Mis-Timed the Freakout

I know this is hard to believe, but the Dems screwed up again.

For lots of schools and colleges, this upcoming week is Spring Break, i.e. the week that reminds parents why they’re so very glad to be able to send their kids off to school on weekdays.  With everything closing, suspending, etc., those kids are going to be home an additional week or two… and there’s nothing to do.

The panic over the Wu Tang Flu will last exactly as long as the righteous high suburban soccer moms get from freaking out about it outweighs the annoyance they experience of actually having to interact with their kids.  So… you know… for about three days after Spring Break.

Election’s not til’ November, geniuses.  You should’ve released the virus in late July.

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13 thoughts on “Mis-Timed the Freakout

  1. WOPR

    The responses by people to this are interesting. It really shows a complete breakdown of social cohesion.

    – Democrats/MSM/NeverTrump: They can only scream Orange Man Bad and try to sneak their pet projects into emergency funding

    – Bureaucracy: We will follow our procedures no matter how stupid they seem.

    – Libertardians/Capitalist Zealots: See how getting the gov’t out of the way allows things to get done (ignoring that their plan has allowed China a near monopoly in medical equipment and drugs)

    – Pro-Gov Types: See how well a gov’t run health plan works overseas (except no one really knows what China did; SK, Japan, and HK are homogeneous societies; Italy is a mess and pretty much resigning old people to die; UK plan is to let old people die)

    – Unz/America and Jewish Conspiracists: This was all done by the US and Israel.

    All I know is that social capital in this country is gone. Shocking as it to the 13 readers of your blog, heterogeneous societies fracture under stress.

  2. ryan

    Sev, you gotta factor in the lag time it will take for disrupted supply chains to destroy the economy.

    The only real way to avoid infection is to not be around sick people. Stay home as much as possible. See if you can work from home. Keep 5-6 feet between you and anyone else if you have to go out. Touch as few things as possible and wash your hands afterwards. Stay safe everyone, let’s keep the readership in the double digits.

    1. Severian Post author

      Agreed, but here’s another one that’s going to blow up in their faces. See e.g. the Dems trying to stop the President from being able to implement travel bans, Bernie Sanders publicly declaring he wouldn’t close the borders no matter what, and now the Chinese accusing the US of creating the virus, AND threatening to unleash it on us somehow (yeah, really), plus cut off our meds for good measure.

      They — the Media, the Dems, the Chinese (if there’s even a smidgen of a difference at this point) — just can’t help themselves. Unless this thing really does turn into The fucking Stand, they’re going to look ridiculous. Again.

      1. ryan

        The way all of these things line up with Trump’s proclaimed anti-globalism is quite remarkable. “Wait, we rely on *China* for 80% of our medication? What fucking genius came up with that plan?” Not that it will get media coverage, but the big vector spreading the disease around Italy was a Bangladeshi delivery driver who didn’t stay home and not go to work like the doctors told him to. Our hospitals are all out of surgical masks because, no way right, we don’t make those here anymore.

        But yeah, they (media, dems, chicoms) can’t help but go on about the Emperor’s New Clothes. They look like lunatics.

  3. Frip

    Ryan: “The only real way to avoid infection is to not be around sick people.” True. More true would be to avoid people period. Since carriers can be asymptomatic for like a week. i.e. You can’t tell who’s sick. My gf got kinda bitchy yesterday when I said we can’t kiss for a while. Today I’ve been thinking about ratcheting it up to telling her we shouldn’t see each other for a while. We live thirty minutes apart. She’s a high school teacher in East LA. Classes crammed with 50 students. The air in her class could be a Covid cloud for all I know.

    Mind you, the experts say it can be trasnmitted not just through sneezing or couphing, but breath droplets. Which is sort of vague, but concerning.

    I’ve noticed the experts and CDC say masks aren’t necessary. Which goes against everything else they say about transmission. It must be that they’re afraid of a further run on masks, to the detriment of healthcare workers. I just point this to show that even well-meaning experts lie when they have to.

    The other strange thing, is that I still don’t know (to put is simply) how long the sickness lasts in you. Are you “stuck” with it? Or does it come and go in a week or so, like the regular flu? Once you’re over it, can you not get it again for a long time, like the flu? I’ve read the CDC Covid site, and other articles, and watched many expert videos. And I don’t see this simple question addressed.

    1. ryan

      To the last point, everything I’ve read indicates nobody actually knows one way or the other.

  4. Frip

    Re. Air transmition. Just started watching this expert on Rogan. He says “breathing is all you need to do”, to catch it.

    Interview sounds like it’s gonna be a pretty scary/depressing interview. Not sure if this Osterholm is he’s exaggerating for his own notoriety (i.e. the-sky-is-falling kinda expert), or if he’s a bold level headed realist. That’s a problem with complex issues, you don’t know what expert to believe.

    1:15 to 1:30


  5. Pickle Rick

    My brother and his wife got out of Philly to hole up out here in the backcountry with me. He knows well that the city will turn into Revenge of the Planet of the Apes if the gibs stop and Ny’Quil and LaFawnduh can’t get fed.

  6. Major Hoople

    If the Chinese think their monopoly on drug production, and prime pharma ingredients, is a trump card, the reaction if they actually play it would be furious. I almost wish it. Globalism would die a quick death.

    This pandemic better not be serious. Your faithful reader is holed up with more spam, baked beans, and beer than could possibly be good for him.

  7. Frip

    Majore Hoople, China will not play that card. They truly aren’t even thinking about it, no matter how many times Tucker says some Chinese official said they would. They know it would mean invasion/annihilation. For 4 thousand years their prime concern has been to protect and prolong the Chinese species.

    Agree with you though, I almost wish it for the same reason.

    1. WOPR

      I think they are considering playing that card. And it’s official spokesmen for the Chinese government blaming the US for the Wuhan Flu and hinting that they might just limit drug and medical shipments. Internally, I think the regime is struggling. First, Trump has embarrassed them in trade negotiations. Next, Hong Kong hasn’t been brought back into line. Finally, this virus has made them look incompetent. Sure they finally got it under control. But that was only after they spent a month letting it run all over the globe. Plus, it doesn’t help that Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong quickly handled the outbreak. Their legitimacy is at stake. One way to regain it is to make the US the culprit and to bring them to heal by economic means.

      The Chinese regime isn’t above rolling the dice if they think they have no other choice.

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