In Defense of Fascism

Before we begin (1): This is one of those long, MEGO political philosophy posts.

Before we begin (2): Read this.

It’s a piece from a wonderful site called The Last Psychiatrist, whose archives are just filled with goodness (though TLP himself seems to have passed on).  It begins with the story of Keisha, a 27 year old woman who considers herself “retired” because she’s On Disability.  Most of the rest of the post details our — society’s — complicity in this farce:

The economy was a Ferrari and now it’s only a Honda, but either way, not much time for absences and no time at all for Keisha’s learning curve.  Keisha isn’t just unemployed, she is completely unemployable.   We can argue whether auto plants should pay $20/hr or $50/hr, but for certain there is no market for unskilled labor at all….The jobs employers would be willing to take a gamble on are jobs that pay too little for it to be worth her showing up at all.  Hence SSI [=”being On Disability”].


For fun, let me point that that another 10% of the unemployed in America are relabeled as “incarcerated”, so total you have a real rate of 15-20% unemployment, and this does not include the unemployable who have been relabeled as “military personnel” thanks to two endless wars, or those who manage ten hours a week at the Buy-n-Large who are relabeled as employed and thus are of no consequence;  all of which is good because if the unemployment rate printed higher than “9%” the credit rating of the US would have to fall to C-.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the main problems Fascism is designed to solve.

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Fascists accept Marx’s fundamental premise, that society is composed of three mutually hostile classes.  That’s why “Nazi” is short for “National Socialism.”  The difference is, while Marx thought this class antagonism would inexorably lead to international proletarian revolution, Mussolini et al thought it could be channeled — and eventually eliminated — by restructuring the institutions of one particular society.  Hence, National Socialism.

To the Marxist, our labor is all any of us really has.  Which is why Marxism became Marxism-Leninism after the Russian Revolution.  Lenin had a civil war to win and a country to run, and soon enough he realized that the Keishas of the world will never be generals or surgeons or factory managers.  It took him a little longer to realize that intellectuals make poor factory hands — early post-revolutionary Russia is filled with morbid stories of university faculties turned out as “shock workers” — but he eventually did.  And in typical commie fashion, he churned out a zillion pages of “theory” justifying why Communism looks just like Capitalism when you actually put it into practice, except nobody gets paid and nothing works.

Fascism skips all the squid ink and accepts the fundamental reality that people are different.  This is one of the main sources of Fascism’s appeal.  Unlike Marxists, who believe that the Proletariat is capable of all things (under the leadership of Marxists, of course), Fascists realize that there’s generally a reason for people falling where they do on the socioeconomic spectrum.  No amount of community college classes on Dialectical Materialism is ever going to make Keisha employable in a modern economy.  Keisha will always be “unskilled labor,” because she is [pick one: genetically, historically, congenitally] incapable of ever acquiring an economically useful skill.

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Fascism also recognizes that Keisha is always with us.  Liberals and/or schoolchildren please take note: This is why George W. Bush wasn’t a Fascist.  Unlike Bush, Fascists realize that it’s mathematically impossible for everyone to be above average.  No matter how exotic and specialized the economy gets, there will always be someone who can’t keep up.  Something must be done for Keisha.

A truly capitalist society, like the one Rachel Maddow fans think America is, would simply let Keisha starve in the gutter.  On the other hand, there’s plenty of work at a living wage for her in People’s Heavy Tractor Manufactory #202 in Krasnoyarsk… and all she has to do is give up her land, her family, her people, and her traditions.  Become a faceless prole, interchangeable with all the others all over the globe, or starve — those are Keisha’s options.

And who’s to say that they won’t be your options someday soon, if the Communist revolution succeeds, or the Capitalists find someone to do your job cheaper?

National Socialism solves all that.  Keisha gets a decent job at a decent wage.  She gets the pride of working for a living, not a soul-crushing handout.  Meanwhile, her employer gets a willing employee.  True, his profits won’t be quite as large, but he, too, has his pride. He’s contributing to national success in a direct, highly visible way, since most jobs that could employ a Keisha — McDonald’s, let’s say, to stick with TLP’s example — are locally owned.  Indeed, the only people we harm by stopping outsourcing, offshoring, and automation are the very biggest Capitalists, i.e. the very same bastards who brought us here in the first place.

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If you accept Marx’s view of life, then — if life is, at bottom, just economics — then Fascism is not only a viable alternative, it’s the best alternative.  For Fascists, State, Economy, Society, and Culture are synonyms — they’re three different descriptions of the same thing.  As Man is an economic animal, Society is the economic organization of human groups.  Culture is the expression of that economic organization, and the State provides its security.  Thus, the Fascist will preserve Culture by rejiggering Society and the Economy via the State.  The vast numbers of poor are helped, only a few of the super-rich are harmed… and they’re all internationalist parasites anyway.

Look closer

These aren’t my personal views, of course.  Fascism terrifies me.  But… can you find the flaws in this post?  Because a whole lot of people would be nodding along with every single word… and that number is growing by leaps and bounds, every day.  If you want have have any hope of heading American Fascism off, you’d better start digging.

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8 thoughts on “In Defense of Fascism

    1. Severian

      Right. But a Fascist economy without all the other stuff isn’t Fascism.

