Liberal Tough Guys

Always remember: These are the people who are going to lead the Revolution.  The ones who are willing — nay, eager — for political violence to break out, so the Patriarchy may finally be toppled.

John Scalzi @scalzi Jun 30
Let it be known that my daughter can lift more than I do. Because she’s on her school’s weightlifting team, and also because she’s awesome.

Please do take the time to read the comments.  But unless you want to buy a new monitor, be sure to put down your coffee first.

If I may be serious for a sec — just a sec, I promise — this is one of the best illustrations you’ll ever find of the liberal cocoon.  I’m not always the strongest guy at the gym, but I can promise you, I’m always the strongest girl.  Or, as awesomely named commenter “Darth Toolpodicus” puts it:

My wife and I are both competitive powerlifters, she benches a lot for a female (180lbs). Her biggest complaint: After lifting for years, the only guys she outbenches are the one who are new to the gym…virtually all the guys who are there regularly pass her up within a couple months.

For the record, 185 (a 45lb. plate and a 25lb. plate on each side, plus the standard 45lb. bar) is considered warm-up weight for any moderately serious male lifter.  (Which is why, back in grad school, I used to offer to disprove “equalist” feminism in under fifteen minutes.  A quick bus ride down to the campus gym, I’d say, and you’ll need to rethink your whole paradigm).

It takes a lot of effort not to notice things like this.  It takes a huge, hermetically-sealed bubble, maintained with the zealotry of an industrial clean room, not to notice some very basic problems with the liberal worldview.  And yet, guys like Scalzi and his umpteen zillion blog readers / Twitter followers manage it.

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