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I’m adapting well to this “45 minutes a day on the internet” thing. It does make my reading somewhat brief, however, so all this stuff is culled from Ace of Spades. I find that to be all the Clown World I need… from both sides.* It’s all “OMG! Look what those crazy Leftists and their despicable enablers in the GOP are doing!… next election, I’m gonna vote SOOO HARRRRDDD!!! against them!!” Pathetic, just pathetic…but informative, as this is pretty much where Joe Normie is here in the Nation Formerly Known as the USA.

Anyway, a picture’s worth a thousand words, so two visual items. First up, it’s the Nazis!!!

Ace wonders if they know how insane stuff like this makes them look. I suppose that’s a rhetorical question, but this one isn’t: Do they have some kind of master file of Nazi unit insignia somewhere? While I fully admit to not knowing as much of this stuff as certain Massively Online folks, I know a fair bit more WWII history than most people out in the real world, and I’ve never heard of this outfit…

…which makes sense, as Wiki informs me that it was deployed only within Yugoslavia, on anti-partisan operations. So, obviously a nasty bunch, but not what you’d call a legendary combat outfit. In other words, y’all, you’d have to be a serious field specialist to recognize their unit patch… or you’d have to be an utter fucking lunatic with access to some insanely complete database of German unit patches, 1933-45. Otherwise, I can’t even begin to imagine the effort this must’ve taken, to look at a picture of the CPAC meeting stage, mentally rotate it 90 degrees (along the Z axis!… heh heh, axis), and then go searching for corresponding Nazi regalia…

Then there’s this fucking guy:

That’s the president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, recently spotted dropping his kid off at a private in-person classroom, after insisting that all California schools should remain online indefinitely, because OMG the Coof is gonna kill us all! Or, you know, he’s just a lazy Socialist fuck who doesn’t feel like working; or a little from column A, a little from column B. Again, Ace seems surprised by the blatant hypocrisy. Dude… have you ever actually met a Leftist? If it weren’t for hypocrisy, they’d… well, they’d have to carry on like a California public school “teacher,” cowering alone in the dark while wearing three masks and (one assumes) a month’s supply of adult diapers.

But whatever. The only comment I have here is, Jesus, why did we ever call phrenology a pseudoscience? Leftists all look exactly alike, and their looks are 100% predictive of their politics. I can tell you every single one of that twat-waffle’s deepest personal convictions, with just the merest glance at his smug cock-holster mug. Franz Joseph Gall should get about seventeen retroactive Nobel Prizes; throw in William H. Sheldon’s unfairly maligned work, and you’ve got a physiology that is 100% predictive of psychology.

*Not to be confused with the excellent blog of sometime commenter Clown World, who seems to be dedicated to proving that the Land of Oz is somehow, someway, even more fucked up than ex-America. Check it out!

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20 thoughts on “Monday Quick Hits

  1. AvatarPickle Rick

    Like I said the other day about conspiratorial fantasy as reality to the SJW mind.
    And yes, that’s probably exactly what this guy did. He looks at the goofy ass stage (what happened to an old fashioned fucking stage, by the way? Everything looks like Frank Fucking Lloyd Wright designed it in neon) and since all Republicans are Nazis, he probably spent an hour image searching Nazi insignia until he hit the jackpot.

    Homeboy there looks like a caricature from “Cueball” Streicher‘s little paper. Are we taking bets on Bagel?

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      The guy’s name is Goering, so….

      Nah, just kidding, it’s Meyer. He must be Hermann’s cousin.*

      *That’s a very insider joke for Cat Fancy cognoscenti. Back in 1940 or so, Goering boasted that if one single bomber ever got past his fearsome Luftwaffe and made it to Berlin, his name was Meyer. Apparently the poor bastards in Berlin, Dresden, etc., used to wave at the 8th Air Force thundering overhead, calling “Hello, Herr Meyer!!”

    2. Avatarjames wilson

      Looks like a clone of Yasser Arafat but could be a bagel-American. Definitely no true Scotsman.

