Intellectual Dishonesty Display

Alinsky #4 is “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

Hence a group like “LOLGOP”.

Well, I’m going to ridicule the ridicule.  Ran across this meme today …

dishonestyThe obvious question being begged here is … exactly who is saying that these kids aren’t people?  I’m pretty sure exactly nobody.  It’s a giant strawman.

And believing that a fertilized egg is a human being isn’t necessarily religious, though when arguing the “separation” angle our leftist friends insist that it is that and only that and therefore must it be excluded from public  debate.   But there are even atheists who believe it philosophically.  A compelling argument can (and often is) easily made that it is a human being without bringing God or Gaia into it.  So again … that’s a stupid “argument” for LOLGOP to make.  The other insult here is that they are suggesting that people only “pretend” to believe it — insinuating that they really have ulterior motives (likely along the lines of “oppressing” Sandra Fluke).

If you would post this meme, you’re going to have to stop pretending you have a shred of intellectual honesty.

Update: another very similar dishonest gem:


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4 thoughts on “Intellectual Dishonesty Display

  1. Gary

    Alinsky #4 is “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

    Hence a group like “LOLGOP”.

    I suppose ridicule can be a potent weapon, but not lame, unfunny shit like this.

    And as you point out, their stupid strawman argument makes no sense whatever. But hey, it’s much easier to respond to a dumb argument nobody actually made than marshal facts and logic to show why your position is superior to that of your opponents.

    Which probably explains why the Grand Poobah himself, King Barack, deploys the strawman with such mind-numbing frequency. Like his recent howler, for example–something along the lines of, “I don’t know why my opponents devote so much effort to preventing Americans from receiving quality healthcare.”

    Uh . . . maybe because opposing that gigantic Obamacare turd might actually enhance the delivery of quality healthcare to most Americans, ya think? With all due respect, your majesty.

  2. philmon Post author

    I’ll go on to say that no matter how lame and unfunny, it is effective at propagating the meme … Republicans/Conservatives are hateful, racist hypocrites. The uninformed soak it up by being immersed in it, then “Rock the Vote” tells them it’s their duty to go out and vote. So they do. And we get Obamas and Reids and Kerrys and Clintons.

    It must be challenged.

    Stop an Echo.

  3. Gary

    I’ll go on to say that no matter how lame and unfunny, it is effective at propagating the meme …

    I focused on how poor the argument and “humor” were, but unfortunately you’re absolutely right. Even the dumbest propaganda and slogans are effective when repeated enough: “Hope&Change, Hope&Change, Hope&Change, Hope&Change, Hope&Change, . . .” Repeat until mesmerized and zombified. “War on Women, War on Women, War on Women …” Barf.

    Re Stop an Echo:

    I read the linked post above and emphatically agree. “Everyone knows” Fox News is tilted way, way to the right just because this notion gets repeated ad nauseam. This obsessive picking on Fox always astounds me, given how mendaciously lefty the overwhelming majority of the MSM has become, including NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, NPR, NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post etc. I honestly believe this happens because they want a Soviet-style monopoly on the media and therefore are quite vexed at the few non-left outlets, like Fox.

    The annoying behavior you described–know-nothing, passive-aggressive condescension–has become the norm among most lefties, but the fact that “the echo” works on more fair-minded people is really distressing. I have relatives and acquaintances who are reasonably intelligent and not particularly left-leaning, yet they solemnly regurgitate the latest warped and tendentiously-progressive “issues” ginned up by the MSM almost as if they were reading from a sheet of talking points.

    So yes, something everyone can do is to interrupt and “stop an echo” which wins by default when left to reverberate unopposed. In aggregate (trying to avoid the word “collectively”), this can do a lot of good.

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