In It to Win It? – UPDATED (2x)

It’s some anonymous guy on the internet, so take it for what it’s worth.  But this dude thinks so.  Trump’s hiring bigleague legal people and setting up a ground game operation:

The firm is Jones Day lawfirm in DC. The senior partner, Donald F. McGahn, is a former FEC commissioner.

If he has retained a major political lawfirm he’s going for the goal. He’s serious. And most of the analysis is missing it.

This is either the best or the worst thing he could do.  I’ve been saying for a long time that he needs a Party — a grassroots, GOTV team.  This may be that.  On the other hand, these guys are “insiders” with “experience.”  If they’re GOP insiders, the only experience they have is losing elections by trying to out-Democrat the Democrats.  The minute Trump is seen as “just another politician,” he’s toast.

If Teh Donald really understands the source of his appeal, he’ll keep it as maverick as possible, and these guys deeeeep in the shadows.  One data point in his favor — again, always from my perspective — is this.

“Unhinged Trump.”  Ace of Spades, where I got the link, says Trump is “still fixated on Megyn Kelly.”  N.b. that I am speaking here as a Trump campaign consultant (and D, I do work cheap… call me, baby) and that he’s serious about becoming our Fuhrer:

Smacking Megyn Kelly around is absolutely the smartest thing he could possibly do.

Remember that the Trump appeal is first, foremost, and always ANGER.  He’s against “the Establishment,” “politics as usual,” and “political correctness,” all of which combine in many folks’ minds into a toxic slurry called C-H-I-C-K S-T-U-F-F.  It ain’t men telling you what you can’t say or do or think or be; it’s chicks.  Their endless quest for security, their shrieking, their unabashed love for totalitarianism, their backstabbing, their hyper-emotionalism, their utter refusal to even grok the very concept of reason.  It’s this

occupy girl2and this

hillaryshoppedand this

vJL5ldand this fucking thing

B-uDP6fWkAE9mr8Y’all do know that Trump leads among women, and his lead is increasing, yes?  Even women can’t stand those gruesome harpies up there.  They have brought us to this.  They have got to go.  And Trump is the man to do it.

Now, who represents them better than Megyn Kelly?  She’s young, she’s blonde, she’s cute, she’s got a cutesy special snowflake spelling of her name ….

and she’s very obviously a paid attack dog who came at him first.

Trump is doing what every beta male has dreamed of since junior high.  The head cheerleader made fun of him, and he told that fucking bitch to blow him, right there in front of the whole school.

[Again — still speaking as a campaign consultant here.  These are not my personal views].

Best of all, she’s a Republican. Attacking Rachel Maddow wouldn’t get him anywhere; that’s who he’s supposed to be fighting. Ditto Rosie O’Donnell.  They can’t stand him, and would never vote for him on party affiliation alone.  But Megyn Kelly is supposed to be on “our” side.  Remember, Establishment = PC = feminism, in the minds of so, so many of our fellow countrymen.

And he just pimp-slapped it.  Again.

I say again (speaking as me now) — the electorate, ALL of it, has been radicalized.  For a LOT of people — I’m guessing, for the numerical majority of our fellow Americans — all that’s left is anger.  Trump — so far — seems to know exactly how to play to that anger.

If his fancy-pants insider crew knows it, too, he’s gonna win.

God help us.


UPDATE: This is the conventional view of Trump vs. Megyn Kelly.  Ace’s take is that Trump is a whiny emo kid who can’t stop obsessing over a chick who didn’t fawn all over him.  Obviously, I disagree.  While I think there’s maybe some butthurt in Teh Donald somewhere, I doubt there’s much.  Trump has lots of experience with major media figures shitting on him, and it hasn’t seemed to bother him yet.  I say his attacks on Megyn Kelly are deliberate tactical moves — quite good ones.

Just as obviously, one of us is wrong.  Let’s keep tabs on the results.

UPDATE #2: Megyn Kelly, crypto-liberal.  I honestly don’t know.  Except when stuck in waiting rooms, I haven’t watched the tv news in at least a decade.  I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen Megyn Kelly outside of embedded clips on blogs.  But based on my very limited experience, I have never understood all the righty love for Fox News in general, and Kelly in particular.

