Kent State, Nationwide

In an offline, a reader* argues that the Biden/Harris ticket isn’t just a “protect the brand” sacrificial lamb, as I’ve been suggesting. Rather, this is the prelude to them pulling the trigger on massive civil unrest nationwide, which has been the plan all along – go all in; force Trump to roll the tanks. They want another Kent State, in other words, only this time, it’s everywhere.

The theory certainly fits the facts on the ground. For instance, here’s pollster Frank Luntz declaring that if they — the pollsters — botch 2020 like they botched 2016, “pollsters” as a viable economic group cease to exist: “If Trump wins, my profession is done.” And yet, these same pollsters continually release “polls” that only a moron could possibly believe are on the level.

A challenger being up double digits on an incumbent, head to head, this late in the game is unheard of. For instance, here’s Jimmy Carter leading comfortably into November, despite being, you know, Jimmy Carter. And that’s with a fairly strong third party challenge from John B. Anderson — 6% ain’t nothing, especially when pretty much all of it came from voters who otherwise would’ve supported Reagan. Jimmah was on the other end in 1976; the best he did against Ford in October was +6, and the final polls in October had Ford up by 1. The closest thing to 2020’s polls would be 1992, with Bill Clinton cruising over incumbent GHW Bush… but again, with a substantial third party challenge from Ross Perot, who — again — pulled voters almost exclusively from the GOP.

You’re free to argue that Biden’s going to win in a historic blowout, I guess, against all precedent and common sense. But if that’s true, then why is Sundown making one of his very rare trips out of the basement to campaign in Michigan, a state where he’s supposedly up by 12?  And bringing Obama with him? Seems like Grandpa Sneakyfingers doesn’t believe the pollsters, either… and yet, they persist. Why? It makes no sense…

…unless the pollsters are in on it. We can excuse 2016 — they were wishcasting. They ended up with egg on their faces, but it wasn’t a job killer. This time it will be. The only explanation I can think of that makes sense is that yeah, they’re in on it. The “Biden is leading yuuuuge!” narrative is exactly that, a narrative, so that when Trump wins, the Democrats can jump up and exclaim that the very fact Biden was up so big, yet lost, proves that the GOP rigged the election. And then the riots start for real.

This would also explain the Dems’ sudden, dramatic volte-face on mail-in voting. You’ll recall that back in the spring, mail-in voting was the only way to save democracy. Now mail-in voting is part of the Russian scheme to throw the election to the GOP. I know, I know, the ability to suddenly and dramatically reverse themselves is a job requirement for being a liberal, but even the low-info voters noticed, and thought it weird.

The likeliest explanation? When they realized that even their best efforts at fraud weren’t going to be enough, they decided that the only thing to do is roll the dice now. The “mail in fraud” narrative folds seamlessly into the “Biden’s up yuuuge!’ narrative to provide all the pretext they need for massive, nationwide civil unrest….

What say y’all?




*who I will happily credit if you want it; I just didn’t have time to check with you, and I wasn’t sure you’d want your name on this, in case you’re right.

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21 thoughts on “Kent State, Nationwide

    1. Severian Post author

      Your theory would also explain the baffling Harris VP pick. Knowing they had to go with an angry ethnic female, why pick the one even their base hates?

      I thought they were putting her on the ticket to finally get her out of the way. Real blacks hate you, Sugar Tits, and if Biden needs help in **California** then he’s toast anyway. But if they’re counting on a nationwide Kent State, they might be delusional enough to think CA will rally around Kamala. It’s not like they haven’t made it painfully obvious Biden is getting deposed about 5 minutes after he takes the oath of office… Given the Left’s base, “they cheated us out if the first black female president!” isn’t the worst slogan behind which to rally troops.

      Finally, it would explain why Biden is doing absolutely nothing to win, and indeed seems like he’s trying to lose. I could give a shit about baseball, but like everybody I heard about the Rays’ manager’s decision last night… and like everybody my first thought was that he had money on the Dodgers. Biden is acting for all the world like he’s got a big bet down on Trump, which is terrifying.

  1. WOPR

    Virtually all of the polling firms are in on it. They’re part of the establishment that hates Trump and this is the all hands on deck moment. They will still get hired for jobs because they were good soldiers in the fight. Just like virtually every other institution, it doesn’t matter if you were correct. Were you on the right side?

