Misunderstanding the Enemy

Drew M. at Ace of Spades, contemplating whether Republicans should go full Obama:

It’s hard to see how the solution to lawlessness is more lawlessness.

Conservatives are pretty big on the Constitution. The idea that you can break it to save it, strikes me as nonsensical as anything a liberal like Ezra Klein would say about the Constitution.

Yes, it’s hard and sometimes unpopular to use the legitimate constitutional processes (the power of the purse) to correct the use of illegitimate ones…Embracing the Obama view would mean we would no longer be a government of laws but of men. Sure we’d be throwing away our birthright as free people but hey, at least we’ll get ours next time!

Au contraire, it’s very easy to see how the answer to lawlessness is more lawlessness.  Forgive me for quoting myself, but it needs to be repeated:

Cultural Marxism is corrosive.  It degrades everything it touches.  In fact, it’s radioactive — not only does it destroy what it touches, it poisons the environment, the atmosphere.  If your enemy politicizes everything, then you, too, must politicize everything.  If your enemy engages in ideological purges, and uses the machinery of government to destroy opposition and reward friends, then you must do these things, too.  There’s no such thing as principled opposition to Cultural Marxism, because Cultural Marxists have no principles, and because they don’t, you can’t.  It’s a race to the bottom, and the last one down gets stuck with the tab.

…Inquisitions only end when the Inquisitors get the rack.  Make Cultural Marxism painful enough, and it will stop.  That’s the only way it will stop.

Principles are slow suicide when facing the amoral.  If the rules say you can only fight with a knife, but a gun is lying right there, then the guy who breaks the rules wins, every single time.  Because leftism is really nihilism, “politics” with them is the prisoner’s dilemma.  They will betray you; the only logical move is to betray them first.

Drew is right, of course — this will result in out-n-proud Caesarism.  But so what?  We’re already there.  Don’t delay the inevitable.  Make Cultural Marxism so painful that the Inquisitors (temporarily) stop.

And then the survivors can (temporarily) have principles again.

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