In Defense of a Police State (III)

It is different, however, with an empire not consisting of similar peoples, which is held together not by common blood but by a common fist. In this case the weakness of leadership will not cause a hibernation of the state, but an awakening of all the individual instincts which are present in the blood, but cannot develop in times when there is a dominant will. Only by a common education extending over centuries, by common tradition, common interests, etc., can this danger be attenuated. …even after centuries these dangers cannot be regarded as overcome; they only lie dormant, often suddenly to awaken as soon as the weakness of the common leadership and the force of education and all the sublime traditions can no longer overcome the impetus of the vital urge of the individual tribes.

-Adolf Hitler.

Filthy commies Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger noted that many countries have, at the heart of their national identities, “invented traditions.”  Sumo wrestling in Japan, for example, is a “traditional” sport dating back to maybe the early 1800s, and the elaborate tartan heraldry of Highland clans would be news to anyone who actually fought for Scottish independence.  Done right, invented traditions can weld together fractious people forced by circumstances to coexist.  They’re like your high school’s mascot and fight song, on a national scale.

We Americans have our own invented traditions: The 4th of July, the Pledge of Allegiance, “mom, apple pie, and baseball.”  With a hot economy and no powerful neighbors to which malcontents could appeal, these — and the fact that the nation was 90% white — worked pretty well to keep America together after the Civil War.

America today is much closer to Hitler’s Hapsburg Empire.  Among white folks, our invented traditions — and the traditions of Western Civilization in general — have been ridiculed into meaninglessness by vote-grubbing politicians, mercenary bureaucrats, and their butt boys in the ivory tower.  The nonwhites within our borders, of course, have never shared them.  Judging by the social media, Hollywood, academia, and the Democrats, “America” is now a swear word to at least half of its so-called “citizens.”

I trust I don’t have to remind our Eight Regular Readers what happened to the Hapsburg Empire.

As with the Dual Monarchy, it’s becoming obvious to even the dullest among us that there’s nothing holding America together but inertia and red tape:


That’s the 2016 electoral map by county.  Here it is by state:


You’ll notice that the blue states were turned blue mostly by big coastal cities (Chicago is on the coast of Lake Michigan).  And here it is by race and gender:

if-only-original630 (1)

What more is there to say?  We are profoundly alienated from each other.  Dissolution is all but inevitable.  And if it happens peacefully, that will be the first time in all recorded history.

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