Whenever media bias comes up with my lefty friends, I always tell them:  “Just because the New York Times is to the right of the Daily Worker, that does not make the NYT ‘right wing.’  They’re clearly hyperpartisan liberals…. if not quite as liberal as y’all would like.”  Whenever I see Fox clips, I think, “these guys are the ‘conservatives’?”  Being to the right of MSNBC also does not make a station “right wing.”  Fox is, at best, GOP TV — you know, the GOP that tried to sell us on RomneyCare as some kind of conservative socialized medicine, and that considers amnesty-lovin’, 84 IQ flashin’, ¡Yeb! fuckin’ Bush its golden boy.  “Diddling the welfare state’s switches a little bit slower” is NOT a conservative position.  But it is the GOP’s position, and Fox is all about that.

As for Megyn Kelly in particular… well, she’s a chick.  I’m not saying it’s impossible for a female to be a conservative — Baroness Thatcher, God rest her soul, comes to mind — but being a chick and a network bobblehead and a conservative is a trick that would get a 10 from even the French judge.  I guess I’ve always assumed she’s as conservative as she can be in her situation, which is….. not very.  She’s as conservative as the GOP Establishment is, in other words.

Which is why I repeat: Flipping her off in public is widely perceived as flipping off The Establishment, which is the alpha and omega of Trump’s appeal.

We’ll see what we see.

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8 thoughts on “In It to Win It? – UPDATED (2x)

  1. Jay Carter

    Donald Trump is a businessman.

    Ya know . . . there’s another businessman who had never held a political office prior to ascending to what many call the “second toughest political job in the country”.

    The office . . . Mayor of NYC.

    The Mayor . . . Michael Bloomberg.

    Mike Bloomberg, (businessman) was one of the best Mayor’s NYC has ever had.

    A very SMALL list of his accomplishments:

    He cleaned up the city. (Physically and socially)

    He kept all the racial relationships of the city on a smooth and steady path.

    He prevented strikes.

    He dealt fairly and firmly with the unions.

    He enriched the city’s coffers. (Big time!)

    He brought about a surge of tourism.

    He made New Yorkers feel proud of their city.

    He successfully worked hard and long with the Governors of the State.

    (The same for Washington DC)

    He was, (and is still) praised by all those who run the city’s health care services.

    The police liked him.

    He handled all the city’s emergencies with efficiency and poise.

    His contributions to the culture and the open air parks throughout the city are too numerous to list.
    (Check this out: )

    There are many more praises that future historians will heap on Mike, but keep this in mind . . . he was only a businessman when he came to office.

    PS. One more thing.

    His salary? . . . . . $1 a year.

    1. Jay Carter

      My point, (and its relevance) is this.

      One can be a businessman, (as is Donald Trump) and step into the roll of a politician. (As did Mike Bloomberg)

      THE ESTABLISHMENT however, wants us to think that politics is rocket science. It’s not.

      Businessmen can do politics.

  2. Gary

    Smacking Megyn Kelly around is absolutely the smartest thing he could possibly do.

    I haven’t watched Kelly much, and was somewhat impressed by what I’d seen, but that “debate” question she launched at Trump was pure PC-feminist bullshit. The Dem’s “War on Womym” accusation is a total fabrication, a lie with zero substance that would be laughed out of existence in a sane country with a sane media. If the GOP wanted bullshit “questions” like that, they would have asked the loons at MSNBC to run the damn thing.

    I just watched the clip of Trump’s response and thought he did quite well, and you could tell most of the audience was on his side, because, as you say, a whole lot of people are sick to death of all this establishment PC-feminist shit we have to hear and/or deal with every day.

