Until 5,396 thirsty guys quit responding “so beautiful!” to each and every picture of a girl showing a little skin on social media, Western Civ can’t start the healing process.

      I could solve 99.8% of young people’s problems today, with two simple pieces of advice. The pertinent one here is: “You are a five. That’s perfectly ok; five is average. Act accordingly. Guys: Stop embarrassing yourselves over every single Glamour Shot on Instagram. Girls: Stop telling yourselves that the aforesaid male drool is anything other than a pavlovian reaction to the sight of cleavage. Are either of you hideously deformed? No? Then you’re in each other’s league; talk to each other like normal humans and see how it goes.”

      1. WOPR

        I don’t think they know how to communicate. Even in the 80’s there were some general rules that everyone understood. Now there aren’t any rules and everyone is floundering around. Or the rules are so arbitrary that everyone is terrified. I don’t understand it. My Millennial daughter is confused by it. It’s all designed to create meaningless sexual encounters, but nothing substantial.

        PUA’s, while understanding what drives women, are part of the problem. Using what was understood until recently to meet women is fine. Creating a trail of carnage isn’t helping. Sluts and cads are the problem.

  2. Pickle Rick

    “Life in those circumstances, surrounded by likeminded men, is a blast. Ask anyone who has spent time in a war zone.“

    I was the in the last generation of Marines to have served in the gender segregated combat arms. It was a blast. You lived your life by the day, with your brothers. And when we made it to Australia, the debauchery was exquisite.

    I hope Valhalla exists.

    1. Severian Post author

      I never got to experience it, alas… but I have buddies with stories that start with “so I had no idea where I was when I woke up, but the new tattoo I discovered was pretty cool…” and went downhill (uphill?) from there.

      I think that’s the real litmus test for someone in Our Thing: “Do you truly believe, deep down, that you were born in the wrong century?” I for one am sure I’d be much happier running a hill station somewhere in the backwater of the Raj than here.

      1. Pickle Rick

        Oh yeah. People have said that about me since I was a teenager. History is a naturally conservative discipline, since actual historians (not political or cultural revolutionary activists masquerading as historians) have a love for the greatness of our past and a reverence for our ancestors.

      2. WOPR

        Yeah, I think most men crave having that one moment at least of “I was there.” Right now feels like stuck shoveling manure in Louisiana.

  3. Reluctant Reactionary

    I’m not optimistic unless the technology behind the birth control pill is somehow forgotten.

  4. Frip

    Sev: “Everything is so comprehensively fucked.”

    Sounds like the Officers’ version of the grunts’ “FUBAR”.

  5. rwc1963

    Good one.

    PUA will help. if someone like like Heartiste could summarize it in a pamphlet form for HS and college age kids it would be very helpful and save them a lot of misery. Also avoiding college will help as well. Encourage the boys to attend trade school and so they won’t end up as debt serfs like their females who do attend college and in the process become grotesque creatures out of a Grimm’s fairy tale.

    Those two things will help a lot. It’s quite clear reading what is being taught and by whom in our leading universities makes them is the moral and intellectual equivalent of Superfund toxic waste site.

    OTOH PUA isn’t enough, guys need to do more for themselves. It’s why Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life is a big seller among young white men. For those already Red Pilled I’d also encourage them to read Alinysk’s book “Rules for Radicals” to under how the Left operates.

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