May 22, 1856 -UPDATED

That’s the day Preston Brooks, D-SC, attacked Charles Sumner on the floor of the US Senate.   Brooks would actually challenge another Congressmen to a duel a few days later, but it didn’t matter — once you’ve got lawmakers physically attacking each other in the legislative chamber, the rule of law is dead.

The “caning of Sumner,” as it came to be known, is usually only mentioned as one of the colorful incidents leading up to the Civil War.  But in a way, everything else that followed in those terrible years — the ongoing violence in Kansas, Dred Scott, John Brown’s raid — can be traced back to Brooks’s attack.  Because what happened to Brooks was….

….nothing. A motion to expel him from Congress failed.  He resigned, but then ran in the special election held to replace him, so that his constituents could “ratify” his conduct.  He won, and won a second term shortly thereafter.  He even got out of the duel.  The sole consequence of Brooks’s vicious attack on a sitting US Senator — a beating that left Sumner unconscious, with aftereffects that lasted to his death — was a $300 fine.

That’s where we are with the Kavanaugh clown show.  No matter which way the vote goes, the rule of law is over.  If he’s confirmed, the Left will claim every Supreme Court decision from here on out is tainted, and refuse to abide by it.  That is to say, they’ll claim this until a Democrat president is in position to stuff the Court with liberals, at which point whatever party has replaced the GOP will start hauling out wild accusations against the nominee from 30 years ago, and when that justice is confirmed, will claim the Court is tainted and refuse to abide by its decisions.

So that’s what we’re in for, comrades.  We don’t have a Dred Scott decision of our very own yet, but we will.  I doubt it’ll even involve the Kavanaugh Court.  My guess would be some Federal or even state judge somewhere effectively sentencing a badthinker to death, Tommy Robinson-style, but it might not even be a “decision” at all.  When the law is clearly your enemy, bent on the destruction of you and all you hold dear, why on earth would you follow the law?  That thought occurred to John Brown, believe me.

Our version of John Brown’s raid is coming, too, and that one’s an easier bet.  In their own minds, the Media have a clear idea of acceptable political discourse: The Right’s free speech is violence; the Left’s violence is free speech.  To everyone not angling for a spot on the shout-shows, though, it looks like The Media is romanticizing political violence, full stop.  The Media has one other distinction that’s clear in their own minds but absolutely nowhere else: That between “nonpartisan truth-teller” and “unhinged partisan hack.”  Put the two together, and the result is obvious: The first lunatic to put a fist in Anderson Cooper’s smug, smirking cockhole will be a hero to at least half the country.

When The Media are getting doxxed, threatened, hounded out of restaurants, take cover; Ft. Sumter’s just around the corner.

UPDATE: Right on cue, and to absolutely no one’s surprise, the Cucks cucked.  I hope we’re equally un-surprised when Leftist lunatics start hurting people.  At this point, why wouldn’t they?  The Senate can’t even keep its own building secure, and Wikipedia helpfully published some Republican senators’ home addresses.  Jeff Flake makes for a piss-poor Charles Sumner, but the Left as a whole makes a wonderful Preston S. Brooks.  For those of you who wanted to see Shiloh II: Electric  Boogaloo before you shuffle off this mortal coil, your chances just got a lot better.

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4 thoughts on “May 22, 1856 -UPDATED

  1. Pickle Rick

    We should send Lindsay canes with the inscription “hit them again” after yesterday’s remarkable show of backbone. Being a South Carolinian, he’ll get the message. If anyone needs a straight up beating, it’s those things in the Senate.

    Remember, kids, John Brown wasn’t some lone weirdo. He was financed and encouraged by the abolitionists because of the good old Puritan doctrine of “higher law”- sufficiently modified by our current Marxist radicals because they see nothing unlawful in breaking laws to further the revolution.

  2. MBlanc46

    I read the history of 1820–1860 in some depth about a decade ago. In the past few years I’ve come to believe that the populace is as deeply divided now as it was in that period. Perhaps we’re not quite at 1857 yet, but we’re close. As you suggest, it might not take much to impel a lot of people to street violence. As the 2020s will almost certainly be my last full decade (if I make it through them), a part of me wants to get out there and smash some things up while I still can. Another part wants to have a peaceful old age, reading philosophy and history, and finally getting round to Jane Austin. Mme B certainly favors the latter course, so there’s that. But a lot of Leftist cockroaches need someone to step up and put a boot up their arses, and if I don’t, who will?

  3. TBoone

    M BLanc. No need to humor your inner dirty hippie… 🙂 (I snark off of memory, that you were of that era, of that mindset… before growing up…) No need to go looking for the coming rage & chaos. There will sadly be enough to go around…

    Prepare yourself. Arm with ideas & strategies to protect you & yours. Enjoy the Austin. Other, more productive uses of your assets will be available. Socialist cucarachas always swarm on many fronts. Pick the front that best suits your skillset & cry havoc…. etc etc..

    1. MBlanc46

      Of course, I meant Austen. I was thinking Austen as I typed Austin. Yes, it’s coming. As Severian notes in his update, our Right has been routed again. There’s no one to protect us but ourselves. I do the best I can with what I’ve got.

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