Marx Was Right After All (an ongoing series)

Marxism just seems right to teenagers of all ages. Teenagers’ only frame of reference is their parents, and to the inexperienced — as all teenagers by definition are —  even the best parents seem willful and capricious, if not outright tyrannical. (The gray, wrinkled teenagers who refuse to learn merely substitute “society” for “their parents” in their emotional incontinence). Teenagers live in a weirdly binary world, where the switches can only be “on” or “off,” yet all terms are undefined.

That’s why the worst thing a teenager can think of is “unfair.” It’s wrong because it feels wrong, and anything that’s wrong must be somebody’s fault — again, how could it be otherwise? Parents can’t afford to let their kids learn big lessons the hard way. Literally can’t afford it, in that teenagers can’t see why, for example, you can’t take that turn at 85 mph on an icy road. You can explain it to them until you’re blue in the face, but as anyone who has spent any time around teenagers knows, there’s a large subset of them that will simply refuse to get it. Alas, those tend to be the brighter ones, and so a large part of the subtle art of teenager management is setting up smaller, less catastrophic situations for them to fuck up, such that they hopefully learn by analogy. Which is still, of course, the grownups’ fault

A big part of growing up, then, is: realizing that not everything is someone’s fault. Every effect has a cause, that’s a simple truth of logic, but not every event has a cause. The real world, grownups know, is what Buddha said it is, a nexus of causes and conditions. Even the simplest event has innumerable proximate causes, necessary-but-not-sufficient conditions, and so on. If you want to argue, in terms of pure logic, that every event is an intersection of a long series of causal chains that are all, in theory, perfectly discoverable, go nuts, but for all practical purposes, shit just happens. Accepting that is one of the foundation stones of adulthood.

From that perspective, one’s youthful Marxism seems silly, and nothing seems sillier than Marx’s endless ranting against the perfidy of “the capitalists.” Just as your parents aren’t really the capricious tyrants you thought they were when they wouldn’t let you use the car on Friday night, so even the biggest of businessmen are just people. Marx paints them as cartoonishly evil, but though a guy like Andrew Carnegie was a real bastard in his youth, no doubt about that, he too grew up, becoming a staunch philanthropist and anti-imperialist. So, too, with the labor theory of value, which is the closest thing to the quintessence of the teenage mind ever put to paper — those Air Jordans are “overpriced,” no one denies that, but it’s simply not true that selling $5 shoes for $200 is “exploitation.” There’s this thing called “demand,” and… well, you get it.

Alas, as my fictional namesake said somewhere, time has a habit of turning all our lies into truths. It turns out Karl Marx was right after all. Who, I ask you, is more cartoonishly evil, more like the caricature capitalist of paranoid Communist fantasies, than Jeff Bezos? Mark Zuckerberg? Tim Cook? Jack Dorsey? Sundar Pichai?

We’re actually living, comrades, in the class-warfare world Marx preached in the 1840s. Everything Marx said about the factory owners of the First Industrial Revolution, that seemed so luridly absurd that even other Socialists criticized him for it, is true of the tech fascists of the Biden-Harris Revolution. Solzhenitsyn cites Russian writers from the late nineteenth century noting that Marxian socialism would end up as nothing more than dialectically-constructed feudalism, and lo, here we are. America in 2021 looks almost exactly like the USSR looked upon Lenin’s death…

…that was 1924, gang, and in case you’ve forgotten, what happened next was a vicious intra-Party civil war, in which Stalin crushed his enemies. AOC makes a pretty unlikely Trotsky, but it’s no less ludicrous than the thought of Nancy Pelosi as Koba… but that’s just the thing, isn’t it? We’ve been noting here for years that the modern Left is dedicated to being the Hollow Men in all things. They’re Revolutionaries without a Revolution — they go on and on (and on and on and on) about fighting the power and sticking it to the Man, even though they, themselves, have been the Man since at least 1974. They’re moralizers without morality — you’ll be scolded for not being as perverse as humanly possible. And, of course, their politics is a cult of personality without the personality — not even Orwell or Kafka could’ve come up with the Party installing an obvious dementia patient as its figurehead, not even if you’d dropped LSD in their tea.

