Law is Not Culture

Post-Obama America is a fascinating place if you’re a student of human folly.  Liberalism is in its death throes — it’ll be a bumpy ride, and not all of us will survive it, but it’ll be a hoot until they cart us off to the reeducation camps.

The Gods of the Copybook headings are coming back, and they are pissed.

One important lesson we’re learning is: Law is not Culture.  Culture matters far more than Law, but since Liberals don’t believe in Culture — ignorant, ahistorical fools that they are, they think it’s all a scam by the Pale Penis People — they’ve tried to reshape humanity by fiat.  It has worked out as well as every other Liberal idea from the past 100 years.

Anyone who has ever been around kids instinctively understands this.  You want Bruiser to be nice to Timmy, but since Bruiser doesn’t want to be nice to Timmy, you have to forbid certain activities… but Bruiser, despite a 70 IQ and the attention span of a gnat, can still think up more misbehaviors that you can forbid.  So you try positive law — instead of not being able to do certain things to Timmy, you make him do other things for Timmy.  But, again, he doesn’t want to do things for Timmy, so he does what you make him in the most obnoxious way possible.  There’s no set of regs you can lay down that will get the result you want; you have to convince Bruiser that being nice to Timmy is an end in itself.

Get the Culture right, and you hardly even need the Law.  But again, Liberals don’t believe in Culture.  They only believe in Words and Power, so it follows that the right combination of words must work.  They have to believe that if we achieve maximum North Korea — everything not compulsory is forbidden — we shall at long last have Utopia.  Their Utopia, where everything is what it appears to be and nothing can ever be different, no, not ever, world without end amen.

At their best, Culture and Law work in tandem; Law is Culture’s boundary.  In Victorian England, for example, homosexuality was outlawed – punishable by ten years in the slammer after 1861; before that it was a death penalty offense.  And yet, seemingly half the British upper crust were gay in the Victorian Era, and they weren’t too subtle about it — it was simply expected that English public schoolboys would choke up on each other’s cricket bat, as it were.  In this instance, the Law existed to police the acceptable barriers of conduct — Oscar Wilde didn’t go to jail for being gay; he went to jail for being vulgar (he’s the one that sued).

Liberals can’t believe that, so they’re forced to fall back on Law.  It won’t end well for them, but it’ll probably end worse for us — the Law will always be with us, but Culture, once it’s gone, is gone forever.

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