It Girls, Gay Pr0n, and Capitalism

I try to avoid ESPN — it’s SJW central — but sometimes it’s just too convenient for checking up on my favorite sportsball teams.  So I clicked over this morning, only to be confronted with a huge picture of Patriots WR Julian Edelman wearing nothing but a football on his crotch.  Evidently they’ve been doing this for a few years now — it’s called “The Body Issue” of “ESPN the Magazine,” and seems to be pretty much just gay porn.*

Because that’s what sports fans really want, you know?  Instead of box scores and news items on who got sent down to the minors, we’d much rather have hi-res pictures of oiled-up naked guys dry-humping a pigskin.

No wonder people are cord cutting at such a rate.  For years, the media have been operating under a perverse form of Say’s Law — supply creates its own demand, they think, so if we just supply enough Social Justice, people will come to love it.  And until the widespread availability of high-speed internet, they could more or less get away with it.  What are you gonna do, not watch?

It seems to me that Liberals, who are the Smartest people on the planet — just ask ’em! — would take a lesson here.  You know that “capitalism” stuff you’re always railing about?  This is it.  Stripped of all the Marxist jargon you didn’t understand when you memorized it back in college, Capitalism is pretty simple: It’s sorting preferences.  For me, “not having to look at gay porn” ranks above “the inconvenience of going elsewhere for my sportsball news,” so now I’m really never going to click on again.  Preferences, see?

Again, for such smart folks, they sure don’t seem to grok the fact that money is just a tool.  For everything above life’s necessities, it’s just shorthand for our preferences.  You’d think they’d get this in Hollywood, at least, as they’ve had long experience of cord-cutting.  Remember Gretchen Mol?  You probably don’t — she’s one of those blandly pretty blonde actresses that you could easily mistake for about seventeen other blandly pretty blonde actresses.  How about Texas Hold ‘Em and the World Series of Poker?  Again, probably not, but sometime around the turn of the century, Hollywood was determined to force both of them on us, culminating in a ridiculous little movie called Rounders.  For about three months, you couldn’t go to a movie without seeing Gretchen Mol, and you couldn’t watch tv without seeing poker.

It was weird, and the outcome was utterly predictable to anyone except the money guys in Hollywood.  Gretchen Mol went from It Girl back to obscurity, and nobody cares about poker.  Which, again, anyone else could’ve seen from a mile away.  I actually watched one of those unavoidable World Series of Poker shows while I was out at a bar once, and whaddaya know?  Guys who are into poker enough to make a living at it are creepy autistic weirdos, and a World Series of Poker match looks like somebody threw a pack of cards and some chips into a police lineup full of suspected sex offenders.

That’s the problem with not understanding capitalism.  People always have an option, and if you make the cost of your product prohibitive, people just won’t buy it.  No, not even if it’s “free,” since time is a far more valuable resource than money.  I’m sure Gretchen Mol is a nice lady, but I don’t want to see her cute-but-utterly-forgettable mug plastered all over everything.  And I sure as hell don’t want to see rejects from To Catch a Predator staring at cards for a few hours every night.  Evidently most of America agreed with me on that, just as they’re coming to agree on the gay pron and rampant SJWery of ESPN.

Time to wise up, Smart guys…. or not, because like the man said, SJWs always double down.  I’m sure ESPN’s transition to all gay porn, all the time, is just around the corner.



*Yeah yeah, there are female “athletes” in there, but stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.  I very much doubt that gals who are into hockey enough to play for the US National Team are playing for the home team off the ice, if you follow me.  And unless Anna Kournikova’s in there (she’s not), very few straight men want to see tennis players naked.  Hell, I doubt even lesbians want to see female MMA fighters in the buff.

7 thoughts on “It Girls, Gay Pr0n, and Capitalism

  1. I’ve never understood the takeover of ESPN. How in the hell did it happen? Obviously it was execs that didn’t give a crap about the COST. I mean, they had to know pushing SJW on the most manly-man of channels was going to be a massive capital loss. Even if they were stupid enough to think that eventually they could make money off of it, viewerships been plummeting for years. Pajama boys don’t watch sports. Bull Dykstras might watch women’s sports now and again, but I doubt testosterone injections create a sudden overwhelming urge to watch Steph Curry’s Mike Epps-looking a$$ throw a two-pointer from 10 feet away.