As always — and yes, even in the depths of Stalin’s terror — the real rulers are the nomenklatura, the apparatchiki. Not even Koba the Dread can be everywhere. Being Hollow Men, our Postmodern Leftist masters have decided to dispense with the whole Kremlin thing. Who needs the NKVD, the gulag, the dreaded Lubyanka? The Junior Volunteer Thought Police “fact checking” everything on social media will do it for free, and much more efficiently, at which point their fellow travelers in the banking system will simply cut the badthinkers off. The only reason the gulag persisted after Khrushchev’s “secret speech” was that the Soviets, those fools, wanted to exploit their natural resources themselves, to build things themselves; labor camps were thus integral to the Soviet economy. Our masters don’t care about that, and their masters, the Chinese, certainly don’t. Much more efficient, and psychologically effective, to let the unperson simply starve in the middle of the town square, pour encourager les autres.

But hey, at least we’ll have some fun figuring out who the new Trotsky is. Again, my money’s on AOC — she’s so stupid that she’s bound to do something irrecoverably dumb sooner or later, after which she gets the digital icepick. That’ll be a hoot. Enjoy what parts of the spectacle you can, comrades – if you’re a student of human folly, you’re going to love the next few decades, because Marx was right about that too, the bastard — second time as farce.

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23 thoughts on “Marx Was Right After All (an ongoing series)

  1. MBlanc46

    Who is the new Trotsky? I’m not even sure that Pelosi is Stalin. She may actually be more like Kerensky, the placeholder until the real revolution takes place and the Provisional Government is seen off. So perhaps Harris is the new Stalin. My guess is that she’d like to be. It appears that a substantial part of the Democratic Party want her to be. She’s ruthless enough and shameless enough for it. But does she have the chops? Is there a there, there? We shall see. Is AOC Trotsky? Again, she wants to be. And she does appear to be at the head of the queue. But she really is a lightweight. Whatever one thinks of Trotsky, he wasn’t a lightweight. None of the others of the Gang of Four seem up to it, either. So, my guess is that the part of Trotsky has yet to be filled. The enactment of this drama will provide us Kremlinologists with endless discussion fodder. Unfortunately, the backdrop for this discussion will be the republic that our ancestors built being demolished hammer and tongs.

    1. Severian Post author

      That’s the thing, and perhaps I wasn’t clear enough — since our Postmodern Left is doing the Hollow Man thing, I don’t think there’s going to BE a Stalin — they’re trying the ultimate cult of personality, the one that doesn’t even have a personality (we saw dry runs of this in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and they even tried it briefly with Grandpa Fuddlefingers, but that was a bridge too far even for them). We’re going to be ordered to worship our Glorious Leader, which shall turn out to be….

      … a committee of menopausal cat ladies in Silicon Valley, of both sexes and all 57 genders. It’ll be a hoot.

      AOC wants to be Trotsky, for sure, and I can’t decide if that’s a bigger insult to AOC or Trotsky, who, as you note, was a very serious and big-league guy despite probably landing at #4 on “the most evil sumbitch to ever draw breath” list (and that only because #2 froze him out).

  2. Recusant

    The Peace of Westphalia is going to come back with a bang too – Cuius regio,eius arenam.

    Merkel, whose love for Trump couldn’t be spotted with an electron microscope, has signalled her displeasure with the notion of being ruled by the manboys of Californian tech. Watch the online borders go up all over the world, as we all head into our nationalised digital spheres.

    The Chinese, who have managed to disguise their quite obviously fascist system (Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato (“Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State”)) with the mantle of modern, technocratic Marxism must be absoltely wetting themselves with laughter at our self-imposed cock-ups.

    1. Severian Post author

      “Cuius regio, eius religio” was the Peace of Augsburg, but I take your meaning.

      Isn’t clown world great? Digital nationalism. I for one can’t wait to see the EU’s attempt to build a “European Internet.” These are the guys who regulate the proper curvature on bananas. Yes, boys, get on it! It can’t help but be freer than the California version, but oh lord is it going to be hilarious watching, say, the French trying to impose themselves on L’Nouveaux Silicon Valley, wherever that turns out to be, and the Germans telling them nein, we haff it unter kontrol, etc.

      1. Recusant

        ““Cuius regio, eius religio” was the Peace of Augsburg, but I take your meaning.”

        Don’t do poncy history with a historian; being schooled is always embarrasing!