      Fascism only works — and make no mistake, it works — when you’ve got the whole package, loud and proud and out in the open. Trying to do the economic part without the rest works for a time, but, as we’ve seen with the USA on the one hand and China on the other, it’s unsustainable.

      In fact, it’s interesting to observe what happens when a nation goes all-in on part of the Fascist package. North Korea, for example, has a prototypically Fascist culture, but they’re still trying to make Communism work economically. The EU has a Fascist government, but not a Fascist economy, and especially not a Fascist culture (yet). It’s simplistic, but still fairly accurate, to say that these countries’ main structural problems reflect the ways in which they didn’t go full Fascist.

  1. Chiron

    Fascism is much more attractive than Marxism, Japan and Israel are fascist states even if they don’t say out loud.

    I thought that America will go for a Starship Troopers-style Fascism.

    1. Severian

      That’s what I was getting at in an earlier post about the winners writing the dictionaries — because the Axis were Fascists and the Axis lost the war, we think Fascism has been discredited… or, at least, that it always leads to Hitler. That’s false. There are a number of Fascist states around the world, and they work just fine(-ish).

      In its original form, Fascism split the difference between “pure” laissez-faire and “pure” Communism. In its just-around-the-corner form, it’ll split the difference between low-IQ ethno-anarchy and globalized cloud-cuckooland. Either way, it’ll work well enough to give most people most of what they want…. and if that entails a few more endless neocolonial wars, a few more restrictions on speech, a few members of certain identity groups getting fairly regular back-alley beatings from the cops and paramilitaries, well, that’s why we have the phrase “collateral damage.”

      It’ll be pretty sickening to folks who like Western Civilization, but most people don’t. The only question is, will it be worse for the ones who do than what we have now?

  2. Nate Winchester

    Yay for more Susan Coffey

    Oh wait, there words around here.

    National Socialism solves all that. Keisha gets a decent job at a decent wage. She gets the pride of working for a living, not a soul-crushing handout. Meanwhile, her employer gets a willing employee.

    The problem in the above is 2 words: “Decent” and “Willing.”

    The first, nobody can really define just what a “decent wage” is. $15 an hour? $50 an hour? What if we lived further in the past where you could get a meal at a diner (complete with entree, side and drink) for 25 cents? What if gas was 15 cents a gallon? Would a dollar an hour there be a decent wage?

    Wait if we’re a fascist nation, we’ve got towns all over the place. Is a decent wage in a town in the middle of Kansas the same as a decent wage in the middle of New York City? You’ve got to either raise the wages or push down the prices, and then hold them there. So it’s an economic system that can’t work because economics cannot be static.

    The other problem is “willing” and there’s a big continuum there with “eager” at one end and “grudging” on the other. Yes in theory you can offer some amount for people to do anything at least “grudgingly willing.” (just look at porn!) And companies can operate with some amount “grudging” among their employees, but it can’t sustain itself with most of it’s work force that way, you have to have “eager” employees. Fascism may be able to make Keisha work, but it can’t make her care. If she doesn’t care, she’s not motivated. If the citizens aren’t motivated, eventually the society will suicide if nothing else.

    In essence, what is wrong with Marx? Because it assumes a merely rational man. But as GK Chesterton noted:

    “The merely rational man will not marry, and the merely rational soldier will not fight. In other words, good dogma is the most powerful inhibiting influence against bad ideas and the most powerful motive for good deeds.”

    Fascism tries to create its own dogma for motivating people, but something like that can’t be imposed from above, but must organically grow from the bottom.

    1. Severian

      Nailed it.

      It all boils down to the assumption that life is basically economic. Marx thought culture was the “superstructure” on the economic “base.” Fascists cross the streams — culture is the base, the economy is the superstructure; tweak the economy to support the culture. But the error is the same either way, and either way you end up with this weird neo-feudal system supported by (in theory) the latest, hottest technology.

      The reason Fascism appeals these days and Marxism doesn’t — aside from the 100 years’ experience of its failure, of course — is that, under Fascism, you give up your freedoms for your ancestral lands and customs (=actually existing things), whereas under Communism you give them up for the benefit of possible future people somewhere else.

      1. Nate Winchester

        It all boils down to the assumption that life is basically economic.

        It’s not helped that, essentially, governments and economies have to end up making this assumption in order to function (your “assume a spherical chicken” example) because all the other “features” of even a single man (his tastes, his family, his SC, etc etc) are just too much for any system to process.

        The reaction then to this is of one of two ways:
        1) humility – We know the bounds & limits of government & its operating assumptions so we keep it focused on those assumptions and let the rest take care of itself.
        2) adjustment – We try to extend government, economies, and society beyond its bounds or we try to whittle people down to fit the system. Communism wants to whittle the people down. Fascism wants to try and extend the systems out AND whittle the people down.

        Everything else follows, even the various alternatives that keep trying to pitch themselves as a “third way” which are, in reality, just a new effort to extend the systems or whittle the people down. And that’s why each will end up failing.

        (hm… probably a post there somewhere)

        1. Severian

          (hm… probably a post there somewhere)

          Probably is. 🙂

          Are you sure you don’t want to post here on the regular (=whenever you feel like it?). We can offer you no salary, no incentives, no benefits, and about four readers, but it’s sometimes sorta fun.

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