    If Biden loses and they do get massive sustained protests, what happens? In the fevered dreams of the Left, they force Trump out, and get capital retribution on him and his supporters. In the fevered dreams of the Right, they are gunning them down in the streets. Maybe the time of choosing is at hand. Or it could be months of low level chaos. I don’t know. If the avalanche starts it will likely be to some inconsequential snowflake the moves the pile.

    1. Severian Post author

      If they get massive, sustained protests, the likeliest outcome is some combo of China, Russia, and \ or Iran making their move, and then things get *really* fun.

      The Left is definitely dumb enough to think rolling the dice is a good idea. If there’s any doubt, look at the Hunter Biden shenanigans and Hillary’s toilet server – these people are terrifyingly stupid.

      The Right is dumb enough to open fire if provoked, and as you say, all it takes is one.

      I think the Left really does have fantasies of a pitchfork wielding mob marching on the White House and tarring and feathering Drumpf. They really are that disconnected from reality.

      But here’s a white pill: Kent State was 1970. The American people seemed to think the hippies had it coming, because Nixon won in 72 in one of the biggest blowouts in history. If Bad Orange Man ever really did want to be a dictator, he’ll never get a better chance.

      1. Codex

        I’d you want to go full Ancient aliens…

        It’s all forced choices. Remember what you did (and if you’re a closet totalitarian, you didn’t ‘splain as soon as the rug rat was old enough to understand) : forced choices? “Do you want to wear your pants or your skirt” (You are not going outside in diapers!

        You do not get to have a Christian country.

  2. Pickle Rick

    Here’s another thread to pick up. A lot of cities, but especially NYC, are preparing for election riots. Now, just exactly WHO do they think is going to riot? The millions of Trump supporters that have been rioting all summer long? I don’t think so. The only rioting possible in a major American city is a Leftist riot, which means that even Democratic city mayors are preparing for a Trump victory.

    1. Severian Post author

      Hey, where are those Q Anon buffoons on all of this? Maybe THIS is finally “The Storm” ™!!!! Roll in the tanks, purge the blue cities, do Mittens and Murkowski and the rest of the Deep State like that guy, you know, what’s his name… nacht der langen Messer, nicht wahr?

      Gosh, I can see why people get into this kind of thing… I just wish I didn’t have the sick feeling that I’m insulting degenerate, perverted Nazi scum like Ernst Rohm by comparing them to Democrats.

      1. Codex

        I was just talking to my husband about the Q thing. I seem to have checked out too soon. Because I stopped at #1 and #2: And I was dismissive of #2 as gullible dreamers. But according to his experience bon Gab there are:

        1. Q is an awesome longrange political campaign. ++coopting lefty narrative tools. Full disclosure: I love the idea for near-future thrillers. #WWG1WGA

        2. Q is “real” in that actual moles within the deep state are sharing out real Intel.

        3. Q-ancillary combines the two and adds the obligation to go full Mal: “Can’t stop the signal&

        4. Q is all of the above AND – if you join the movement- a bunch of Deep State counter-revolutionaries will turn up to Save Us: WWG1WGA-xeleventy-million-!!!

        The October Surprise supports #2. But talking to the Spousal Person, “Hey, maybe there is something to those Q reports, so the #3 guys are onto something” got me the #4 report.

        Do any of you IRL know #4 Q-pers?

  3. Some Guy

    I figure that’s why they were all in on defunding the police back over the summer. Deblasio cut the funding by one billion dollars. Granted NYPD is bigger than a lot of countries militaries but still a billion goes a long way.

    Also the same reason they have perpetual riots in Portland, they were using the police as opfor and refining their tactics.

    1. Severian Post author

      Cards on the table: I’m still playing this mostly as a conspiracy theory, because I doubt a **conscious** decision has been made to try and provoke a new Kent State (as opposed to an unconscious, lemmings like wish to finally just fucking get it on already, which lots of us share).

      That said, if conscious decisions *were* made, what you’re saying makes a lot of sense… given how the Left are, and what they don’t know. Tactics that work on cops, even heavily militarized ones like NYPD, are nothing compared to actual fighting troops with urban warfare experience… of which we have more than a few.

