It’s Made of People!

In the science fiction classic Dune, the action takes place on a desert world.  The protagonist, Paul, kills a man in a ritualized knife fight… after which, he’s presented with the water distilled out of his opponent’s flesh, to replace what he sweated out in the fight.

If sci-fi’s not your thing, one of the Walking Dead seasons featured a group of survivors who turned cannibal.  In the zombie apocalypse, humans are food; you’re either predator or prey, the leader explains.

This is a deliberately extreme example of what I mean when I say that, between the tackles, human beings are pretty plastic.  We can be enculturated even to cannibalism.  BUT: We can’t be enculturated to the point where the word “cannibalism” is meaningless.  Even in societies where cannibalism was / is routine, nobody comes home from a day at the office, looks in the fridge, and thinks “well, I can either finish off this leftover Chinese, or fry up a missionary fillet.”  There’s something sacred about the human body.  This seems to be a universal, hard limit.

If it weren’t, someone — the Soviets, say — would’ve tried it.  Even cremating our dead is, when you think about it, a spectacular waste of resources.  All those calories up the smokestack.  You’d think one of the hardcore materialists — Plekhanov, say — would’ve argued for human flesh as the People’s Protein.*  Surely those VHEMT guys have realized that we should eat ourselves on the way out — why do any more damage to the Earth?

Genes aren’t culture.  Culture isn’t genetic.  Right now, the alt-right, or whatever we’re calling it today, sounds like our fictional Communist arguing for universal cannibalism.  A lot of their — our? — rhetoric sounds like a (self-proclaimed) 101 IQ guy telling a 99 IQ guy that gosh, sorry, 100 is the cutoff.  Maybe you can’t enculturate the 99 IQ guy to be a nuclear physicist, but surely there’s something valuable he can contribute?  A culture that doesn’t at least say it values folks on the other side of the line isn’t going to get very far; a culture that says the line proves there’s no such thing as culture is never going to get outside the internet’s lunatic fringe.


*Which really highlights the stupidity of Materialism, especially the Communist version.  What’s the point of all that “Revolution” business, if all you’re doing is temporarily altering the material conditions of a bunch of naked apes?  Life has no inherent meaning, there’s no afterlife, and man’s social being determines his consciousness, so… what’s the point?  Why not snack on shank of missionary?  In fact, why do, or don’t do, anything at all?  Shafarevich was right — Marxism is a suicide cult.  It’s no surprise the VHEMT guys are all hardcore Leftists; that’s Materialism’s logical endpoint.

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11 thoughts on “It’s Made of People!

  1. Anonymous White Male

    I wasn’t sure what VHEMT meant, so I looked it up on Infogalactic. This caught my eye:
    “VHEMT was founded in 1991 by Les U. Knight, an American activist who became involved in the environmental movement in the 1970s and thereafter concluded that human extinction was the best solution to the problems facing the Earth’s biosphere and humanity.”

    So, the solution to solving the problems facing humanity is to exterminate humanity? Forgive me if that logic is not…..logical.

    1. Severian

      Right. They’re the A1 example of the idea that Leftism is a suicide cult. As with all Leftist “ideas,” all you have to do to refute it is take it seriously. Voluntary extinction? OK… you first, champ.

  2. Deplorable Black Man

    The Z-man has gone off the deep end with this “it’s all genetics!” stuff. You mean that ALL personality and habits are due to genetics? In a way, some folks on the Alt-Right have a lot in common with the far left – they’re both Racially Obsessed Loonies (ROLs for short) who have no hope of ever appealing to normal people.

    So what would I tell that ghetto kid or that 70 IQ kid? I’d tell him to make it his job to study human nature – yes we have natures – and find out what makes people tick. You don’t need to be particularly smart to do this. Read biographies of great men and women. Make a study of the obstacles they faced and how they overcame them. Learn to be likeable. Didn’t schools teach kids this kinda of stuff back in the day? Catholic schools educated millions of low IQ kids not so long ago, and while some of those kids achieved great things, many more went on to lead nice, solid, middle class lives. And they did by emphasizing culture.