        The EU’s internet won’t work, but Belgian paedophiles ( great tautologies of our day) will have a hoot.

        The UK will spend gazillions creating some bespoke monster, which also won’t work and will then quietly go back to the status quo ante.

        The Rooskies will have a perfect surveillance tool built, but no-one in Russia will use it.

        The Japanes will make one that’s perfect for the Japanese: cute kittens and weird, sadistic Manga porn.

        The Chinese have had their’s up and running for years, thanks to the obeisance of those same Californinan manboys …..ahem. I mean, Techlords, of course.

        1. Severian Post author

          Re: Peace of Augsburg, don’t sweat it, mate. I’m surprised anyone in this day and age has ever even heard of the Peace of Westphalia. And that period is crazy enough to fuddle anyone. There’s a one-volume history of the 30 Years War out there called Europe’s Tragedy, and I’ve heard it’s great, but I — a professional — got lost in the first 40 pages. Which is one of the many reasons I’m not an Early Modernist.

          The big problem with any Internet, not just the national ones, is, as the Vox Day crowd likes to say, weaponized autism. Tech censorship is a red rag to those people, and even the most competent government lacks the resources to keep up with #Gamergate types when they really get their blood up… and the sclerotic bureaucracies run by Diversity are far from the most competent.

          Indeed, that’s why I think a lot of people — myself certainly included — are overreacting to some of this stuff. Our Masters are utterly dependent on their technology, but they have no idea how any of it works… and, crucially, it never occurs to these Twitter addicts that not everybody is massively online. One BIG upshot of the Kung Flu nonsense is that lots of people have begun talking to their neighbors again, getting out in the fresh air and off the glowing box. What, really, do you use your social media for? Do you even have it? I don’t, and I bet a lot of people here don’t, but even if we did, it’s good for checking in on kids you went to high school with forty years ago, and… that’s about it. Once they’ve purged us, what are they going to do?

          Answer: What Leftists always do, and arrange a circular firing squad. When I say they’re addicts, I mean it. They’ve got to get that virtue juice, and if there’s no “conservatives” to berate anymore, they’ll be forced to turn on themselves. Purity spiral? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Imagine 100,000 people who spent 18 hours a day online, hunting for wrongthink, with only other Leftists for targets.

          Meanwhile, lots of conservative blogs could retool in what I’d call “New Pravda” format. Since you knew everything in the official Soviet news was a lie, you simply assumed the opposite and it would usually get you in the ballpark (e.g. “the grain quota has been overfulfilled by 500%” meant “there will be no bread this year”). Lots of the big conservative blogs are just commentaries on the news anyway. Go ahead and post the stories, but make sure your “commentary” is ludicrously over the top in praise of the regime. If you want to convey some idea that goes against Goodthink, just write it up like so: “Can you believe that there are some people out there who think [detailed description of the idea]? That’s so very, very wrong. Very wrong. Those people should be shot.”

          1. The Kaigat Of Wands

            I hope you’re right, certainly Mrs KGOW and I are not & never have been on social media and we gave up our TV 15 years ago. However, I can imagine a scenario where you can’t do things – like have a bank account/shop online/buy a house/have a credit-card/use an ATM etc. because you’re not on Social Media and so they can’t do a check on you to make sure you’re not a bad person.

            In that case your point about how to comment on blogs might be the way to go on your compulsory Social Media sites. We will end up rather like the supposed scene at a party meeting somewhere right after Stalin’s death, where someone proposed fundraising for a memorial and everyone applauded – and then didn’t dare be the first to stop. We’ll be flooding Social media with our thoughts about how wonderful everything is.

            In the Sword And The Stone, the book, not the cartoon, there’s a scene where Merlin turns the Wart (Arthur) into an ant so he can experience their society. It’s not pleasant.

  3. Southern Belle

    Just a couple of thoughts:
    1) Seems the Chinese would be planning to replace SV here since encroachment is one of their hobbies.
    2) I don’t believe that any of the players in government (women) have the cold intelligence to be a Stalin or Trotsky, though manipulation might be a handy tool they possess.

