I’m Confused

Back in November, the Left and the #NeverTrumpers (BIRM) wanted James Comey fired.  Now that he actually has been fired, it’s a “coup.”  Or is it a Reichstag fire?  I thought Sessions’s appointment as Attorney General was the Reichstag fire, but maybe that was also a “coup.”  He’s Literally Himmler, I’m pretty sure of that…. if you wanna get technical I guess he’s Literally Otto Thierack, but since the Left doesn’t read they don’t know but three or four Nazis… which is funny in itself, given how much they love to throw Third Reich allusions around (for the record, comrades, CIA director Mike Pompeo is Literally Reinhard Heydrich, Education Secretary Betsy de Vos is Literally Bernhard Rust, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is Literally Carl-Heinrich von Stülpnagel.  Why?  [Belch] Why not?!  And besides, it’s more fun to say “von Stülpnagel” than “Mnuchin,” and Trump’s Literally Hitler cabinet needs at least one guy with an umlaut in his name.  Remember that, it’ll be on the midterm).  Anywho, would y’all make up your minds please?  You’re really only allowed one Nuremberg Rally, one Reichstag Fire, and one Machtergreifung before we start thinking you’re a ridiculous hysterical ninny who should be lightly tazed every time you open your mouth, until such time as you actually read a book that isn’t Game of Thrones or Harry Potter (hell, I’d put you on tazer-probation if you could demonstrate that you’d actually read either of those, instead of just catching the movie highlights on YouTube).

So unless you can explain to me why Comey needed to be fired then, but is the last bastion of free government now, just shut the fuck up, mmmkay?  Thanks.

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One thought on “I’m Confused

  1. neal

    I’ll bite. Comey needed to be fired before absolving the Trump administration of collusion with Russia.
    Now the coverup allegations being trotted out have no “legs”, so to speak.

    Of course these dim bulbs are sticking with the script anyway.
    I think they do not realize that they are dealing with Pentagon war game theorists.

    Not really fair, but enjoyable to watch.

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