    Btw, you’re one of my favorite commenters over there and I love what you’re doing here!

    1. Severian


      I see what they’re trying to do with their rhetoric, but it’s counterproductive. Z Man said something similar about the Alt-Right’s Hitler schitck: It’s a frat hazing. If you can get past all the oven mitt jokes, you’re in.

      I don’t buy that. Maybe that’s what they think they’re doing, but they end up looking as hateful as the Left. Which defeats the purpose.

      I’m all for “race realism,” in the sense that race is demonstrably correlated with lots of stuff: Tay-Sachs disease, sickle cell anemia, lactose intolerance, and, yes, IQ. But so what? To say, as Vox Day et al love to, that “it takes an average IQ of 100 to maintain a technological civilization like ours” doesn’t mean a hell of a lot. Surely a self-proclaimed “superintelligence” knows what the word average means? Unless we’re now all George W. Bush, mandating that henceforth, everyone shall be above average?

      Given what average means, the inevitable question is: What do to with the below-average? We know what the Left does with people it finds inconvenient. What shall the “Right” do? Re-institute slavery? Give the caste system a shot? Blow them out the airlock?

      You either fit the culture to the people, in other words, or you fit the people to the culture. I prefer the one that doesn’t end in work camps.

  3. P_Ang

    I see the alt-right as “our” side’s delusional fanatic leftists. You can’t reason with them, and they leap to insult you every chance they get. For example, if you say “we need to allow educated whites into the country to counterbalance the last 24 years of unchecked amnesties, you’re called a cuck because the correct alt-right answer is “no immigration at all.” I’ve had a falling out with a certain aforementioned blogger because anyone who is not an alt-righter is “an enemy.”

    If you’re surrounded by nothing but enemies, there’s not much chance of winning.

  4. guest

    >What do to with the below-average?

    Not import them? That’s a good solid start.

    They have to literally teach migrants how to use a toilet in Europe.

    1. Severian

      Hey, I’m with you. But what to do with the below-average that are already here? That have always been here? That will be born here, white as you please, with American citizen ancestors going back to the Mayflower?

      This ain’t Lake Woebegon; plenty of “our” folks are below-average, too. What is to be done with them?

      It’s an important question I don’t hear the HBD folks addressing, and until they do, they — WE — will never get out of the lunatic fringe.

      1. guest

        The very same thing we do now, pay the danegeld!

        Draconian penalties for lawbreaking
        and more incentives for not breaking.

        Free stuff in exchange for social peace.

        Paying the savages to not burn down your city…
        There’s nothing social about welfare, it’s insurance.

        Legalize drugs as well, bread, drugs and circuses!

        1. Deplorable Black Man

          What do we with the people we’ve already got?, is an important question indeed.

          And I think the answer brings us back to culture. Today, our newest Americans don’t believe adopting American culture is essential to their success – it’s small but very significant that recent immigrants feel no need to adopt “American” names anymore, whereas previous immigrants kinda knew it was part of the deal.

          The great Mark Steyn has this line about England “becoming Mogadishu with chips shops” and he’s exactly right – immigration without assimilation is like a neutron bomb that leaves the buildings intact but destroys everything else.

  5. Nate Winchester

    There is at least one secular argument: cannibalism seems to have it’s own disease.

    If it weren’t, someone — the Soviets, say — would’ve tried it.

    Indeed they put out propaganda expressly AGAINST such a thing when peasants had to start eating each other during the Holodormor. There is some irony in the Soviets being against it in principle yet often seem to resort to it in practice.

    Anyway Jonah Goldberg loves to quote Hannah Arendt who said something like, “every generation, Western civilization is invaded by barbarians – we call them ‘children’.” In a recent podcast, he expanded on this noting that you can’t have kids and still believe in a blank slate – kids come preloaded with a lot of software – but they need to have upgrades over their lives – we call that civilizing them.

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