    • SJW is a jealous god, and shall have none before xzyhr. Remember what the scorpion said to the frog: “I can’t help it; it’s my nature.” Ruining a $1B property is nothing if it furthers the Revolution.

      [I’ve heard it said — and I believe it — that sports reporters are raging liberals even by media standards. This is because they do the lowest form of “journalism” imaginable — you might be able to sway an opinion here or there if you write op eds, or read the news on the air, but nobody has ever had their opinion on sports changed by a sports reporter. In the streaming video age they’re completely useless, because who needs some “journalist” to recap the game you just saw? So they compensate by being the kind of obnoxious SJWs even other SJWs find hard to take. Now, take a room full of those guys, set up a few cameras, and turn them loose…. that’s ESPN].

      • Yeah…I pretty much knew the answer, just needed it reinforced. I’ve been dealing with Disney a lot lately in my job search. I think it really radically changed when Disney bought out ESPN. They also own ABC, Marvel, and Star Wars. Marvel lead-actors have started to become outright hostile to conservatives now that it’s “ok.”
        Note that the last two Star Wars franchises have had female leads, surrounded and aided by “diverse” (non-white) characters, fighting Nazi’s that are all in white. One is aided by a repressed-by-conditioning black stormtrooper that somehow magically knew space-jive when battle for the white man cleansed his conscious. Oh, there IS a bad guy all in black, voiced by a black man. Don’t worry naysayers, he’s only evil when he’s working for the “evil empire.” Once he returns to the light of touchy-feely liberalism he’s good again.
        Of course, I saw all this coming LONG before the buy-out, when fans of the video-game and book franchise asked that Admiral Thrawn be the villain for the next film releases, and the studio said “no, because we don’t want a minority to be the bad guy.” (He’s blue…)

      • “This is because they (sports reporters) do the lowest form of “journalism” ”

        LOL!!! The lieutenant governor of Texas used to be the sports reporter for KHOU, Houston channel 11.

        • Makes sense. Politics is just showbiz for ugly people, so it’s a natural transition from being on camera repeating the box score to being on camera doing… whatever a Lt. Gov. of Texas does. I never could understand why 99.8% of sports “reporters” existed. Do we really need someone to ASK the quarterback if maybe he really should’nt’ve thrown that interception?

    • If Sev will permit me, I’ll repeat what I said once on another board:

      I once likened it to an ice cream shop (because I like to relate all politics to ice cream).

      It starts out with a variety of flavors. All is good. One day they ask, “business is good, but how can we get more customers?” They notice they get a few really enthusiastic customers for vanilla. So they try an experiment: add a new variety of vanilla. More customers come! In fact, they find that as they offer more varieties of vanilla, they get more and more vanilla enthusiasts.

      But there’s an unseen cost. For every vanilla version they add, they have to remove one of the other flavors. It doesn’t seem that big of a deal at first. They had maybe only one or two strawberry fans and the new french vanilla brought it twice that. But eventually they will peak, and then each new vanilla variant won’t bring in the new customers they once did. In fact it might very well bring in less customers than the flavor they removed brought in. Meaning they are driving away say 3 customers for every 1 they bring in.

      Eventually the ice cream shop has nothing but vanilla available, and a steady, but ungrowing business. That’s when they run the numbers and realize that back in the day of 31 flavors, they actually had greater number of customers and the earlier growth was more of an illusion of enthusiasm. Because back then you didn’t just get a customer who had a favorite flavor, but many who might get a cone of their second or third favorite if the first choice wasn’t available. By going to all vanilla, they’ve driven away a backup market they didn’t realize was there.

      Now they are caught in a trap of their own making. After all, how can they escape? If they remove any of the vanilla varieties, one of their still loyal and remaining customers will probably leave. But who would replace them? The shop has been known as the “vanilla valley” for years now, who would ever believe there might be chocolate in there? They would drive away what customers they still have while their reputation would keep away any potential new replacements. They’ve burned the bridges with their other customers to the point they have no hope of growth by jettisoning existing customers like they once did.

      That is my theory on the SJW business cycle.

  2. Wow, haven’t looked at anything ESPN for many years, I don’t seem to be missing anything worthwhile. Someone probably decided that gays really are 10% of the population and have all the free extra cash to buy stuff advertisers can sell, so there we go.

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