  4. Severian Post author

    @Kaigat of Wands,

    I’m sure you’re correct, and they’ll eventually force us to have a Social Media account, just like they’ll force us to have a cable subscription, to vote, etc. Twitter. Facebook et al have lost a TON of money already behind this nonsense, and since they own the government now, further losses will not be tolerated. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a knock at the door one night, and it’s the cops: “Excuse me, sir, but our records show you’re only watching 1.4 hours of television a week. As you know, the Health Department recommends at least 5 hours per day in order to prevent COVID-22.”

    [I wish I could remember the name of the old Ray Bradbury short story where a guy gets jacked up by the cops for walking at night. Just walking. He enjoys the night air, and that’s all, but that’s so weird that he must be up to something. Why would anyone ever turn off the telescreen?]

    I plan to have some fun with it. “Yes, socialism excites me sexually. I’m carrying on like Jeffrey Toobin right now, just thinking about my social credit score.” It’ll be a hoot.

    1. kirkforlatt

      Sev, the Bradbury story you referenced is “The Pedestrian.” Good one…I was just listening to a Bradbury speech on Youtube this afternoon.

      Speaking of the Vox Day crowd, I checked in over there a while ago, and was staggered at the absolute refusal to face reality among his asskissing readers. “Oh, no…the storm is about to be unleashed at any minute. Mr. Trump is actually playing 300-D underwater upside down chess, and any minute now, Seal Team Six and all their buddies will swoop in and start crackin’ heads and makin’ arrests.

      This is such a sad time. We have one more week of Old America, and then the fun begins. It’s a damn shame to be too old to fight, but there it is.

      1. Severian Post author

        Take the long view. I never got to experience the real America, which was given its mortal wound in 1964 and finally expired in 1973. I did get to experience the Reagan years, which is what it must’ve been like in Britain growing up between the wars – your Empire still bestrides the world like a colossus, but you know something precious, something you never got to see, has been irrevocably lost.

        Tyranny is man’s natural state. We should be thankful we got as much freedom as we did, for as long as we did. And no matter what comes, live well! Live as much like an American as you can, though America is gone. That’s the second best revenge you can take on these freaks. They are miserable creatures who can only hate. They hate beauty, truth, accomplishment, competence… so live that.

      2. Some Guy

        It’ll be interesting to see what the q crowd says after the inaugeration. I get the whole “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings” attitude but I figure the dems have the epstein tapes, they have their army of blackshirts, they have big tech censoring everyone, and they have a bunch of the strategically important attorneys general spots. Just look at how their blackshirts can burn cities but some white people storm the capitol and the entire media apparatus unites to condemn them in the strongest terms. Looks like q was a psyop. Not at first, it was just some kids fucking around, but the intelligence agencies managed to massage it into something ridiculous that they can sell as terrifying to the normies.

        1. Severian Post author

          I doubt Q was a psyop. Assume for a moment that the tedious (((tiny hats))) stuff is true, and that the aforesaid tiny hats send memos to each other, outlining their nefarious schemes. That’s Q. The same stupid fucking knobs who think Teh Jooooooooooos! control everything think there’s a SEAL Team en route right now to arrest John Podesta for pizza offenses for the — what are we up to? the sixth? — fucking time.

          Heads they win, tails you lose, same as it ever was. And, of course, you can combine them for a droolingly retarded symphony of stupid – Q was right all along, but alas, foiled by Teh Jooooooos.

          The FBI used to run their own white supremacist militia back in the Seventies to entrap pinheads. Then they figured out they needn’t bother – the pinheads are all badge-suckers; scratch a militia goon, find a guy who failed the police academy entrance exam. They’d happily rat each other off for the thrill of finally being a Junior G Man. In the same way, the NSA has no need to run Q; the self proclaimed super geniuses of the internet will do it for them, much better.

          1. Some Guy

            I’m not saying it was a psyop from the beginning, but as q gained traction it collected the usual assortment of grifters and informants. Just as I suspect the leader of the proud boys is a fed informant leading a band of suckers so to do I think the more prominent q bloggers are informants leading a band of suckers. There is also the obvious, that a whole lot of qtards have a tenuous, at best, grip on reality. Although surprisingly the qtards are aggressively civnat and pro bagel.

      3. BadThinker

        As much as folks here like to rag on Vox Day, the update to the Junior Classics books that he put out (at least, the first 3 so far) are well made, well edited, with excellent illustrations. When he does deliver on his publishing stuff, he does a pretty good job.