  2. AvatarMBlanc46

    Checked out that blog. Aussies used to be bad-@$$ed. Descended from convicts, and all. Stomped England in cricket. But they, and the Kiwis, are falling just about as far as we have. One thing it shows is that Wokism is not a consequence of New England Puritanism. It appears to have infected all Western Europeans (although not yet Eastern Europeans). Our parents—maybe your grandparents—survived the Great Depression, then fought and won WWII. Within a couple of generations, it’s all over, just p*ssed away. I just don’t get it. Only some sort of Spengler-type of theory could explain it.

    1. AvatarPickle Rick

      No, it’s not a consequence of New England Puritanism, but English/British Puritanism, morphed into Great Awakening Baptists, Methodists, Shakers, Quakers, Abolitionists, and other assorted lunatics. The religious puritans necessarily crossed over into politics, but it all came from a very British seed in the 19th century.

      1. AvatarRipple

        How could that be possible? Commenters at the Z Blog, Sailer’s and elsewhere have shown definitively that it’s all the fault of those nefarious (((small hats))).

        1. AvatarPickle Rick

          It’s Sev’s Rat Utopia in action. The English (later British) parallel our own descent into madness. From 1759 to 1916, the British hegemony in military power, industrial power, and financial power, and the highest standard of living in the world put it firmly in a safe bubble that allowed degenerate culture and politics to flourish because the consequences never touched the elites until it began to fall apart in 1916. Final collapse by 1948.
          Our own period of global hegemony started in 1917 or thereabouts. So we’ve got a hundred years in the Pax Americana, but considering the higher speed of change, we’re well past the maximum ordinate of our trajectory.
          And the worst of the nefarious Bagels learned quite a bit in Victorian and Edwardian England. Marx, Engels, Trotsky, all spent quite a bit of time in London, the center of the capitalist world, honing their hatreds with well heeled English Socialists. The Bolsheviks looked West to the German Marxists, but the Germans (or German Bagels) looked West themselves, to the English.

          1. AvatarBadThinker

            I have been reading Hilaire Belloc’s The Servile State. He gets so much right about the descent in to madness that we have faced, but I don’t think even he realized just how bad it would get.

          2. SeverianSeverian Post author

            I hesitate to recommend Michael Walzer’s The Revolution of the Saints, as a lot of it is technical stuff for field specialists (which I am not, so a lot of it went over my head). The upshot, though, is worth examining: Prior to Luther and especially Calvin, piety was outward-facing. Late Medieval Catholicism was very weird (see Duffy’s The Stripping of the Altars if you want the details), but the extravagant outward show let the rising middle classes display their virtue through guild festivals, feast day parades, endowing pews and rood screens, and the like.

            The Calvinists introduced something new: Inward-facing piety.* They were obsessed with the motions of their own souls, and the world could never be right until it matched, in every particular, the gyrations of their own pwecious widdle selves. This stems, says Walzer (echoing Weber) from the tremendous psychological stress of belief in predestination (“double predestination,” technically, and that right there is a main reason I’m not an Early Modernist). No more buying grace through indulgences, or creeping to the cross, or having chantry priests say 1000 masses for your soul. Now you must be obsessively, narcissistically, almost solipsistically focused on your own inner state at all times… and then, ideally, make the rest of the world look like that. If you get to murder a bunch of (even worse) sinners in the process, well, that’s just a bonus, and here we are.

            *you can see the watered-down, totally secularized version of this, I’m told, in Robert Putnam’s** Bowling Alone. Demographic changes, women in the workforce, endless government scandals, and above all technology have led to a lot more people bowling, but a lot fewer bowling leagues. (Note that this was published in 2000, well before the Social Media revolution). With no one to socialize with and no larger groups to channel one’s need for social display (“virtue-signaling” is an insult in our usage, but it’s really neutral), people obsessively focus on their own pwecious widdle selves, and there you have it.

            **note further that guys like Putnam are why I get so tired of the “small hat” thesis. Bowling Alone sounds about as (((parenthetical))) as any book I’ve heard of, but Putnam’s a Methodist from a long line of Methodists. So too with Gregg Easterbrook, who writes books about “climate change” and why having too many consumer choices makes you miserable. Again, about as (((bagelly))) as you’d want, but he’s some kind of half-assed Episcopalian from a long line of same. The “small hat” shit works great, if you throw out all the contrary evidence… which is the very definition of a conspiracy theory.

    2. Avatarjames wilson

      Female suffrage ruined them like everybody else but it was spiked with mandatory voting.

