Liberals vs. Evolution

Another question I’d like to see asked:

Liberals believe in evolution, right?  I mean, evolution + “global warming” = science, according to Our Betters.

So, ummm, WTF, guys?

Take a population of, say, squirrels.  Disperse them over several continents, in isolation from each other, for a few thousand years.  They’d change, right?  They’d evolve, if you will.  And any stoopid science-denying conservative who came along and said that of course the European reticulated warbling squirrel is exaclty the same, in behavior, capacity, and habits, as the Australian crested three-toed squirrel, would be laughed out of the room as scietifically illiterate, right?

And yet we’re all supposed to believe that in this one case, homo sapiens sapiens, that’s exactly what did happen.  We’re all exactly the same, in behavior, capacity, and habits.

Please for to explain this. Wouldn’t this, on its own, be an execption so huge as to render Descent with Modification false?

Or are they, you know, just bullshitting us?


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2 thoughts on “Liberals vs. Evolution

  1. Robert M Mitchell Jr.

    You’re kidding right? The Left is the hardest of the hard line Creationists. If you believed in Evolution, you wouldn’t have a problem with “Invasive species” or extinction of species, right? Climate change? Great, adversity will create wonderful new species and destroy the old, failing ones! No, the Left believes nothing about Evolution. All it ever was to them was part of the Dark Triad (Darwin, Freud, Marx), their great weapon to take God and Religion out of the public square, for how else could they Sin to the Height of their Desire?

  2. Severian

    Yup. The Left always gets so pissy when you point out how religious they are. Compared to liberal faith in, well, everything, Torquemada was so-so about Catholicism.

    We just need to tweak ’em a lot more on this. And their so-called belief in Evolution is a good place to start.

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