    But I don’t believe blasting at Kelly is a good tactical move by Trump. IMHO, his response at the debate plus a few jabs the following day on Twitter was sufficient. Yet just yesterday, he launched another series of tweet-insults at her (and in interviews, I think). To me, this was too much–not because I’m concerned about poor Megyn’s feelings being hurt (now don’t play rough with the girls, Donald). It’s because, at this point, it makes Trump look weak. It’s the “tell” that Trump’s ego is his glass jaw. Which means a strong potential for volatile, or even quite nasty, leadership if he’s elected president.*

    In the video clip, he looks strong and calm, and responded well–but I suspect it’s just a practiced facade. The really powerful “alpha” man would have left it at that or perhaps he might have tossed a few more grenades to emphasize his point given that Kelly, by asking that question, chose to act as a representative for the despised PC-feminist blight. But at this point it strikes me more as a petty vendetta, which means vulnerability. In an interview I heard, Trump kept repeating that Kelly means nothing to him. But clearly she does because he keeps hammering away at her. Trump doth protest too much, methinks.

    * Although he tries to play Mr Cool, Obama has a thin skin and is often angered when someone in the press challenges him instead of kissing ass and tossing cream puffs. IMHO, this is a big reason why his reign has been so divisive and nasty: he gets pissed off at anyone who dares to oppose him, nurses a grudge and waits for his chance to get even. Petty vindictiveness is a dangerous trait in a leader.

    1. Severian

      But I don’t believe blasting at Kelly is a good tactical move by Trump.

      I could be wrong. I certainly hope I….

      …actually, you know what? Belay that. I don’t hope I’m wrong. The more I see of the Trump shit show, the more I hope I’m right. If my fellow Americans want a quasi-feudal police state led by a reality tv star, then fuck ’em, I want to help give it to them.

      If I’m right — if the electorate really is this radicalized — then nothing less than radicalism will suffice. I thought it would come one election cycle from now, with a new party. It looks like it’s coming now, with Trump. I’d rather have an amateur-hour version than the real, jackbooted, armbanded thing.

      So fuck it — I’m all in. Trump 2016, baby.

      1. Gary

        I could be wrong. I certainly hope I….

        …actually, you know what? Belay that. I don’t hope I’m wrong. The more I see of the Trump shit show, the more I hope I’m right.

        Yeah, this damn thing is frustrating, which is why my gut reaction was to mostly ignore the whole “shit show” for a few months and see how things had shaken out by then.

        For reasons I’ve listed in tedious detail, I’m not supporting Trump. But some of the people he’s fighting–the lefty-PC establishment and the lefty-PC MSM–are even worse. Much worse. So if I have to pick a side, it’s hard not to go with Teh Donald. If it comes down to Madam Hillary or Bolshie Sanders versus Trump, I’ll vote for the latter (Yeah, I know, yet another “lesser of two evils” vote really sucks, but I don’t think this country will survive 4 more years of a lefty president, not after all the damage Barack the Terrible has done–and not after he’s shown how a lefty president, backed by the MSM, can do whatever he/she wants.)

        But this is still just the primary and it’s still early in the game. Though virtually ignored by the MSM, there still are other candidates out there. They could become very important if The Trump Show peters out or self-destructs, the latter being a significant possibility, IMHO. Ditto for the campaign of Madam Hillary–who should be under indictment–which would allow a decent Republican candidate a very good chance to take the White House.

        Can you support any of the other candidates with any kind of enthusiasm or optimism?

        1. Severian

          Can you support any of the other candidates with any kind of enthusiasm or optimism?

          Enthusiasm? Sure. I’m enthusiastically for anyone, anyone, who will keep that fucking Bolshie Sanders or Gangsta Granny out of the White House. I’d vote for the festering corpse of Josef Stalin over those two. Ditto Fauxcahontas, Barmy Biden, or whoever else (isn’t Tommy Carcetti running, too?). At least Stalin was a competent socialist totalitarian. If y’all want it that bad, my fellow Americans, I want to help you get it, good and long and hard.

          Optimism? No. I would’ve been a Walker guy until his donors made him flip flop on immigration. There is no other issue for me than the borders, and nobody who has to take donor cash will ever do what has to be done about the borders. If Trump flames out, it doesn’t matter who’s in the White House — massive riots, structural failure, and an openly white nationalist fascist party are inevitable for 2020.

          Long term, there is no hope. The Trump clown show 2016, or the truly horrifying shit show his failure will give us in 2020.

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