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It occurs to me that we’ve got a great opportunity for in-person meetups right under our noses: The Democratic Party.

Those of us who remember the 1980s had a good laugh at the campaign of alleged right-wing nativist extremist maniac uber-Republican Ted Cruz, who would’ve been a fairly conventional centrist Democrat as late as 1988.  Commie rags like Mother Jones and The Nation have surely purged their paper archives in true Stalinist style, but the internet is forever — it wouldn’t be hard, I imagine, to find all sorts of articles from big-name Lefties arguing for things near and dear to our hearts: Closed borders, protective tariffs, the breakup of Big Tech monopolies….

In short, since “the Working Man” is now code for “White people,” recasting ourselves as Friends of the Working Man — as all good Democrats once pretended to be — is a no-brainer, organization-wise.  Hell, even Hillary Clinton — as out and proud an oligarch as you’ll find this side of Cosimo de Medici — made a few token gestures about the Plight of the Working Class in between jetting off to $10,000 a plate fundraisers.  The Left dropped Socialism the minute they realized stuff like lower drug prices would benefit Badwhites, but they left a paper trail nearly a century long.  All we have to do is pick it up.

Please note: This isn’t some hypothetical gas about DR3*.  It’s purely a tactical move.  Most party organizations in most places, I imagine, run skeleton crews outside of election years.  The Democratic Party Booster Club of [town name] would be a perfect way for us to get together.  All you have to do is pass the hat once a month, to raise a modest “speaker’s fee” for some flunky in the city government, or some Poli-Sci dweeb from the local junior college, to come in and give a speech, “with reception to follow.”  Once the speaker hightails it out — which should be soon, as blue-haired nose-ringers tend to di di mau when faced with a room of White guys — we’re free to discuss all sorts of interesting things that would benefit our fellows… as are written in the Scriptures, circa 1987.  Surely no one can object to a “study circle” focusing on the work of, say, David Corn….


*”Democrats R tha Real Racists,” for you older folks who don’t speak Internet.
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6 thoughts on “Join the Democrats

  1. MBlanc46

    Expound historic Dem doctrine to the local Dem organization. The party of the working man. Man. My main concern about that is that the Dems have historically, well back into the 19th century, been the party of immigrants, and reversing the flood if immigrants is my principal political goal. Your comment calls to mind something I read somewhere not to long ago: The Dems have abandoned their traditional mission—advocating for the working man—and the Repubs have abandoned their traditional mission—advocating fiscal responsibility. Neither party gives a bleep about ordinary working people.

  2. Martinian

    This is a great idea…but it fails on account of ideological asymmetry: People who are attracted to the Right are in general repelled by tactics requiring dissimulation and trickery.

    NB: I am NOT trying to argue that the Right is necessarily populated by better or more moral people — Lord knows we have out knaves in spades, and they’re not particularly hard to find. Rather, I’m pointing out that different outlooks/temperaments are conducive to different organizational skills/tactics.

    To wit, for all the fanfare on the Left about how they’re all members of the “reality-based community” and “f*cking love science”, it doesn’t take much digging to see that the lady doth protest too much, methinks. After all, a major plank of Leftist thinking is that you can overcome “reality” with enough brute force — the real “reality” is the power to compel assent that 2+2=5. So in general, people attracted to the Left will tend to care less about things like honesty, truthfulness, clarity of definition/communication, etc. Who cares about all that crap so long as you’re “doing the right thing”?

    (Aside: I think this is at the root of a lot of educated upper-middle-class Leftist anger. If you start out being an average decent person with a reasonable sense of basic social morality, as I think most people in that socio-economic boat were generally raised, then it takes an awful lot of cognitive dissonance to ignore the ends-justify-the-means amorality of Leftist dogma. This ends up getting expressed as a kind of free-floating angst looking for a convenient outlet to convince yourself that you’re a “good person”, when “good” doesn’t really mean anything in general and in practice often implies being quite nasty. Compare the feminist rage of middle-aged women who should have had a family with kids, but were sold on a big lie.)

    The Right, on the other hand, assumes that a certain amount of Reality is an unchangeable given. This is probably why we end up with a ton of Eeyore-ism. But more to the point, it’s a problem when trying to infiltrate and take-over an institution on the sly, since we stick out like sore thumbs by not toting the party line. Moreover, even if we did manage to keep our heads down enough to form a local “study group”, I’d wager it wouldn’t be too long before a nosy blue-haired nose-ringer starts to get suspicious. After all, it’s not like we can mask our entire working identities and normal affiliations. For instance, even without any social media, I’ve got a mile-long paper trail in churches and similarly traditional institutions that it wouldn’t be hard to sniff out if someone got down to just asking around.

    Part of the problem is that we even have to consider the strategy of going deep cover. The Left didn’t have to do this. Bill Ayers waltzed right into academia from criminal agitation and started molding policy hand-in-glove with the powers-that-be.

    1. Severian Post author

      I see what you mean, but that’s the beauty of this plan: All politics is local, right? So let’s get them on record. The blue-haired nose-ringers will definitely come sniffing around our meetings. Let them! Let’s get it all out in the open that yes, a well-educated, responsible, middle-class taxpayer like yourself isn’t welcome in the [city name] Democratic Party, because you’re White, attend church, and consider both those things to be at least ok, if not positive goods.

      That would red-pill a few people, don’t you think?

      And as for Our Thing’s lack of infiltration skill and Bolshevik discipline, well, evolve or die. It’s either an existential fight, or it isn’t. If it is, one doesn’t fight by Marquess of Queensberry rules in a street riot. If it isn’t, then we fight the traditional way — show up at their institutions and take them over, much like Ayers et al did with academia.

      1. Martinian

        Hmm…good point. I hadn’t thought of the consequence for them of the “make them force you out” strategy.

        I might have an in with a guy I know who seems to think of himself as Lefty, but frequently laments the absence of a the old Center-Left + traditional Christian morality, which seems to be rather similar to what Trump has been pushing.

        It’s just amazing to me how many people just can’t get over the persona of Trump no matter what…

      2. WOPR

        I keep waiting on a Christian group to flood some LGBTXYZSQESV group with members. Then go and win the election of officers. They can then announce they support conversion therapy and that whatever alphabet letter they are, it is a mental illness.

  3. Frip

    Severian: “If you’re tempted to write this off as the rambling of a lone Internet weirdo, it’s not my argument…”

    If you ever think about changing the name of Rotten Chestnuts to something else, please consider Lone Internet Weirdo. There’s enough younger guys in our thing to appreciate the self-critical irony of it. And the old guys will think it’s funny on face value alone. Seeing it as a link would make a person want to click on it just out of curiousity. And, let’s face it, it’s fairly accurate.

    While on the subject of the name, here are some lousy 60’s band names in the same awkward, unsexy, mildewy style as Rotten Chestnuts.

    Jefferson Airplane
    Lovin’ Spoonful
    Buffalo Springfield
    REO Speedwagon
    Fairport Convention
    Strawberry Alarmclock

    (We can mess with Sev like this because he’s cool enough to roll with it. And deep down he knows he screwed up on the name but it’s far too late to change it).

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