  3. AvatarFrip

    Touching on Sev’s Marxist questionaire and Pickle Rick’s comment. Things blend together in the Marxist-Prog mind. The ideal is not bad in itself. Just a bad blend. Like when you cleverly combine detergents to wipe out a bad stain, but the mix almost kills you. Did you not read the directions? I talk to a lot of people at night. A common theme is people boasting about how they’ll passionately defend another person. WAY more than themselves.

    So unselfish you see!

    They think they are unique in this. They want to feel unique. Western narcissism.

    I could tell them (Her. it’s almost always women), that I hear this all the time. This would deflate them horribly, so I don’t say it. Unless cunty.

    Like many here in the comments have said. This is surely the primary Marxist motivation. Ego boost through protecting the “helpless”. Did the Bible set this ball rolling? Hollywood? It’s very romantic, heroic, and irriestable for women. It’s almost THE only way to tell a story.

    I am at odds with the D-Right on many things. At bottom I think the only thing we far Rightist have in common is we’re just so fucking sick of the underdog bullshit.

    It’s not moral to stick up for anyone. “Anyone” may be a horrible dick loser who deservers to lose. i’m not impressed with you saving them.

    The underdog BS in sports got heavy from about 1980 to 2010. The “Cinderalla” thing. I forget which team finally got a clue about how weak it sounded, and rejected playing the underdog card. Probably the Patriots. They started saying, “Nah, we ain’t the bitch in this situation. We’re the best and dominant and we WILL fuck you up.”

    When did we abondon that? Why did we? What a terrible move.

  4. AvatarMaus

    Connection of “othal” rune to SS might haveflowed from this May 2019 YT video by a Dutch linguist and historian studying at at English university. Creator is fairly popular, with 270K subscribers. Video, which has over 200,000 views, is a commentary on the then newsworthy suggestion that Sweden was contemplating a legislative ban on runes because of their association with anti-immigrant sentiments. Portion on “othal” begins at 4:05.

    Reminds me of the now memory-holed kerfluffle over the OK sign as a so-called signifier of white supremacy. As Freud was said to have quipped, sometimes a cigar/rune/hand sign is just a cigar/letter of an alphabet/hand sign. It’s the carnies who project the nefarious subliminal meaning on the object of their ire.

    1. AvatarPickle Rick

      Maybe we should use that fear Lefty has of certain symbols, guerrilla style. I’m not suggesting LARPing Cat Fancy, publicly, because that’s dumb and counterproductive, but apparently they’re scared shitless of those runes. That’s powerful stuff. Since nothing else scares our enemies so much, why not try a little psyops?

      1. SeverianSeverian Post author

        I think that’s a fantastic idea. Especially if there are runes that can be made into “gang signs,” like the OK sign stupidity Maus mentions. Bonus points if you can make it something completely idiotic. In my fantasy world, we can get guys throwing “gang signs” and getting temp tattoos that mean “lutefisk” and crap like that, in the same way that all those wannabe tough guys 20 years ago were getting tats in Chinese that they thought meant “warrior,” but really meant “egg roll.”

        Extra special bonus points if the “runes” turn out to be stuff from Lord of the Rings. Plausible deniability. White Supremacist? Nah, I’m just a big dork!!

  5. AvatarClown World

    Thanks for the mention big guy. Still trying to get to Fifteen Readers, looking at my stats, ie referrals,, you are well beyond 15 now let me tell you….

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      I think we crossed the 20 reader threshold a while back. We might even be up to 30 now! I guess there’s an underserved audience for parenthetical asides and non sequiturs.

        1. SeverianSeverian Post author

          Both. Evidently under-served, since I can’t imagine why else people would come here… and un-deserved, because I can’t imagine why people come here in the first place – all my posts are basically riffs on Z Man’s stuff, but with more profanity, non-sequiturs, and parenthetical asides.

          [n.b. that only applies to me. Clown World deserves all of his current audience, and a lot more].

  6. AvatarJacques

    Comment about phrenology in connection with “president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers,” is right on. Looking at his photo I was thinking, “this guy is pretty much the Platonic form of an leftist asshole.” Incidentally, the thing missing from the photo here — the icing on the asshole cake so to speak — is his matted waterfall of blond dreadlocks. Brrrr — makes my skin crawl.

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