Keep Your Powder Dry

Now that it looks like the vote has been scheduled on Kavanaugh, which means he’s going to be confirmed, I hope the Republican senators have world-class security on them at all times.  What’s left for the Left but to get violent?  And as they know they’ll face no consequences….

Interesting times ahead.

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2 thoughts on “Keep Your Powder Dry

  1. Rod1963

    I think they shot their wad on this one. They expected the GOP to fold on the spot but it didn’t happen. So no violence for now, just screaming harpies and posturing.

    Though there is the possibility that another Bernie Bro goes off the deep end and starts shooting up the joint. At this point it couldn’t happen to a better bunch of scoundrels.

  2. Frip

    I remember in college in the 90’s. A professor said, “he shot his wad”. And all the girls looked at each other in amazement. The prof was from 1 generation earlier. He was very dignified and conservative. I think that term must have meant something totally innocent in his time. He had no idea how we heard it. It was hilarious.

    Rod. I’ve said it before. I really don’t think the Left miscalculated on the Kavanagh thing. (Though I’m not a Debbie downer. I’m thrilled too that they lost this one). But I think they just have nothing to lose in the long run, so they just try anything. There’s no miscalculation. They just try anything without concern for shame. They can afford to look terrible. To be random. Because they know the world will be theirs in a short time. Hell, in about 7 years they’ll have the mass consensus and power to just start removing judges from the supreme court. Everything is going to change.

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