Monday Quick Take: Loopy Bints

A post linked by Ace of Spades asks: Should we take this Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez person seriously?

Do not underestimate this woman, and do not think your savage mockery of her stupidity will be an effective tool to stop her. It won’t. It will instead be personalized by her supporters, creating an army that will lay down and die for her (or at least vote for her), just like the army Trump has. You should be afraid of Ocasio-Cortez. Be much more afraid than you are.

There it is.  I, personally, am terrified of Ocasio-Cortez, because I used to teach college.  I taught college for many years, in fact, and I’m exaggerating only a very, very little when I say that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is every single college girl I have ever met.

I’ve met thousands, y’all, and they’re all like this.  It’s not stupidity, really — though she sounds dumber than a box of rocks, I doubt this woman lacks for IQ points.  What she is is solipsistic.  Her narcissism is so vast, so all-encompassing, that the so-called “real world” only exists insofar as it impinges on her Twitter feed.  She has the college girl’s invincible, sneering ignorance — if she doesn’t already know it, it’s by definition not worth knowing, and moreover, if what she knows ain’t so, well, that’s the so-called “real world’s” fault for not getting with the program.

I have no doubt that when legislation she sponsors fails to pass, she’ll be in the Speaker’s office in tears, crying that she worked “sooo…. haaaaaard!!!!” on this bill and it’s so, like, totally unfair that the big meanies didn’t vote for it.

I want to make this perfectly clear: College girls cannot be mocked for their stupidity, because to a college girl, mocking her makes you a “h8r,” which is all the proof she needs that whatever she’s doing, saying, thinking, attaching to her face, or taking up an orifice is cosmically right and just.

And yes, before you ask — I taught for decades; they were like that back then, too, and I have no doubt they’re like that now.  Encroaching middle age doesn’t even dent a girl’s delusion bubble — ask any of the “Game” gurus.

So, yeah: Ocasio-Cortez is our future.  Start palming your cyanide pills now.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Quick Take: Loopy Bints

  1. Unwashed Mass

    I also read somewhere (maybe Heartiste) that she is no slouch in U. S. civics studies, by din of her higher education, and all the displayed vacuous-ness is just a trap.
    Given if all that is true, she can be much, much more than a replacement for Hillary if when you consider the added attributes of foreign, feminine, and – wait for it – some degenerate form of frisky.
    This one must be given serous consideration.

  2. Ryan

    Dems da real stupids will turn out just as ineffective as dems da real rassists. My only idea for how to deal with people like her is to somehow divide Hispanics on white/indigenous lines. As to how we can get the Ocazio-Cortezes to eject the light skinned from their ethnic coalition, I have nothing. But I know there’s no wooing them with the promise of sweet white privilege. It will have to be rejection by the others.

    1. Severian Post author

      Yeah, I saw she’s claiming to be Jewish now, too. I think she and Elizabeth “Little Rounding Error” Warren will have much to discuss in the halls of Congress.

  3. Mike-SMO

    Keep an eye on Kamala in the tall grass. She did lots of “Willie Work” to get where she is and probably will not appreciate a new “face” trying to elbow her aside at the trough.

    1. Severian

      That’s at least one upside to the Browning of America — instead of the verbal sparring of constitutional democracy, it’ll be bum fights 24/7. And really, who doesn’t love the sight of two drunken schizophrenic hobos slugging it out on the street corner? We had a good run with Western Civ; time to enjoy the decline.

  4. Al from da Nort

    I read the article in the Libertarian Never-Trump journal. I’d say the author is shallowly mistaken in warning that AOC could follow Trump’s path. Obama is the far better comparison. Do-nothing State Senator to POTUS in 10 years_!

    Could AOC follow Obama’s path_? Yeah maybe, but he had some serious hidden hands, hidden money building a wave of support behind him in addition to the media. One key to that path was that his initial local Chicago-elite backers could preen their virtue to their fellow elites elsewhere about their hip new discovery, thus gathering more backers as he went along. After all, he was (sorta) black, ‘clean and well-spoken’ to quote Biden. AND he was going to end all racial strife_! They could feel moral virtue *and* keep their money and status.

    AOC, OTOH, however cute in a horsey sort of way is *not* well spoken and so looks to be an embarrassment to potential elite backers vs. their mocking ‘friends’. And she won’t be cute too much longer. And she has already advertised that the current elite can’t keep their money and status, so they’re far less likely to feel moral virtue about backing her.

    Plus, if she is as solipsistic as you say, she’s going to go nuts in public when some old Donk tries to Willie Brown her. And you know somebody will try. After that comes the ostracism.

    Slightly OT: Is it possible that you have some sampling bias about college girls, only interacting much with the whining suck-ups_? Sorta like how cops only interact with victims, perps and other cops_?

    1. Severian

      As much as I’d like to reassure you that Not All College Girls Are Like That, well…. I lived in and around college towns for many years. I was single during a lot of those years. I’ve had lots of extracurricular experience. (Before anyone’s mind gets too far into the gutter, please recall that college towns are exactly that — pretty much everyone there is affiliated with the school in some way. If she’s under 35, in other words, she’s probably a college girl — every barista, every shop clerk, every waitress, everyone you bump into at the store, in the gym, at church…. you don’t have to be their BFF on Snapchat to have a pretty good idea what they’re like under those conditions).

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