If The Real Resistance Were Serious….

The reason I’ve pretty much given up hope is: If there were serious resistance to the Left, there are certain things it would be doing.  These things are so plain, so slap-you-in-the-face obvious, that the fact no one is doing them can only mean the “resistance” has already surrendered.  Things like:

The MAGA Defense Fund.  Right-wing guys get doxxed and disemployed.  Their guys get $300K/year sinecures at “nonprofit” websites nobody reads.  That’s just the way it is.  But look, y’all, $300K is chump change.  It’s a lot to an individual, yes, but crowdsourced from 10 million people?  It’s pennies.  Let me describe to you what drug organizations do; make of this information what you will.

They set up a “nonprofit” like the Left does.  The Red Cross, as is well known, only disburses a tiny fraction of its donations to people in need.  So they set up a “Shave the Whales” 503(c) to study the impact of blah blah blah in one of those Caribbean countries that has loose banking laws and no extradition treaty with the US.  Shave the Whales hires some local subcontractors — minority subcontractors, natch — to build the Fakey Q. Fakenstein public health clinic down there.  If the clinic never does manage to get much past putting an “under construction” sign on a weedy abandoned lot somewhere, well, you know how contractors are.  Meanwhile, the funds go into the Caymans bank, and come out as paychecks to guys who need them.

Of course, drug organizations deal in cash.  They’d love to use PayPal, Kickstarter, etc., but the good law-abiding SJWs at those organizations refuse — quite rightly!! — to aid and abet such a disreputable enterprise.  So the cartels use Western Union, just like their footsoldiers hardworking undocumented pre-Americans who just want to make a better lives for their families do.  And if that doesn’t work, they put a guy with a briefcase full of cash on a charter flight and send him down there, where he hands it off to another guy who takes deliveries of such briefcases when he’s not sipping margaritas on the beach.  It’s a tough life, obviously, and that’s why you shouldn’t sell drugs.

Awareness-Raising.  It would be great, obviously, if one of us could get some face time with Mr. Soros, and calmly, politely, rationally explain our perspective to him.  Similarly, it would be nice if our guys could calmly, politely, rationally walk up to, say, Rachel Maddow’s door — NOT to kick it in and threaten her family like the Left did to Tucker Carlson — but to calmly, politely, rationally explain our views of her and her coverage.  Alas, neither of those are possible.  Nor is it possible to get a meeting with the execs at, say, NBC and calmly, politely, rationally explain to them why we think they shouldn’t be putting anti-white propaganda on the air in the guise of TV shows.  Nor with the Madison Avenue ad boys, to calmly, politely, rationally explain ditto.  After all, those high and mighty folks — though they’re surely reasonable folks who have all Americans’ best interests at heart — don’t take meetings with just anyone, so they’ll never hear our calm, polite, rational views….

The local people, on the other hand…. them we can reach.  Local tv anchors shop at the same stores you do.  The marketing director of the local rag is right there in the phone book.  It would be pretty simple to walk up to the people who air the shows, buy the ads, etc., and calmly, politely, rationally explain to them why we’d prefer it if they didn’t do that anymore.  Bezos can buy the Washington Post; can he bail out every local Times-Picayune in the nation?  NBC has deep pockets, but they’re not bottomless….  Polite, rational, calm face-to-face talks.

Targeted Boycotts.  Hell, it probably doesn’t require a face-to-face meeting.  It probably doesn’t even require total cord-cutting.  In the days of streaming TV and the internet, local propaganda media outlets work on razor-thin margins.  They also rely on survey metrics, Nielsen and whatnot.  I’d bet a local targeted boycott, NOT of the advertiser, but of the station / newspaper that runs the ad, would do wonders.  What would happen, do you think, if half the households in a smallish city simply turned off their TVs in primetime, even just for a night?  It’d seriously fuck with their metrics, if nothing else.  Get them chasing their own tails.  Can [pick your miscegenation-promoting company] afford to throw money at region after region, trying to figure out what’s going on with its ad buys?  The NFL got threatened with lawsuits from big companies when its viewership dropped slightly after the Kaepernick thing.  We can’t bankrupt the NFL, or the Washington Post, or NBC, but we CAN bankrupt their local affiliates.