      If I were conducting a test of this hypothesis, then, I’d check to see where the Empire’s battle tested formations are – still overseas, or rotating home? (This assumes Trump has made reasonable plans; if he hasn’t we are in a world of shit).

    2. Southern Belle

      Yesterday a group of college professors called for a budget cut of police by $5 million here in Chawlston. This is a blue city in a red state. Stores and restaurants in the main shopping district which depend on tourism have closed down and a large number of homes are going up for sale. And those huge ships from China keep sailing into port…maybe bringing in more virus-infected visitors right before the election so cases spike??

      BTW did y’all see that we had a deadly Wuhan flu here in 1996 (from CDC archives)? Hmmm…

      1. Severian Post author

        There’s an easy response to that: The police should simply announce the closure of the station nearest the faculty ghetto. It’ll save a bunch of money in the police budget, and the professors can see for themselves how a “defunded” police force works out.

  4. BadThinker

    I don’t really see them having such vision. The riots are in places they control and have easy access to. Trump so far has played it right – let the mayors and governors own the breakdown of law and order. PA’s Gov Wolf is out there right now talking about the peaceful jogging in Philadelphia, while simultaneously signing a ‘Disaster Emergency’ order – this thing is like a doublespeak manual.

    In my view, the biggest question mark is DC itself. There’s a ton of joggers there who might be able to be roughly pointed in the direction of the nearest federal building, but the bureaucracy takes care of its own. Also, the upper middle and professional classes are mostly working from home in their white suburbs, so the riots really haven’t hit them for the most part. In many smaller cities the bus lines don’t go out that far.

    It’s an interesting thought experiment, but I’m not convinced we see much more actual action than what we’ve seen so far.

  5. contrariandutchman

    “The commander of the Reichswehr regretfully informs the Reichsprasident that it will not be possible to put down the paramilitaries by force”.

      1. Maus

        I think the dividing line is actually between LTC and COL. I know a lot of solid Lt. Colonels with excellent service records who found themselves in an incident that torpedoed their promotion in the year prior to its anticipation. The up or out pyramid reaches a critical choke point because most LTCs at that time have the 20 years in service that qualifies for retirement.

        No doubt a handful of based COLs can be found to lead a rebel army should the resistance coalesce into an organized force. Indeed, I would suspect anyone of higher rank (i.e. general officers) of being a likely traitor, given how much politics has governed promotion in the 21st century.

        1. Pickle Rick

          Well, let’s see. Colonel Washington (resigned 1759) Colonel Lee (1861) Major Jackson (1850). Captain Grant (1854) Captain Sherman, (1853).

          Of course, Nathaniel Greene, Henry Knox, Henry Morgan, Francis Marion, Nathan Bedford Forrest and William Quantrill never served a day in uniform before their respective climb to the military pantheon.

          1. Severian Post author

            Of successful revolutionaries: Colonel Ghadaffi, Corporal Hitler, General (but really lieutenant) Bonaparte, Colonel Ishiwara, Col. Amin, Col. Peron… But generals Suharto, Pinochet, and I’m sure a whole slough of African, Asian, and South American wogs.

            Still, given that the wog revoluciones were really palace coups, yeah, I’d say it’s your mid level staff officers ftw.

          2. Severian Post author

            Forgot to add, on the “no military experience” side, Oliver Cromwell (a militia member, not even an officer) and that fucker Trotsky, who might actually have been Satan incarnate.

  6. MBlanc46

    The Dems are all about paradise on Earth. No looting, rioting, and burning on their watch. Rioting, looting, and burning are due to white supremacists and Trump (which are the same thing). And racist white cops, who will be defunded. As soon as Biden and Harris are installed the chaos will end. The funds will get cut off and the word will go out that arrests will be made. Should Trump pull off another miracle, however, all bets are off. As far as the polls go, I imagine they’re simply using their old algorithms that over-estimate the Dems who vote. “Silent” or “shy” Trump voters are hard to count. It wouldn’t surprise me if the reason they’re still using the old algorithms is that they like it when the answer is “the Dems win”. I don’t see a Biden landslide. Trump ought to get his 63 or so million again. But Biden will get 65-70 million. And Dem vote counters in PA, MI, and WI will make sure that he gets them in the right places.

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