In Soviet America, Surveys Take YOU!

The now-defunct discipline of “Sovietology” was one of the few areas of the ivory tower in which one was allowed to be an open conservative, so it produced more than its share of colorful incidents.*  One of my favorites was Robert Conquest’s re-titling of his seminal work on Stalin’s purges, The Great Terror.

Originally written in 1968. Conquest was forced to rely on the only information available to historians in those days — official Soviet reports, declassified CIA intercepts, testimony from dissidents and escapees, etc.  He was of course pilloried for decades because of this, since the logical inferences he made, though perfectly consistent with the available sources, went against Socialism, then as now academia’s official ideology.  He stoically endured until the Soviet Union’s collapse and the opening of their archives, which proved him right in just about every respect.  But finally he couldn’t take it any more: When asked by a BBC interviewer what he’d change about his book now, he replied “only the title.  I’d call it I Told You So, You Fucking Fools!”

Alas, it’s not true; the new title was a real suggestion all right, but made on Conquest’s behalf by his friend, the novelist Sir Kingsley Amis.  The point is, this kind of thing has been going on for at least three generations now.  As we all know, “a Liberal ___” is a Liberal first and a ___ only a very distant second, and if there’s ever a conflict between the two — as is inevitable, Reality being what it is — Liberal always wins.  As blogfather Morgan says, the only logical thing to do is paste those “parental advisory” stickers rap albums have onto any and all “research” involving Liberals, because it’s all but guaranteed there’s some fudging going on somewhere.

Which brings to mind another Soviet-era joke.  This one’s not apocryphal; it’s a pun in Russian.  Isvestia means “news;” Pravda means “truth.”  As these were the titles of the two main Soviet newspapers, Ivan Sixpack quipped “there’s no news in the truth, and there’s no truth in the news.”  This has been true in America, too, at least as far back as the Sixties.  As all histories of the period were written by Liberals, based on “news” “reported” by Liberals, it’s all but guaranteed that everything we “know” about the period is wrong.  I’m starting to wonder if there even was a “Vietnam War.”  After all, if they can fake a moon landing, it’s child’s play to fake a war….

The difference between then and now isn’t the Internet, as most people who haven’t thought about it say.  (Seriously, read any political site on the Net, Left or Right.  You’ve got a better chance of spotting Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee ancestor than you do catching a glimpse of objectivity).  Rather, it’s that the Left, having gotten away with so much for so long, has finally forgotten why they bothered to fake it in the first place.  The kind of gross incompetence on ever-increasing display since 2016 goes beyond hubris; it’s only possible thanks to a historical amnesia so vast, not even the Russians have a word for it.

Liberals used to be great at playing the double game.  They came off as the voice of sweet reason in public, while embracing their “direct action” lunatic fringe in private, because they knew they’d never get called on it.  Should any Leftist politician get caught on camera saying something stupid, the Media would simply burn the tape before the nightly news, just as they were guaranteed not to show all the anarcho-commie banners that made up — indeed, still make up — the majority of “peaceful” Leftwing “protests.”  Meanwhile, the Media could be counted on to distort anything the Right said or did, from making giant pro-life rallies look tiny to only showing photos of infiltrators at Tea Party events.  So long as they didn’t start acting like lunatics on live TV and social media, Liberals were golden.

We all know how that turned out.

That’s why the November elections offer a ray of hope.  Now, I don’t think for a second we can vote our way out of this — sorry to rain on your parade — but the results should be a pretty good bellwether of how screwed we really are right now.  Only the truest of true believers still trust the “Blue Wave” polls… and even they’re backing down (the polls, I mean, not the true believers.  They’ll never stop).  If the official report is “Dems up 5,” then the reality must be closer to “Republicans up 10.”

If the Dems win, or if it’s even a toss-up, we might avoid serious violence for another election cycle, as their tried-and-true tricks worked this one last time.  But if they lose….  since there’s no way to claim “Russian hacking!” about every single race nationwide, violence will be all they have left.  And if the Normals are awake enough to consciously know the entire Media apparatus is lying to them — and what other conclusion could we draw from a “Red Tsunami“? — then when the Left starts shooting, as they must, chances are good the Right will start shooting back.

Or maybe not.  Remember, very few Sovietologists saw the end of the USSR coming.  When these things happen, they happen with blinding speed.  But if I were a betting man, I’d put money on Red… then start fortifying my compound.



*Funny how that works — Right-Answer disciplines need conservatives to make them work, as we’re discovering as we try to replicate the glories of Soviet science, circa 1950.  They set themselves back decades in biology, for instance, by going all-in on Lysenkoism, because — and ONLY because — Lysenko had the “correct” socio-political background.  If you ever wondered what going to the doctor was like in the USSR circa 1972, wait ten more years, for all the diversity hires to fully take over the med school faculties.
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5 thoughts on “In Soviet America, Surveys Take YOU!

  1. Al from da Nort

    Here’s a similar take to yours that predicts more hope if the wave is Red, but not much more hope.

    I sincerely hope that Angelo Codavilla, linked above, is wrong about there already being no going back across the threshold of revolution. However, he makes a good case.

    IMHO the best hope is the Wizard of Oz scenario where the Progs are actually neither so numerous or so powerful as their captive media make it look, and like Oz, once unmasked, they prove to be more reasonable just before flying their balloon off to Davos.

  2. Rod1963

    It’s really hard to tell what will happen because our MSM lies to us all the time. Pat Caddell called them the “gatekeepers of the establish”, Tucker Carlson labels them “shock troops of the Democratic party”. They certainly lied like crazy in 2016. They take the comment of one beltway paid hack and say it represents the view of millions of Americans or they simply lie. The people they interview as experts are all multimillionaires The cuff links on their suits are worth more than the car most of us drive. They have no idea what goes on outside of their bubble world.

    And really they expect us to take some peroxide blond bubbletop as a expert in foreign affairs or politics. They’re just using bimbos to sell lies.

    Nor do I think the Shitlibs are numerous. When you have to repeatedly use paid protestors in all your demos and even then you can’t get more than several hundred to show up. It says you have no grass roots support.

    The fact they can only riot in their liberal run shitholes like Portland, Berkeley, D.C., etc. Shows how limited their power really is.

  3. Jay Carter

    I love the commie Libs. They’ll put one of your feet in a bucket of ice water, and the other one in a pail of boiling water, and then they’ll set out to convince you that “on average . . . you’re comfortable.”

  4. P_Ang

    “…for all the diversity hires to fully take over the med school faculties.”

    For YEARS I saved a cutout from the Oregon State Universities newspaper that was an advertisement for ROTC. I think a liberal family member, angry that I had a piece of truth, destroyed it. It read (as best as I recall the first part):
    ROTC now recruiting! We will pay tuition for the following programs provided you meet the GPA requirements!
    -Medical 3.5 GPA
    -All other studies 3.0 GPA
    -Black or other minority students, any studies, 2.5 GPA
    Couple of points that were obvious. One…I’m pretty sure “other minority” meant “no Asians,” and possibly no “white Hispanics,” so I’m pretty sure Zimmerman would be out and it just adds to the obvious ‘reverse’ racism. Two, a white med student need(ed) to maintain better than a 90% success rate, meanwhile Tyreezee or Lafwonda, while perhaps very skilled in the arts of discussing blackity-blackness, can squeak by with a 1-in-5 chance of killing you while cracking open your ribcage during heart surgery.

  5. Toddy Cat

    “I’m starting to wonder if there even was a “Vietnam War.” ”

    There was, but it was not even remotely the one reported by the global media. Like the Sixties, the true history of the Vietnam War has not yet been written.

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