A rolling TV blackout, once a week, switched up every few weeks to keep them guessing.  Again, you’re not hitting, say, Levi’s jeans – they have much deeper pockets than we do.  You’re hitting the outlets that show Levi’s commercials.  Make all the pozzed ads you want, boys; it don’t mean a think if there’s no place to put them.  Then, just to be sure the message is clear, hold a “turn ON your TV” night.  Stick-and-carrot, see?  The programs on which the poz propaganda appears gets boycotted; the programs that show plain old ads get watched.  If Leave it to Beaver reruns on the local public access station are suddenly the most popular show in prime time in a smallish urban market, that’s really going to explode some heads.  The metrics get messed up, the poz-pushing companies sink their ad buy dollars in the wrong place, and the local stations show what we want them to show…

A real resistance would, I suppose, think about doing such a thing.

Guerrilla Marketing.  If the resistance were serious — and I preemptively denounce them, and all of this — they’d start going Sabo-style on smaller communities..  The point here is to get inside the Left’s heads.  If a few more people get redpilled from the guerrilla ads, that’s great, but secondary.  The primary objective is the get the Left freaking out, and to publicize the freakout.  The message to them is: We know where you live, and there are lots of us — way more than you think.  Which will cause them to send a message in return: We can’t tolerate dissent, any dissent, even if it’s just a billboard or a flyer on a lamppost.

Sabo works in Shitlibopolises like LA and NY.  That’s cool, but it won’t have nearly the impact.  A resistance would, I think, work the college towns.  Young White males are angry, and confused, but apathetic.  Give them a demonstration.  Show them how little it takes to achieve a dramatic effect — the Left will go nuclear; they can’t help themselves.  Paper every coffee shop in a college town with “It’s Ok to be White” flyers.  Draw little “OK” hand symbols on the corners of Leftist political flyers.  Hang out in the library stacks — check for security cameras! — and scribble “it’s ok to be White” on the flyleaves of every book… or, at least, I’d think that’s what a resistance would do.  It’s illegal, obviously — it’s vandalism, which is wrong wrong WRONG (unless the Left does it, of course) — but I suppose a real resistance would be willing to risk it.  Hypothetically.

See what I mean?  Nobody’s even thinking about doing these kinds of things, or else they’d be doing them.  Serious preparations for serious action are impossible to hide.  Read any history — even the big “surprises” like Pearl Harbor, Operation Barbarossa, etc. were telegraphed way in advance; a whole bunch of people, way high up, knew something was coming.  This is why countries always announce their annual war games well in advance.  If anyone were serious about resisting the Left, they’d be doing something along these lines.   But they aren’t — which is good, of course, because I denounce all this — but it also means that they won’t, because they can’t.

Not with a bang but a whimper.

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5 thoughts on “If The Real Resistance Were Serious….

  1. Low info Voter

    Interestingly enough, “It’s okay to be white” flyers just showed up at Tufts U and another indoctrination camp I forget the name of. And Identity Evropa just plastered some other shitlibopolis near Boston.
    The usual suspect and the media, forgive my repetition, are spinning like tops quoting SPLC and such.
    It’s fun to watch.

  2. TBoone

    I have much longer thoughts I am trying to organize. In the mean time (should that be MEME time?) We need Posters announcing the Campus Screening, uncut! Uncensored! of Blazing Saddles!!!

    I can hear snowflakes melting AnD fainting now…

  3. Martinian

    I sadly agree about the lack of seriousness of the Real Resistance. Another case in point: The umpteen million who are angry at the Left and just want to be left alone, but are still on Facebook and Twitter after the repeated blatant demonstrations of their willingness to stomp anything not on board with the current needs of Leftist politico-cultural Gleichschaltung.

    Who knew that Cat Fancy goals could be so readily achieved merely by exploiting people’s daily compulsion to view pics/vids of actual cats?

    On a more sober note, though, I console myself ironically with the thought that this certainly will be neither the first nor the last time that a civilization destroys itself by succumbing to its own vanity.

  4. steve Worboys

    Here’s the problem with conservatives: They are conservative.

    They like their daily routine; they like doing what they’ve always done. They keep their NFL television package, keep their dying liberal newspaper subscription, their Netflix, their Amazon Prime; they take pride in the colleges their kids or grandkids attend, while deploring the SJW side-effects; they go on listening, one decade after another, to Limbaugh and Hannity and Levin, reading – when they bother to read – books by Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter…

    They want to hang on to the world they like. They’re conservatives. And they are useless.

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