Mailing List Test Email Sent

If you didn’t get it and were supposed to, let me know. If you didn’t get it but want it now, let me know that too. If you got it but don’t want it… well, you know.

Reminder that this is a backup only. RC will continue until purged, which, given that we only have 20 Readers, will probably never happen – lots of other folks are going to volunteer to be heroes here in the coming weeks and months, and they’re welcome to it. It’ll be a while before they get done show-trialing Bannon etc. and work their way down here.

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9 thoughts on “Mailing List Test Email Sent

  1. Deuce

    Thank you Sev,

    Reading that email gave me the same secure feeling as having a flashlight handy when the power goes out.
    We will not be in total darkness.
    Hopefully, you can find some more uses for your team roster.


    1. Severian Post author

      Probably just an oversight, but please resend an email, including your handle here, and I’ll add you.

      (It turns out we don’t have twenty readers. Judging by the email response, we have about FORTY readers, which is twice the number my poor pea brain can handle (and about 35 more than I would’ve thought)).

  2. Lei

    I’m not sure I’m on the mailinglist now. But I registered. Greatings from the Netherlands.
    Back to the ’90, where all my internet activity was email-lists and individual sites. Liked it just fine then.
    Nostalgia galore. Ironic, the only ones you could find back then were straight white males. What were we thinking sharing it?

    1. Severian Post author

      Go ahead and send me an email ( please, to make sure you’re on the list.

      It amuses me to no end that anyone at all reads my stuff, let alone people on different continents. The Internet really is amazing, isn’t it?

  3. dave b

    I did get a notice from protonmail that I received an email but I cannot check and I have to wonder if anyone else has had trouble logging into them? The first time I logged in no problem but after that I get error messages. I followed all their instructions regarding browser issues, etc., to no avail. I did let them know about the issue but have not heard back. The joys of technology.

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