        1. Severian Post author

          I bought, and read, both “The Irrational Atheist” and “SJWs Always Lie.” Both were well done, and I recommend them to anyone who might need that kind of thing (e.g. bright teenagers who sense there’s more to the world than their absentee parents and idiot Marxist teachers can show them).

          The guy isn’t a pure grifter. He’s probably a net positive in the world. But his business model is, and always has been, 10% actual product, 90% pure trolling. I don’t begrudge him a dime, but it baffles me that more people don’t see this.

          (And, quite frankly, the ass kissing disgusts me. Some no doubt do it as an inside joke, but others obviously don’t. Hence it’s not a joke anymore, and anyone who would accept such fulsome praise is not to be trusted, since there will come a point when such a person must make a hard choice between the praise and something else… and I don’t know of anyone who has ever passed that test.

          Long story short, since I recently discovered we have FORTY readers, not twenty: you refer to me with any kind of “Supreme dark lord” shit, even in jest, and I’ll ban your ass. Cults of Personality are a Leftist thing, therefore evil by definition).

  5. Frip

    Sev: “Once they’ve purged us, what are they going to do?

    Answer: What Leftists always do, and arrange a circular firing squad. When I say they’re addicts, I mean it. They’ve got to get that virtue juice, and if there’s no “conservatives” to berate anymore, they’ll be forced to turn on themselves. Purity spiral? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Imagine 100,000 people who spent 18 hours a day online, hunting for wrongthink, with only other Leftists for targets.”

    This is so goddman funny, I hate to keep disageeing with it. And I’m too tired to explain a counter arguement. I just have the thought that the Left has gotten too smart to turn on each other. They THINK constantly on strategy. And one thing that’s foremost in their minds is to AVOID turning on each other. They’ve been at this for a 150 years. Their agry insect brain has evolved. With the internet they’re all in the same room now, learning from each other’s reprimands. I’ve not the history background that you all do. But it’s my intuition that they will NOT self destruct this time.

    1. Severian Post author

      Recent history suggests otherwise. Ask JK Rowling, as goofy an SJW as you’d find as of about 2015, how cancel culture is working out for her.

      Go to David Thompson’s and search his coverage of “Laurie Penny,” who is evidently some kind of British uber-SJW. Marvel at her mental gymnastics. First she was gay, then she was poly, then she was genderfluid, and soon, they’re all betting, she’ll discover she was really a man after all.

      THAT’S how fast one must gyrate to keep up with this nonsense. That’s the mental world of the Twitter addict. One must constantly be canceling someone, or else they’ll cancel you. It’s all about in-group signaling.

  6. Codex

    I have finally found a useful knowledge-base to add to the group. Teenagers.

    I was a teen (and I can apparently remember being one), I have a teen, and I’ve spent 25 years working with them. I still do, and unlike Mr. Severian, I still like them better than grownups. Say you’re daily running into a cantankerous, twitchy, ignoramus. For two to three years you treat them with patience, appreciation, wise boundaries, and care: If it’s a teen you many times get the joy of an enjoyable, reasonable friend. If its an “adult” you get… a cantankerous, twitchy, ignoramus.

    Do you want me to fisk this, Mr. S.?

    Dead serious. It’s more bother to me, but I will if you want.

  7. Severian Post author

    Some Guy, I hear you. Not sure I agree, if only because that gives the PTB more credit for strategic thinking than they deserve, but either way the net effect is the same. It’s all, as the cool kids on the Internet seem to be saying now, a cope.

    Conspiracy theories are all the same, just like true believers are all the same, because it’s the same psychology. They’re desperate to believe someone, anyone, is in control.

    (and let’s pause for a minute to relish the irony of atheists being so prominent in such movements, since they’re far too smart to fall for the lies about the Magic Daddy in the Sky who controls everything. Everybody back? OK, moving on…)

    The “they” who is secretly in control doesn’t matter, so long as there is one… and the true believers are smart enough to see it. The ones who had a decent relationship with their parents growing up will pick “the government;” this “trust the God Emperor” bullshit is the cry of every boxcar of “intellectuals” sent to Kolyma – ” just wait until Comrade Stalin hears about this!” The ones whose Daddies spanked them too much, or not enough, think it’s Teh Joooos. Same difference.

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