In Bizarro World…

…where I’m in charge of propagandizing for ObamaCare, I’d do it something like this:

imagesHi!  I’m Tommy!  Sometimes medical bills get to be too much, even for a successful, male, white professional like myself.  But now, thanks to ObamaCare, I can get the help I need!  Thanks, Democrats!

Have you read up on the 1920s?  If you haven’t, you really should.  That’s when all the coffeehouse Marxists learned what it takes to succeed in the revolutionary game.  World War I showed pretty decisively that the working class, far from being ripe for international socialism, was stupidly patriotic — far more so than the plutocrats and titled twits who sent them to die in their millions in the trenches.  When the revolutions came — Russia 1917-18, Germany 1918-19 — it was because the middle class was finally feeling the pinch the way the lower classes had been since 1914.  So, too, with the fascist turn in the 1920s and 30s –Weimar survived until the second round of hyperinflation and unemployment wiped out the remainder of the middle class.

If present trends continue, we’ll really start feeling the pinch around 2017.  By that time, even the “educated” nitwits in places like Portland will be starting to realize that, to steal Tom Sowell’s wonderful phrase, self-congratulation is a terrible basis for social policy.  We’ll have elected a Magic Negro and a Magic Lesbian by that point, and the economy will still be in the crapper.  It’ll be about then that people start looking around and noticing that some folks were a lot quicker to embrace the wonders of socialism than others, and are doing a lot better with it….

That being the case, should President Hillary! ask me to head up the propaganda division, I’d find the pastiest, prettiest white boy I could find for the face of ObamaCare, and plaster his smarmy mug on every available surface.  Because once the majority of the middle class realizes they will be proletarianized, the shooting starts.  The way to avoid that, as Lenin, Mussolini, and Hitler discovered, is to co-opt the brightest and most ruthless bourgeoisie as vanguards.  They’ll take care of the rest.  (The lower classes will happily stomp faces as stormtroopers, but your revolutionary cadres, the Red Guards and various other vanguards of the proletariat who make the new regime go, are universally middle class).

But while you’re doing that, you need to mollify the rest of ’em, to keep them from noticing the obvious just a little bit longer.  That’s where stockbroker boy up there comes in.

I don’t know if Our Betters are smart enough to actually take this advice — the “educated” bourgeoisie these days, of course, isn’t — but they should.  Time will tell.

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