It’s OK to be (In)Different

Sometimes I think that what bugs me the most about our PC, feminized, pussified, Ritalin-addled schools is that they make indifference impossible.  Everything is either ZOMG the greatest thing in the universe or Worst. Episode. Ever.  It’s like we have a society-wide case of Borderline Personality Disorder.

That’s a logical consequence of the Left’s worldview: One must not have Unapproved Opinions, and the easiest way to prove one is free from the taint of heresy is to appear fanatically devoted to Approved Products, and utterly hateful to Unapproved ones.  Thus the frantic search for consensus on everything, even silly little pop-culture fluff.  The goal is to achieve a kind of mental North Korea, where everything not forbidden is compulsory (and the first person to stop clapping for Glorious Leader is taken out back and shot).

Sadly, it has deeply infected the Right, too.  Folks in Our Thing are shocked to learn that I’m bored silly by Tolkien, couldn’t care less about Star Trek, and don’t read comic books.  Yes, fine, I’ve seen your arguments — really, mere statements — about Tolkien’s excellence a thousand times, and guess what?  I agree with you.  Those are good things.  But he still spends one hundred and fifty fucking pages describing some dork’s birthday party. Guess further what?  It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that you do like Tolkien, that you apparently consider stuff like “elevensies” and “second breakfast” deep and meaningful literature (instead of diabetes-inducing saccharine cutesy crap).  De gustibus non disputandum — life’s too short.

The Left, at least, are like this because they have no stable identity.  How could they?  The canon of Approved Opinions can change 180 degrees in an instant, and one must change with them or be banished to outer darkness.  Call it the Molotov-Ribbentrop Effect, or, if you prefer, we have always been at war with Eastasia.  A stable identity requires at least some successful efforts to align oneself with Reality; the One Ring of Leftist belief is that Reality is always wrong.

We have no excuse.  The Reality is, there is no work of art so great that nobody is bored by it; none so terrible that nobody likes it.  Moreover, nobody who lives in Reality — which is all of us, even the Left — has the time to form full, informed opinions on every little thing.  Yes, I am certain that if I were locked in a room with nothing but stacks of comic books, I could find lots to appreciate about them, and, in time, might even come to say that I like comic books.  But until that happens, I will continue in my blissful indifference to the whole schmear.

Folks in Our Thing are even worse when it comes to people.  Again, the Reality is, nobody is 100% “based.”  We all have vast areas of our lives that aren’t consistent with other vast areas of our lives.  We power through with shit-eating grins, because, again, life’s too short.  I hate Lefties; millionaires preaching about Marxism is the height of hypocrisy; yet Rage Against the Machine makes some of the best weightlifting music ever recorded, so they’re still playing on my iPod (further hypocrisy at least 2x) when I hit the gym.

I like what I like about [pick your Alt-Righter].  I don’t like what I don’t like about him, and I’m blissfully indifferent to the rest.  And that’s ok.  I don’t even particularly care if ___ is basically just a grifter — at this point in the history of Our Thing, getting the ideas out there is far more important than any one person’s (fairly obviously shady) motives for putting them out.  Study your history, comrades — Gleichschaltung comes after Machtergriefung.

For the rest, indifference.  You like what you like; I like what I like; and that’s OK, because you’re you and I’m me.  Celebrate some real diversity, willya?  Or not.  I’m indifferent.

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5 thoughts on “It’s OK to be (In)Different

  1. Robert M Mitchell Jr.

    Well, there is a reason for that on the Right. When you are continually attacked by the Left, when the Foundations are attacked, most need some sort of anchor. For some, Tolkien, for some comics, for some, the Bible. They MUST care, for if the do not, they might be swept away by the Left’s madness……..

  2. Altitude Zero

    Glad to know I’m not the only guy on the Right who never “got” Tolkien. I can see why people like it, but it’s not for me. Rumor has it that C.S. Lewis was also not a fan, despite his friendship with Tolkien, but I don’t know if that’s true or not…

  3. Nate Winchester

    Folks in Our Thing are shocked to learn that I’m bored silly by Tolkien, couldn’t care less about Star Trek, and don’t read comic books.

    Oh we are no longer friends! I will meet you at dawn with pistols ready!

    nah, j/k But you read Abolition of Man yet? In it Lewis makes a point about the objectivity of art. (something I’ve seen someone else comment on) That’s part of the issue nowadays as we’ve decided all is subjective. Which means if whoever doesn’t like it, then it must be bad. Follow the logic chain from there and you get the freakouts.

    Rather I liken it to food. There is an objective standard to food, it’s call nutrition. But nutrition is no measure of how you’ll like the taste. You may still hate broccoli and love ice cream. Likewise, objective Tolkien may be great art, but if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

    I think the other issue is that culture and interaction requires common frames of reference and context. (just starting with language) If you and others around you don’t have some common culture to draw on, then you can’t play riddle games like Bilbo & Gollum. (see what I did there?) Ok ok, this is a smarter man than me talking on this point:

  4. Anonymous White Male

    You implied, but didn’t mention that there used to be a continuum of likes and dislikes. I believe that thinking individuals will see that reality and taste are neither all or none. The need to differentiate everything into black and white allows dialectical materialism to work its magic. If a certain condition can be reduced to two different points of view (thesis and antithesis), the resulting synthesis can be achieved. The left may cream themselves while watching 50 Shades of Gray, but they don’t really practice degrees of separation for most things. Except for gender.

    1. Severian Post author

      Not even there. Not really, anyway — nobody, least of all xyzryrself, really believes xzhey are a “golden skinned wingless dragonkin.” There are only two genders for the Left: “normal” and “look at meeeee!!!!”

      All of this used to fall under the general heading “maturity.” I might not like So-and-So, and he may not like me, but we can work together, because we have a much stronger mutual interest in getting the job done. And that’s what this stuff really is: Immaturity. You like what you like, and nothing you like is “problematic,” because normal people stop trying to impose their tastes on random others back in junior high.

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